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Type: Attachment
Faction: Dark Eldar
Cost: 1
Shields: 2
Signature/Loyalty: Loyal Icon
Traits: Condition.

Attach to an army unit.
Attached unit gets –2 ATK.

“Death? My dear plaything, you miss the point.” -Urien Rakarth, Master Haemonculus

Set: Core Set Number: 119 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Victor Corbella
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Aug 22 2014 04:04 AM

If this could be attached to a warlord, it would be almost borderline broken.. reducing the attack on a big beast is amazing, plus it's 2 shields for blocking.

Nov 03 2014 08:21 PM

Does this card affect Area Effects? My Q: does it cancel for example Area Effect (2) on Daring Assault Squad?

Does this card affect Area Effects? My Q: does it cancel for example Area Effect (2) on Daring Assault Squad?

Nop. AoE is considered a card effect that just happens to trigger when a unit can attack. You could say it has an "Area Effect value" instead on an "ATK value".

You can use, however, Twisted Laboratory to completely remove Area Effect from a unit.

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This should have ambush, or something to make it a little better. Right now, very hard to include this.

ive never used it for the card ability. i do include it for 2 shields. i agree it would be nice if it had ambush. i dont think its that unreasonable for it to have ambush either, comparing it to dire mutation

It's effect is good against units that must deal damage to do something else (ex: Black Heart Ravager) or those with armorbane, but I agree its main strength lies withing those 2 shields.

I have x3 of these . Shields alone are good and the -2 to attack is good until factions start getting ' attachment ' removal .

Fantastic attachment, auto-include for any Dark Eldar deck for sure. 5/5.

cardgamedb is missing the Torture trait for this card.....

As is octgn, I noted when running Urien the other night.