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Deathstorm Drop Pod

Deathstorm Drop Pod

Deathstorm Drop Pod

Type: Support
Faction: Space Marines
Cost: 1
Traits: Upgrade. Artillery.

Reaction: After you Deep Strike a card, deal 1 damage to an enemy army unit at the same planet as that card.

Set: Slash and Burn Number: 50 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: Justin Adams
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(Sentimental Marine) I am sure Vezuviel dreams of having three of these in his HQ.

Aug 27 2016 03:59 AM

So does this mean that if I have 3 of these in play and I deep strike a card, does the opponent need 3 separate shield cards to shield each separate Drop Pod damage? Or can he use 1 card that say has 3 shields? I would think each drop pod would resolve separately but simultaneously, thus forcing the opposing player to use 1 card as shield for each separate trigger.

that would be 3 separate reactions, thus 3 separate sources of damage, requiring 3 separate shield cards

Aug 27 2016 06:30 PM

Just had a game last night- 2 Vezuel's hunters deep strike on planet 1, and I had 3 of these supports out.

4 damage from each hunter, then 3x2 from each support, total of 10 damage before anything else happened. This was against Illuminor Szeras.