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The Plaguefather’s Banner

The Plaguefather’s Banner

The Plaguefather’s Banner

Type: Attachment
Faction: Chaos
Cost: 1
Shields: 3
Signature/Loyalty: Signature Icon
Traits: Wargear. Standard.

Attach to a Nurgle unit.
Attached unit gets +1 HP.
Reaction: After attached unit is declared as an attacker, move 1 damage from attached unit to another unit at this planet.

Set: The Scourge Number: 26 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Dimitri Bielak
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3-shields = 4 stars minimum, of course, but thats a bit silly as every Warlord squad and every deck has exactly one 3-shield card. Only point of comparison then is the other 3-shielders in the game.


In that, it has in its favour a low cost which widens the opportunity window it might apply, and a decently strong effect, in that moved damage is a great way to hit Librarians, bypass shields, stop Indomitable, and so on. Sheer reliability of the small effect makes this a decent card.

Incredible Attachment for Ku'Gath as it doubles his ability and HP to a massive 8.


While currently much limited to him the effect is insanely powerfull on a Warlord, allowing you to put on some insane presure on opponents when this card is found early on in the game.


This card however seems to be the most powerfull piece among Ku'Gath's signature cards and is very difficult to find otherwise, but when mulliganed to or is in the opening hand makes Ku'Gath go from a 3/5 Warlord to a 5/5 Warlord instantly.



If I had to choose between Tempest Blade or Plague Banner on Ku'Gath on turn 1, I'd probably go with the Banner.



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If I had to choose between Tempest Blade or Plague Banner on Ku'Gath on turn 1, I'd probably go with the Banner.




Yep this is one stinky-banner that makes the people go and trow up if you have it on the initial turn.


In that case:


In Soviet Nurgle Ku'gath hunt you Ragnar!

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If there's just a one HP unit at the planet with Ku'gath, and he's got two damage on him, he could only get rid of one of them, correct? One reaction happens, the damage is moved and the unit dies, and the second reaction doesn't have an opportunity to go off? I think I was misplaying this earlier.

Correct. The Banner is a separate reaction from the warlord's own. You have to resolve them separately. If a unit dies because of the first one, you have to a second unit for the second reaction. If there is no second unit, the second reaction cannot be initiated (and the damage stays on the warlord).

I believe you can move dmg from Ku'gath even there is no other unit on the planet. The reaction doesn't target a unit, so it can trigger IMO.
Jul 17 2015 11:58 AM

You cannot declare Kugat as an attacker if there are no unit though

True, but let's say there is one unit with 1 hp left and Ku'gath has the banner. Then he may remove 2 dmg, right?

No. The RRG actually says, "If there is no valid destination for a move, the move attempt cannot initiate." The damage cannot leave Ku'gath if it has nowhere to go.

Ok, thnx. I think the guy that won the regionals with Ku'gath did it once or twice, still I believe it wouldn't have made a huge difference...
Double post...