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Call of Cthulhu Decks

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  Deck Name Deck Strategy Rating Author

AO Ramp v2

A character heavy deck to get Ancient One characters out as fast as possible using The Three Bells and The Festival to get them out for free. ----- JDK002

The Tesla Effect II

----- Mnemonaut

Mono-Syndicate Tactics

----- Danigral


----- arkhaminmate

DISTURBING INSIGHTS (newbie edition)

Just a favourite version of a casual deck I like to play against newer players. ----- arkhaminmate

Syndicate Skill Redu

This is a more control oriented Syndicate deck than a blazing fast rush deck that they are known for. It utilizes all of their skill reduction tools to takes control of the board state so they can go to stories unopposed. The deck aims to abuse ice shaft and concrete and chains by recurring them over and over again with marine salvager and marcus jamburg. ----- kamacausey

The Twilight Yo(d)g(e)

First attempt at a Lodge deck using a limited card pool, focused on bouncing. Supported by fitting Yog effects, since Initiate of Huang Hun is not yet in the pool. ----- Jhaelen

Senseless Destruction

Basically a test to see how much destruction & sacrifice effects a deck could pack, using Cthulhu and Yog. ----- Jhaelen


----- Ver


Blathering to follow........ ----- arkhaminmate

PA#6 Updated

----- Danigral

PA#5 Updated

----- Danigral

PA#4 Updated

----- Danigral

PA#3 Updated

----- Danigral

PA#2 Updated

----- Danigral

PA#1 Updated

----- Danigral

Carpet stains of Lunacy

Make them enemies insane and never restore or ready. ----- Arocle

Cops & Robbers

----- Arocle

Sorcerers Sorcerers Sorcerers

----- GrahamM

Infinite Jamburg

----- GrahamM

Silver Twilight ritual of Glaaki

This is my first try at using Silver Twilight in a deck. It is a faction that never seemed to click for me, but I think this one is pretty good. ----- Kwakkie


----- Kwakkie

Arcane Agency Alliance

Gain character advantage via arcane struggles and generally having more characters ready. ----- Jhaelen

Monstrous Rebirth

Use Plague Stone to wipe the board and return all Monster characters using Dark Rebirth. ----- Jhaelen

Hastur/Yog Control/Denial

Utilize Terror struggles, control opponent's characters and deny them access to stories. ----- Jhaelen