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Call of Cthulhu Decks

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  Deck Name Deck Strategy Rating Author

Gate of the Dead Dreamer

Destruction. ----- Hellfury

Mono Syndicate Burn

I've been trying to build something with the new Syndicate box for quite a while, and after banging my head against the wall, I decided to try a new approach. ----- HomerJ

Unending Naps

So I've been playing Call of Cthulhu for a couple months now and this is the first deck I'm submitting! ----- Obtuse

Magic (the Gathering)

It is the deck that I was going to take if I did make the Nationals, but unfortunately this won't be managable. Nothing spectacular, just another one of my decks that tries to perform its parlour tricks, but is the one I've been enjoying the most lately, as some of the cards make for some pretty intense mathematical analysis during the story phase, which is the aspect of the game that I thrive on and appreciate the most. ----- arkhaminmate

Calgary Store Tournament 1st Place

Negotium. ----- HappyDD

Silver Spoon

Simple rush/tempo deck. Any advice will be appreciated. ----- Necronom

Yog-Syndicate skill reduction

The idea behind the deck is simply skill reduction, preventing my opponent from winning stories. ----- NuFenix

2010 World Champ Deck

Tom Capor's 2010 World Champ Agency/Hastur Deck. ----- Darksbane

Khopesh Misk

Board clear while quickly gaining stories. ----- AtoTheJ

Criminally Insane ( aka the loony bin )

This deck is by far the MOST fun I have ever had playing Call of Cthulhu LCG, that being a literally INSANE theme deck that actually works to a very high degree ***** arkhaminmate


This is an idea of a mono-Syndicate deck. ----- Lyk

Abeyance & Oblivion

An effectively mono-Yog Stall & Mill deck strategy.
----- Hellfury

1st place-Louisville Store Championship

----- kamacausey


The idea is to drive most of my opponent's characters insane, removing terror icons with Messenger from Beyond and Scotophobia. ----- Bearpaw

DISTURBING INSIGHTS (newbie edition)

Just a favourite version of a casual deck I like to play against newer players. ----- arkhaminmate

Liège 2011

This is the deck I played in the European Championship in Liège 2011. I made 9th place, barely missing the top 8. ----- Jhaelen

Snakessss! Snakes In The Wallssss!

The deck is Hastur/Cthulhu control/destruction deck that aims to set up the Temple/Uroborus combo and finish with big serpents. ----- Shangfu

Lambda Lambda Lambda

Mono-Nerd rush/support abuse deck. ----- Hellfury

Shub Mafia - Beginner Core v2

Beginner deck using core(x3) only, with Shub and Syndicate. ----- aronpolemic


My version of the Hastur/Cthulhu combination. ----- Kwakkie

Worlds Top 4 - Things in the Ground

***-- badash56

Gen Con 2011 2nd place Mono Cthulhu

Stall them for some turns then finish them with the big ones! ----- mischraum

Dark Byakhee

well. i think this is the best you're gonna get out of me for a while ***** arkhaminmate

Endless serpents

The deck uses combination of Ritual of Summoning and Uroborus to play any characters. Play Cthylla and sacrifice Uroborus for many times. ----- NecRus888

Miskatonic Agency Investigator

Almost all of the characters in this deck make use of the investigator keyword combined with Anthropology Adviser and an enormous amount of story rushing potential. ----- Raohthekenoh