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Unique Braavos

Type: Location House: Baratheon Greyjoy Lannister Martell Stark Targaryen
Game Text:
Free Cities. Kingdom.
Lower the cost of the first out-of-House [Stark] card you play each round by 1.

Lower the cost of the first Lady character you play each round by 1.

[+1 Influence]
Number: 35 Set: VD
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Jared Blando
Recent Decks: Kingdom Come
Targ Conquest Stark - Freezer Burn
Baratheon KOTHH (First Place at HCHC, January 2013)
New dragons
Doran's Court


find this a little strange even in context with the books. would expect since bravos and sell swords seem to go hand in hand this should have been a mercenary card???
It is referencing Ladies since a certain lady of a great house has fled there to receive training as a faceless (wo)man.
yeah i understand that but to me that (lady) is such a small detail. BRAAVOs its self as a card should represent Braavos from the books
Well there really weren't that many Mercenaries from Braavos. I think they are mostly from the Southern Free Cities like Volantis or whatever.
yes but braavos and sellswords go together
weird card
im kind of with Staton on this one, when i think Braavos i don't think mercenaries i think more the assassins and the likes of Soyriel (bad spelling possibply)
Ehh i can't wait for this one :) Will be such a huge boost for rush treaty decks.
Apr 29 2012 02:52 PM
This card will make brienne (pots) a retristed card. Imagine every house having her at essentially in house cost?
Why would every house running Brienne make her restricted?
Brienne of Tarth (PotS) at in-house cost is alright, but chances are there are in-house characters I'd rather have if I'm playing a different house.
Apr 30 2012 11:41 PM
@Staton brienne is an amazing counter card. No opponent dupe saves, no events, nothing. She wrecks so much face it's not even fair.
Apr 30 2012 11:44 PM
@keggy true but how many of those characters are house only? Brienne is a great card that isn't house restricted.
Well Brienne still only works with one challenge (unless you have standing stuff but that is all mostly in house). Brienne can be knelt, blanked, discarded, killed, etc before the challenges even begin. She's a great card, but nothing you can't play around. Unless you are building some sort of weird deck based around her, and then I think you deserve to wreck face with her.
But, since the card reads "out of house Stark", Brienne wouldn't be affected by that effect, would she?
May 01 2012 03:56 PM
why not she has the stark affiliation?
I thought that "out of house stark" meant "not from house stark".
I asked because I'm not a native English speaker and I wasn't sure about the meaning.
Well it should probably be an out of house, Stark character. Meaning it has to be out of house and also have the Stark affiliation.
It means the first Stark character which does not match your house card. So Brienne of Tarth (PotS) would be an out of house stark character for any house but Stark and Baratheon
Thanks for the explaination, guys! :)
I just like how it passively lowers Mel, Marya, Shireen, Brienne, and Lyanna! Passive reducers are sweet. Now we just need some Night'swatch, Wildling, Asshai, and maybe Bastard. Or Maester ;D
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Kingdoms and house affiliations confusion


How does this work with a character with 2 house affiliations both of which are out of house.


Example Brienne of Tarth-Princes of the Sun (Stark/Bara). and Jaquen H´ghar with


  1. If I have both Myr (lower Bara) and Bravos (Lower Stark/Lady) could I reduce her cost by 2 for house affiliation and 1 more for Lady? -3 total

  2. What about if we add the Agenda - Treaty with the North/Conquest/Alliance with a Lannister house card - Could you then avoid the 2 cost out of house because Stark making her free (assuming she is played first

  3. What happens with the amount of house affiliations I control. If I have a lanni char, a stark char and Brienne, is it considered 3 houses or 2.

  4. What if I add Jaquen H´ghar. Can I choose him as a Greyjoy Character making it 4 different affiliations?

Brienne of Tarth


Jaqen H'ghar
Dec 18 2014 05:04 PM

Assuming you are not playing Stark or Bara, and you have both Myr and Bravos out, you are correct that Brienne is considered "out-of-house" for both effects, so she would be -3 cost (assuming she is the first card matching the listed reduction restrictions).


Using the agendas does not make the other cards considered "in house", so you are correct that you ignore the 2 gold penalty applied to that OOH card, and with those 2 locations in play, she would indeed be free.


With regards to your next question - I'm not sure what you are trying to get at with house affiliations you control.  Is there some other effect you are getting at when trying to count Jaqen as a Greyjoy character?


Side note: If you are a Stark player, then Brienne is NOT considered out-of-house because she does have a matching house affiliation - so the reduction from Myr would have no effect and only the "lady" reduction from Bravos would have an effect.  

That is great! Free Brienne!  I was wondering about number of house affiliation for the plot card with the x claim.


Common Cause Prized 1. X is equal to the number of different House affiliations among the characters you control. (Each character cannot contribute more than 1 House affiliation to this count.)


So if I had Jaquen H´ghar (the one with every house) I could choose him to count for any house I wanted, for example GJ. I understand it is not all 6 houses but can I choose what I want him to be?

Nevermind just saw that that card is banned.. but the same could hold true for a duel character like arrogant contender or something liek that.. Could I choose if i wanted him to be bara or lani depending on what other characters I have out.