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Maester Wendamyr

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Maester Wendamyr

Unique Maester Wendamyr

Type: Character House: Greyjoy
Cost: 2 Strength: 1 Icons: Intrigue
Game Text:
Response: Kneel Maester Wendamyr to save a House Greyjoy character from being killed or discarded. Then, you may kneel 2 influence or kneel a Learned character to stand that character.
Flavor Text: "Too long have the Ironborn listened to you chain-neck maesters." - Aeron Damphair
Number: 7 Set: KotS
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Sedone Thongvilay
Recent Decks: greyjoy
gj - old way first try
saved greyjoys
Greyjoy Melee
Greyjoy No Agenda Winter Choke v2


If he is targeted by a burn effect (Flaming-Pitch Tower (TWot5K) for instance), can he save himself multiple times, assuming I have the influence to pay for it?
Not unless the save effect also took him out of the terminal state. For example if he was hit with -4 Str due to Pitch Tower you would have to have a save which saved him and added 4 strength to him so he would no longer be in the terminal 'killed' state. Otherwise you cannot even attempt to save him. So generally if any type of burn hits him no you could not use his printed save to save him (not even once). As an example of what could save a character from a burn effect. if a STR 2 character had an effect which gave them -2 STR and killed when 0 effect then you could use Risen from the Sea (KotS) to save that character because of the +1 STR it gives them in addition to the save would take them out of the terminal state.
Jun 03 2011 03:18 PM
You could still *attempt* to save him, right? It would just be wasted, unless it triggered something else, such as Anguy the Archer claiming power.
No. You cannot attempt to save a card if it would not actually result in the card being saved. The rule is it must remove the character from the terminal state or it is not a legal play.
Jun 03 2011 11:01 PM
Wow, that is ridonkulous. Back to the drawing board. Oh wait, I didn't have anything lined up with it anyway. Oh well.
When I use Maester Wendamyr's Response and then I kneel 2 influence or Learned character, do I stand Maester Wendamyr or the character I just saved with this Response?
The character just saved. A neat trick is to kneel him to save himself, kneel two influence to stand him and then kneel him to save someone else
:D Knights of the Hollow Hill (MotM) combo
Very true!
So when i save a character I must kneel him?
Jun 14 2012 06:34 AM
Which him are you referring to? The maester or the character saved?
Jun 14 2012 08:24 AM
The saved character doesn't have to kneel. The secondary effect of the Save is that if you kneel another "Book" character you can stand the saved character if (he/she) was knelt.
love this guy, suffers a lot against burn decks though

It doesn't say that character need to be in play, for him to save that character.

My question is, if u lose Greyjoy character from your hand for a claim of intrigue challenge, can u still use Maester Wendamyr to save that character and not discard him?

It doesn't say so, because it doesn't have to. 


You can't "save" a card from being discarded from your hand, because that card is never in play.

Sep 05 2014 04:33 PM

Cards in play can only interact with out-of-play cards if they say they can, such as Brightwater Keep.  Similarly, cards out-of-play can only interact with cards in play, or have their text be "active" if their ability says so explicitly, such as Lady Stoneheart.

What about saving another character with the maester when Valar is revealed?what exactly happens then? Do I save the other character by kneeling him and maester then goes moribound and dead?

As far as I know, Wendamyr and the other character will both be moribund after Valar is revealed. At that stage, you can kneel Wendamyr to either save himself, the other character or any other applicable Greyjoy character you control. After saves are made, moribund characters go to the dead pile.

Thanks chem2702! Such a precious guy he is.

Be aware that nothing becomes moribund until Valar resolves. Saving a character does not bring it back from moribund - it stops it from ever becoming moribund in the first place. 


Save effects are resolved individually with each one resolving completely before the next one is triggered. So, since Wendamyr kneels as a cost of his save, and the "then" part stands the character that was just saved, Wendamyr can save himself and another character from the same Valar, but you have to make sure that he saves (then stands) himself first and the other character second.

Does this mean you can save both M. Wendamyr and another character if you have 2 influence to kneel when a Valar kicks in?

Yes - IF you do it in the following sequence exactly:

1. Valar initiates.

2a. Wendamyr kneels to save himself; kneel 2 influence to stand him.

2b. Wendamyr kneels to save another GJ character.

3. Valar resolves (kill all characters not saved)


So after Valar resolves, you have 2 characters left: Wendamyr (kneeling) and another GJ (probably standing).


If you don't have the 2 influence, you would only be able to save one character between #1 and #3 with Wendamyr. As you noticed yourself above, that 1 character saved does not necessarily have to be Wendamyr himself, although it could be.

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Again in a case of Valar, supposing I have a duplicate MW, is this (almost) the same situation as the above described? I mean, do I still get to save another character by kneeling him and them 'kill' the duplicate of MW?

You may save each character you have in play from Valar, if you can. Which effect you use to save them doesn't matter.

Thanks ktom!!