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  Deck Name Deck Strategy Rating Author

Targ KotHH - House of Pain - 2012 Joust Worlds 1st Place

  Targaryen, Worlds 2012 and 1 more...
***** mathlete

House of Dreams - Attachments cicle without end

At the beginning is hard to do something. Lady Daenerys chambers cause House of Dreams, and take control of attachments of discard's pile. ***-- zoclark

Here There Be Dragons! (Tulsa Regional Melee - tied for 1st)

While not technically a rush, this was as close as I could see to bring a Targ deck to a Rush (without Maesters). ****- doulos2k

Purely Dragons v2

Get the Dragons in play with Dany. Use Dragon Lore to help with getting Balerion the Black in play or others. Still a work in progress so far. ***** Rhaegar

Rochester NY Regional - 1st

  Targaryen, 2013 Regional and 1 more...
Use river plots to keep playing Balerion to kneel out your opponents board. 92% chance of being able to start this combo turn 1. ***** darknoj

Gummi Bears - 2013 Baltimore Regionals 1st Place

  Targaryen, 2013 Regionals
Ambush Burn deck, my take on the Bruno style. ***** Prophit618

Targaryen Dragons AMBUSH

----- Guibor

R + L = J

----- OKTarg

Dragon Deck KotHH

Get out your dragons with as many dups and you can. Use summoning season to grab Danny, so your dragons don't have to kneel to attack. ***** ordie

Targaryen TMP Italy 2012 National 1st place

  2012 National, Italy
This deck won the Italian 2012 National tournament where 58 players participated.

All credit goes to the owner and player of the deck Giacomo 'Exo' Santopietro.
****- Reager

[Top 4 Dallas 6/15/2013] Targaryen HoD Dragonpit

House of Dreams The Dragonpit ----- agktmte

Targaryen War Crest Dothraki

Basic straightforward Dothraki War crest deck. Feels like the deck built itself. Reliance on Daemon for war crest benefits, pike phalanx for increase claim, power of arms for increased strength...perhaps I should include more characters with the actual crest regardless of Blackfyre. ----- Bheanhould

Targaryen Dragon Focused Deck

The Dragons are the main strngth here, you want them all in play before you start goin on the offensive...untill you can accomplish that, you have defensive dotraki characters as well as some cheap mercenaries. ***** Gokuscurse

Dothraki war crest

***** liako13

Targ KotHH MegaBurn

----- ChuckECheesemonger

Crimson (Targ Dothraki)

I've only been playing for two months now, but this is my favorite deck thus far, and one of the most successful decks I've played in my meta. ***** crimson

Targ - Kings of Summer - 1st Place Manila Store Championship (FAQ 5.0)

----- meeks23

New Super Targaryen Dragons U v2

Official Nintendo Seal Of Quality. ***-- Omek

targaryen build with core + QoD

----- AndreJMiranda

Targ Mercenaries

On building a neutral mercenaries deck, I noticed a lot were Targ and a lot had the war crest. ----- LaurenF

Targ Dragon burn 1.3

----- Athronni

Targaryen Burn

----- ordie

burn practice V1.0

----- devilkid7125

Targ KotHH (Stahleck, 7-1 in swiss)

****- Tobi

Dragons - GenCon 4-2

  Gencon 2012
Either use the river plots to cycle Balerion to lock down your opponents or quickly rush to victory. A pure Shaggy deck that can do surprisingly well. ***** darknoj