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  Deck Name Deck Teaser Rating Author

Anarch Starter

Anarch starter ----- ceeKay


  Anarch, 2013 Regionals, 1st place and 1 more...
My Regional winning Noise deck ***** ExplodyCat


  Anarch, Mill
Hey guys,
A few people asked me to submit a deck list after streaming today so here is a copy of my current deck list.
****- asroybal

GenCon 2013 - 2nd Place

Jimmy Risk's deck from GenCon 2013 ***** Hraklea

Whizzard: Money + Cheap Runs v2

****- Vol

Massive Infection

  Anarch, Virus
All the viruses. All of them. Bring in da Noise! ****- twinstarbmc

Wyld/Shop v3.1

My current Anarch deck (pre-Opening Moves), using Sahasrara, Aesop's Pawnshop and Forged Activation Orders. ***** Hraklea

V0L's Tournament winning Whizzard

***** andersh

Conpulsion 2013 1st place, Glasgow Regional 2013 2nd place runner

****- IainGalloway

Violating "Terms of Use" v1.05

  Anarch, Virus
"Well, he shouldn't have been surfing 'naughtynightnurses' while on duty, especially while logged into his own user-station. That's how I got in, and when the Corp traces my virus uploads to employee # J.Mnem1995, he'll have bigger problems than just me snagging all his credit info." ***-- Epidemic989

Noise Shop

----- fxskater

Drew Trash

----- havwc

Anarch - ICE Destruction

Blow up all ICE in your path ----- Bartmoss

Game of Chess

----- DawningAegis

Future Proof Noise Shop

***** MouseChan

Noise Virus Mill

  Anarch, Mill
Wyldside all this viruses and mill the corp to death. ----- ZiNOS


Anarch deck with a lot of Shaper support ----- casanunda

Dive-bomb Noise

Trying out the savoir-deep red combo of dive bombing caissa onto unsuspecting ice at a moments notice! Also doing the same for viruses with noises' mill... not sure if there is enough to make him better or worse for the decktype than reina though. ----- Hexsyn

Anarch - Caissa

This is the third runner deck I've made. Not sure if its any good. If you guys have any suggestions that would be great. ----- BoLevar

Whizzard - All your R&D Belong To Us

A test deck based on Team Covenant's Anarch template. ----- IctSpiceMerchant

Anarch Runner Deck

----- yhulothar

Reina Roja: Chessmaster

First attempt at a Caissa deck. Suggestions welcome! ****- mindguru

Anarch Choke v1.1

Increase the cost for the Corp to defend itself. Waltz in to take the agendas as they're still trying to fire up their initial systems. ****- Entice

Reina Roja

Can you pay for that, No? Good...Good.... ----- Kasabar

Slow Efficient Running Anarchs v2

Pay 25 credits for the rig, Pay 3 credits for each run. Access everything. ----- Ian517666

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