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Shifty Lookout

Shifty Lookout

Shifty Lookout

Type: Unit
Cost: 1
Force Icons: 1
Icons: 1
Faction: Light Neutral
While this unit is ready, each opponent is considered to have 1 additional card in his hand.
"Incoming stormies! Run!"
Health: 1
Block Number: 103 - 3 of 6
Set: Lure of the Dark Side Number: 526
Illustrator: David Kegg
* * * * -   1 Galactic Citizens have rated this card!
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Does this mean the player can only draw to 5 now? Seems wayyyy OP if thats how it operates.

That's how it works. Sith can simply choke him and Scum could easily capture or focus him with tactics.

Navy would have a harder time.

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Your wrong. This card does not reduce reserve.

It works wherever when we count ds player hand, for example when we want play Freeholders. If he have 4 cards, this card add 1 virtual card to his hand and we count 5 for reduce cost. Or when both players have same card in they hands and we want get bonus from "againts all odds" objective or dash rendar's ability.


PS. Sry for my bad english, i hope your understand :)

Example: You begin your draw phase with 2 cards in hand, with your reserve value being 6. If Shifty Lookout is in play and ready, you're considered to have an extra card, meaning you can only draw 3, for a total hand of 5 cards, even if in theory your reserve value is still 6.


He does not reduce your reserve, but his practical effect is similar to that.

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Majestaat is correct. This card reduces the number of cards in the DS players hand by 1 as they are considered to have +1 card. So they draw 5 and have 1 from shifty to still fulfill their reserve value of 6.
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Except now you can't use this card's ability to help pay for Freeholders even though I think that was why this card was conceived, because FFG decided it's broken and said you can't use those two sets in a deck together. Sorry, still a little bitter about that :P

Nov 04 2016 03:40 PM

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