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Zarathur’s Flamers

Zarathur’s Flamers

Zarathur’s Flamers

Type: Army Unit
Faction: Chaos
Cost: 2
Attack Value: 2
Hit Points: 2
Command Icons: 1
Signature/Loyalty: Signature Icon
Traits: Daemon.Tzeentch.

Action: Sacrifice this unit to deal 2 damage to a target non-warlord unit at the same planet.

Set: Core Set Number: 77 Quantity: 4
Illustrator: Mathias Kollros
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Attack and then sacrifice. Classic.

Aug 26 2014 06:18 AM

Just amazing value for 2 cost. Gives a lot of soning capabilities with high damage thread especially combined with the Warlord. Make sure not to have any other Warlords stuck on a planet with this unit and Zarathur.

For me, this is the best two card combo in a signature squad so far. The possibility to deal 6 dmg with that little rascal when the warlord is on board is just brutal.

Oct 07 2014 04:54 AM

EdTheMad? you can do that? doesn't the opponent have an opportunity to strike back first? I'm still vague on how action windows work...

You can. Browse thru the rules forum for stuff on action windows, and check out the Action Windows section and flowcharts on pp 20-22 of the RRG. If you still unsure of something, please ask away in the rules forum ... that's what it's for :-)

If you haven't already, make sure to check out page 22 of the Rules Reference Guide.


There are action windows between each and every attack during combat, including windows before attacks start, and before either everyone refreshes or before victory is declared (so you could Ambush in an Eager Recruit when it seems like you've lost). Basically (and again, the RRG is more thorough), it should work like this:


[ACTION WINDOW] Combat Turn [ACTION WINDOW] Combat Turn [ACTION WINDOW], so on and so forth.


So for the Flamers, assuming you were first player, after the opening action window, you could attack with the Flamers, then in the action window that opens immediately after that attack, sac them. Or, if you were second player, and knew that your opponent was going to kill your Flamers before they could strike, you could blow them up in the opening action window pre-emptively.


ETA: PBrennan got to it while I was typing.

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Oct 07 2014 05:35 AM

Thanks for the clarification.

So a Unit can employ its Action, even when it is exhausted?  Thanks!

So a Unit can employ its Action, even when it is exhausted?  Thanks!


Yes unless it specifies that the unit must exhaust to perform the Action. 

Yep, that makes perfect sense.  Thanks!

So here's my question: can you shield the damage from the Flamers ability? Or better yet, damage from other abilities/cards like AoE or Warpstorm? (Core Set, 93)

You can shield anything that "deals damage", which includes all of these. They all follow the Dealing Damage process, outlined in RRG pg 6.

Oh we were playing this so wrong [we thought the sacrifice bomb was during deploy phase as an Action]

These are now even scarier.

Clear cut 5/5 card. Probaly the best signature Army card out of the Core set. Does even more insane things with Zarathur under initiative.

Flamers kill things...and then you bring them back with Shrine of the Warpflame.