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Notebook Sketches

Notebook Sketches

Notebook Sketches

Crude but Salient
Type: Support Faction: Miskatonic University
Cost: 1
Game Text:
Attachment. Item
Attach to a character you control. Attached character gets +1 skill.
Action: Exhaust Notebook Sketches and name a card. The cost for all players to play that card is increased by 4 until the beginning of your next turn.
Set: AtMoM
Number: 4
Illustrator: German Nobile


I would love to own and try this card, but getting the pack is a nightmare.


The strongest cards to combine this would be Dr. Christine Marie (For the Greater Good) or Eyes in a Jar (The Wailer Below), so you know exactly what they have, and can just name whatever cards you know they have, with specific characters and support cards named in their draw phase, and events in your refresh phase to truly mitigate them triggering them.

While not as powerful, for a card you can drop into most decks I think The Archmage's Attache could give Notebook sketches a boost.  It let's you see at least 1 card that's coming and if you can't play it yourself, well, you can pretty much make sure they can't either!


The Parlor pairs up perfectly.


Twisted Consecration works as a nice removal + speed bump as you keep nominating the support card you know they'll draw next turn (could be effective vs Temple or Ultimate Thule decks).


Though tricky to pull off, you could also use the The Gate of the Silver Key


And for a random assortment of cards that could let Notebook Sketches do its thing:

Clover Club Regular


Dreamlands Eclipse


Inside Man


Paid Informant


Sleepin' wit' da Fishes


Song of Charybdis


The Betrayer


Unlikely Informant


Vortex of Time

Why do I give away anything if I'm playing The Parlor? I, the owner and controller of The Parlor, am surely not considered to be my own "opponent", or am I? Why not use the neutral term "player" here, then, if the card would make me show my cards, too?

You don't, that was a misread on my part.  Amended.

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