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House of Dreams

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House of Dreams

House of Dreams

Type: Agenda House: Neutral
Game Text:

After you announce House of Dreams as your agenda, choose from your deck a unique, in-House, non-limited location. That location starts the game in play an dgains the text: "Immune to opponents' non-plot card effects."
Draw 6 cards for your setup hand. You cannot spend more than 3 gold during setup.
Flavor Text: Card designed by 2011 Overall World Champion Corey Faherty
Number: 119 Set: ARotD
Quantity: 3 Illustrator: Tiziano Baracchi
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Well. Time to go make a Ten Towers deck!

On the one hand I am excited because this could make more archetypes viable, for example you could use this in a Dothraki deck with Vaes Dothrak.

On the other hand I'm not looking forward to seeing city plots in every deck ever until some kind of errata happens.
Built a deck but there isn't an agenda that fits, and not planning to use a chargenda? Then this is now an easy addition.
Discussed here - http://www.cardgamed...pack-6-spoiler/, several cards are already coming to mind.
I love the City plots anyway, but depending on the location picked, the amount needed to discard it could be tough. Maybe it will make Seach and Detain be unrestricted in again?
Wow. This is one of those cards that will really annoy me, or my opponent when I start with Bear Island in play....
Oct 24 2012 06:51 PM
I don't know how happy I would be with this art if this was my card. It looks like Corey is trying to lure a little girl into his house.
Well... It's Danaerys. So that's cool at least.
Oct 24 2012 09:32 PM
Easily a dozen different decks I could make with this and a lot of sub themed decks will be given a boost. Easily a rival for TMP.
Oct 24 2012 09:51 PM
So let's see, besides A City Besieged (CD): Attack from the Sea (PotS) and Burning Bridges (QoD) negate for a turn, and Search and Detain (HtS) and Snowed Under (Core) and can bounce back to hand. Anything else?
Start the game with Bear Island (AE)? Sure why not.
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Wondering why Bear Island has everyone so excited? I tried a pure Stark deck before and there were certainly problems. Perhaps the Stark card pool has matured enough to make this viable. I'm interested to see how people will build around the Free Cities locations now that you can have one in play from the start!
So after you play your setup cards, do you draw back to 6? or 7?
Since the rules state drawing back up to 7 after setup and the card doesn't say otherwise, you'd draw up to seven.
I don't see much issue with pure Stark at this point. What neutral characters are you missing out on? Carrion bird I guess? Meh. The only meaningful drawback I see is not being able to use the neutral reducers, but I'd certainly trade that for a free and protected Bear Island. With the new burn save event costing an influence there might be more incentive for Stark to use its fiefdoms now anyways.

What I'm really wondering now is which of the two main plot options for dealing with this agenda will become more prevalent--S&D or city plots.
IMHO, you'd have to run a lot of City plots to be able to have enough of them in your used pile to get rid of the kind of hefty locations most people will run with this agenda. With a cost 3 location, you'd have to wait until turn 4 to be able to get rid of it and that's if you only used City plots. I'd say S&D is the way to go, or something that would return the location to hand. When it came back in to play it would no longer have the protection of the agenda.
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I was mildly excited by the idea of this allowing the new Kingdom reducers to make this be a new way of handling Alliance style decks, but unfortunately their 1-cost works against them. Most people are running City of Lies, At the Gates, or Manning the City Walls already so the ease of taking out a 1-cost location with City Besieged (which isn't a bad plot anyways) makes that archetype almost a non-starter.

So would Neutral House be able to use this agenda to put out a unique non-limited neutral location?
I don't think so. IIRC, neutral cards are not considered to have a "neutral affiliation," they are simply considered to have no affiliation, so they can never be "in-house."
Oct 25 2012 07:47 AM
Aegon's Hill (TTotH) in burn deck anybody? Crazy stuff.
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Dear world champion winners... please design more cards like that : )
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With Search & Detain being unrestricted in Melee, I don't think we'll see this be as abused as TMP.
Oct 25 2012 05:54 PM
Oct 25 2012 08:05 PM
I'd steer clear of kneeling locations because the become vulnerable to plot manipulation and snowed under.
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We're needing an Agenda like this. Our expensive locations were unusefull.
I have been playing a Stark Defense deck w/o agenda, relying a lot on Mage Mormont to get my "Winterfell" (gain power for winning on defense) out. May consider using this agenda now. (sorry can't use the card link feature from my cell phone...)
The Baratheon wall is comme back
Quick question: I play with this agenda and a 3 cost unique location. Then during my set up I draw a copy of that location. Can I use my 3 gold in set up to pay for that copy, and then when when we reveal set up it just becomes a dup?
You could, but that would be a very bad play. The way it works is that you're basically "guaranteed" that card in every setup hand, and it will cost you two gold. The other six cards in your setup hand you have 3 gold left over for, so you're better off playing other cards.

I've never seen an instance where someone put down two copies of one unique card during setup, but yes, as I understand it, one of them would immediately attach as a dupe. You're much better off laying down your agenda card and 3 others, then if you have a dupe of it, just attach it for free in Marshalling.