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  Title Ruling Related Cards

Fleeing The Empire Errata

Should read: “Reaction: After your refresh phase ends, ...” Fleeing the Empire

Fear Ruling

When this card is played remove the force card from the attached character. Fear

Refresh reactions turn 1.

The reaction can be triggered during the LS player's first turn. Only step 1 of the refresh phase is skipped. A Message from Beyond Fleeing the Empire Last Minute Rescue Mobilize the Squadrons Questionable Contacts Tribal Support

Get Me Solo!

As the card instructs a player to name a card, he must name the title of the card. Describing a card will not meet the effect's requirement. Get Me Solo!

Protection, Shields, and Preparations for Battle

You would not be able to use the protect keyword if the protecting unit cannot be damaged. Guardian of Peace Preparation for Battle

Renegade Squadron Mobilization Draw

When A New Hope is played, you can respond to each unit individually in order to draw a card for each unit that leaves play. A New Hope Renegade Squadron Mobilization

Lightsaber Deflection and cannot be damaged.

If a unit cannot receive damage (for instance a unit shielded with Preparation for Battle out and the dial at 4 or lower), you cannot use Lightsaber Deflection to reflect that damage because damage is is never dealt in the first place. Lightsaber Deflection Preparation for Battle

Wedge can be reduced.

If Wedge Antilles is played as an enhancement it's cost is reduced by In You Must Go. Wedge Antilles

Last Defense of Hoth - No Cards in Hand

You may trigger this effect if you have no cards in hand. Last Defense of Hoth