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Communications Relay

Communications Relay

Communications Relay

Type: Support
Faction: Tau
Cost: 1
Signature/Loyalty: Signature Icon
Traits: Upgrade.

Interrupt: When your opponent triggers an ability that targets a unit you control with 1 or more attachments, exhaust this support to cancel its effects.

Set: Core Set Number: 147 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Ameen Naksewee
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Aug 12 2014 11:40 PM

Tau are begging for a tron deck.

Don`t think this will be good for a while, not many targeted effects in the core set.

Amazing card... if your opponent is playing Chaos. Aside from that there aren't really enough targeted effects right now for this to be that worthwhile.

    • Killax likes this
Aug 26 2014 01:15 PM

Except for most of the rout abilities in DE. Oh and the exhausting abilities in eldar. Not to mention cards like Deception, Suppressing Fire, Superiority or units like Sicarius' Chosen, Captain Markis or even the DE Support card Twisted Labratory. I'd say it's pretty consistently useful against Chaos, DE and Eldar right now. Not to mention it can still find good use in disrupting plans against SM, Tau and Astra Militarum. And even though it's not as useful aganist Orks, those decks still are likely to take Chaos or AM allies. It doesn't need to tap every turn to be useful in messing up your opponents plans or to protect your investment of attachments. 

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Dec 14 2014 04:13 PM

Can this be used to stop Battle abilities that target units with attachments?

    • Killax likes this

Yes. Your opponent triggered an ability, the criteria's been met.

    • Killax likes this

Solid 3.5/5 card for me. Has the fantastic potential to save your units. As mentioned better versus Chaos and Dark Eldar but still allround a very good card. The fact that it only costs 1 says enough.

Jan 09 2015 08:29 PM

A compulsory 1x, I'd play it in 2x if possible. However 1 credit is the right price for this kind of insurance.


For 1 cost, it's fine. Would I include more if this wasn't a signature card? Probably not.


3/5 (I review signature cards comparing to other signature cards)

Pretty good support, would at least run 2 if possible. Protects so much.