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Call of Cthulhu LCG

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Recent Card Discussion
Caleb Orison

Mar 02 2019 08:17 PM by snarkherder

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe his effect doesn't happen if no one goes to stories.


I think this is right.  From the FAQ, "Stories will resolve only if the active player has characters at that story."  So if the active player does not commit characters to any stories, the Forced Response is not triggered.

The Guardian of the Key

Mar 02 2019 06:20 AM by snarkherder

This works well with Prize Pistol, no?

Old Sea Dog

Feb 27 2019 04:33 AM by snarkherder

I like this with Crescent Blade. It's like a budget Khopesh that does not wound your own characters.

The Cats of Ulthar

Feb 27 2019 12:35 AM by snarkherder

Love this card, but I'm biased considering my profile picture. Still think its worth 3/5 because of the ambush and the clearification mentioned by Zephyr regarded "committed". Combined with 'false papers' it also becomes quite decent removal, since you then can make every character become a Zoog, including ancient ones.

And with Marcus Jamburg, you could potentially create a quasi-endless Cats of Ulthar Zoog destruction loop.  Way too bouncy for competitive play, but could be fun.

Neil's Curiosity Shop

Feb 12 2019 10:15 PM by KrytenKoro

The "Kingsport's Haunted Houses" ad indicates that this card is meant to be able to copy the effects of the other Locations in that pack, which reference themselves. I think it's clear that self-references aren't meant to be an obstacle.

Tunnel Lurker

Feb 05 2019 04:00 PM by snarkherder

I believe normal (framework action) Story commits generally happen all at once, not in sequence.

A Forced Response that triggers after an event (most do) are higher priority than responses, but otherwise quite similar. So it would happen after resolving the framework action of committing everyone that you chose to commit.

Ah, that makes sense.  Thanks!

Tunnel Lurker

Feb 02 2019 08:12 AM by RichardPlunkett

I believe normal (framework action) Story commits generally happen all at once, not in sequence.

A Forced Response that triggers after an event (most do) are higher priority than responses, but otherwise quite similar. So it would happen after resolving the framework action of committing everyone that you chose to commit.

Tunnel Lurker

Jan 31 2019 05:32 AM by snarkherder

What happens if you commit Tunnel Lurker to a story, then another character?  From my reading of the FAQ re actions, responses, forced responses, and disrupts, forced responses act more like disrupts than responses, so it shouldn't affect the characters committed afterwards, but that seems...wrong to me...

Experiment Subject #613b

Jan 28 2019 07:21 PM by KrytenKoro

I feel like this is a reference to Stitch.

Pocket Telescope

Dec 30 2018 02:27 AM by Jamiejame911

The original CCG version is functionally the same and does have the "Attachment" keyword, but it doesn't say it needs to be attached to a character.  You may think this was an oversight, except the next card in the set (Flare Gun) has the Attachment keyword and yet explictly states that it needs to "Attach to a character you control."  The card before Pocket Telescope (Whateley's Diary) is also an Attachment, but like PT, doesn't demand that the card attach to a character.  So, I think the original version didn't require this and is therefore a much, much better card.

Ancient Gold

Dec 30 2018 02:13 AM by Jamiejame911

The CCG version of Ancient Gold is awesome (5 of 5).

Ancient Gold

Dec 08 2018 08:06 PM by snarkherder

I think the idea behind this one is to be able to use multiple domains to play a character card in exchange for increasing the cost by one.  You have a 5 cost character card, and a domain with 2 resources and a domain with 4 resources.  It is now possible to play your 5 cost card.  This would be a slightly better card if it was not limited by faction, since there just aren't any high cost Syndicate characters that are so amazing I want to get them out one turn ahead of time.


I don't see this going into any of my decks, but maybe there's some strange combo out there that I'm just not seeing.

Antarctic Wind

Dec 04 2018 02:36 PM by KrytenKoro

Error with the image. Also, isn't this set just called "The Mountains of Madness"?

Silver Twilight Temptress

Dec 01 2018 06:31 AM by snarkherder

Whether intentional or no, the angles of the shadow are all wrong.  Her chair's shadow is just above the chair, so why is her shadow below her?  It looks like she is leaning down to drink in the shadow realm, but her body is straight up and she is holding out her cup.  Her shadow also looks vaguely inhuman, but is that just her hair?  It's vaguely unsettling without being obvious.


Oh, and she has a dagger.



Hanyatl's 7:13

Nov 27 2018 02:39 AM by snarkherder

Yeah, you're probably right.  Ah well, back to the drawing board.  This was going to be the centerpiece for my Black Dog/Hastur control deck.

Will of Azathoth

Nov 24 2018 11:55 PM by InfernoMustang
I think it could be doable with the rest of the deck focused on uncommitting characters (something lodge is good at) and playing some hard defense (something that agency is good at). I’ll mess around with it and post it once it has beaten a strong mi-go deck consistently.
Hanyatl's 7:13

Nov 23 2018 01:12 PM by Track8
It's pretty rare for a Response to act in the manner that is being postulated. Responses typically trigger off of momentary occurrences rather than game states. If this card was meant to trigger in the way you're thinking, it would possibly read "trigger this effect only if there are 3 or more characters committed to the same story." See a card like Uroborus, for example. I agree the wording is ambiguous. Given how most Responses work in this game, plus Shub's penchant for flooding the board with characters, I think dboeren is probably correct.
Will of Azathoth

Nov 23 2018 12:38 PM by Track8
While it's a neat trick, I think such a deck might end up being kind of gimmicky. And since you can only have 1 Will in play at a time, you'd still need to be competitive at other stories despite running sub-standard characters.

Nov 17 2018 12:35 AM by snarkherder

Does Yog's special ability work with Tesla?  I could see it counting only as a triggered effect by Yog and not by the card in the discard pile, but you are playing the spell from the discard pile without paying its cost.  Does this mean you are triggering the spell's effect from the discard pile?


Nov 13 2018 04:36 PM by snarkherder

Without a rules reference, all we have is our opinion.  Some of the wording in these cards is pretty inconsistent.  I remember one that says something like "when this card is refreshed during the refresh phase..."  I think they meant "readied" but heck, they could have meant "restored."  Or maybe both?  But then why wouldn't they have said "readied or restored" instead of "refreshed?"  That's the nature of this game.


Anyway, I should have cited my source for the copy/paste job above.  Here's another one: https://learnenglish...-and-might-have

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