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Call of Cthulhu Decks

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  Deck Name Deck Strategy Rating Author

Investigators Galore

Prototype deck for playtesting with limited cardpool. ----- Jhaelen


Slow play control deck, has a conspiracy and Wilbur to answer most Hastur weaknesses. ----- BeldVanGuard


Just a simple throw together using the Deep Ones subtype. ----- arkhaminmate

Flooded Vault Toolbox (Hastur/Cthulhu Variant)

The deck is based around using Flooded Vault to toolbox any of the supports in your deck. ----- TRicher

Grip of the Scorpion

Yog/Syndicate conspiracy action inspired by REH's yellow peril story Skull-Face. Living Mummy is the eponymous villain. ----- Carthoris

Euro 2013 - 11th

This deck is a counter Yithian-mill-deck. It uses the Yithian mill against those decks and stops own getting milled with Forgotten Shoggoth. ----- orso

Euro 2013 2nd place

While the strategy is straightforward, playing this deck is tricky: you have a very low number of characters and if your opponent overwhelms you, Plague Stone is the only solution. ----- mzi

Infinite Jamburg

***-- GrahamM

Torch, Torch, and Torch the Joint

Recur Torch the Joint ad nauseum. ----- JonathanFolkert


----- Grim85

Shub/Yog control

----- klocek

Tesla's Festival of Resurrection v2

Aas the name suggests, this is a Tesla deck and also one that tries to utilize The Festival. ----- Valtharr

Slurping Darkness

Cthulhu and Yog nocturnal ladies auxiliary; one of my best-performing decks of late. Nothing very fancy here, but the possibility of getting brutal cards into play early is significant. ----- Carthoris

The Ancients are Coming

Ideal first round is as follows: first round you play Por XV 14:19 and Dabbler in the Unknown. Sacrifice the dabbler and get a domain of size 3 in the first round. You use that to summon Under the Porch which is sacrificed again to bring Nug. ----- Nushura

Ancient Ones in the Ground

Three-faction deck focused on getting Ancient Ones into play. ----- Jhaelen

Syndicate of the 1000 Young

Pretty standard combination of Syndicate and Shub-Niggurath with a slight focus on readying/exhausting characters and trying to get out more characters than your opponent. ----- Jhaelen

Polar Agency

Combines wounding effects from Agency with a bit of Hastur control and Polar events to keep up tempo and deny your opponent gaining success tokens. ----- Jhaelen

Dark Bells

----- Runix

Serpent Special

----- Runix


I have had this deck brewing in my head ever since I saw the new location, flooded vault, in the latest set Terror in Venice. ----- kamacausey

Shub/Syndicate Control

The idea behind this deck is to repetitively dimensional rift over and over again using Marcus jamburg. ----- kamacausey

GenCon 2nd Place Tesla Control

----- DarkSeph

Magic (the Gathering)

It is the deck that I was going to take if I did make the Nationals, but unfortunately this won't be managable. Nothing spectacular, just another one of my decks that tries to perform its parlour tricks, but is the one I've been enjoying the most lately, as some of the cards make for some pretty intense mathematical analysis during the story phase, which is the aspect of the game that I thrive on and appreciate the most. ----- arkhaminmate

Tom Capor's US Nationals 2013: Y-Train

Utilize Studying the Void, Lost Oracle, Interstellar Migration and the Festival to quickly fill your discard pile with Yithian cards. Once completed use Interstellar Migrations to empty an opponent's deck for the win. ----- MagnusArcanis

Criminal Minds

----- Greynomad38