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  Deck Name Deck Teaser Rating Author

Regional 2014 Light

  Jedi, Aggro, Control
Welp, lets swing and use events to swing again and control! ----- Saej

Jedi Assault

  Jedi, Experimental
----- Ristel

Join Us Or Die Jedi


Luke&Wedge Speeders

  Jedi, Casual
----- AMack1976

Jedi Deck

----- KirdanKenobi

Luke pilots ships

Rebel Alliance provides many fighters for Luke to pilot. Ackbar backs the ships up with his surprise entry. This deck generates a ton of resources and aims to swarm and finish off the DS player. ----- mustafa

Fight & Speed

  Jedi, Rebel Alliance, Aggro
An attempt to build a speeder deck with Luke v2 inside ! ^^ ----- Neits

The Tactical Edge

  Jedi, Experimental
This deck is all about winning the edge and using those tactics! ----- Soulkingu

Jedi post-K&D

  Jedi, Control
----- SeeThreebilbo

Pure Jedi (K&D)

  Jedi, Control
The force is MY ally! ----- FATMUSICGUY

Jedi work in progress

  Jedi, Control
----- SeeThreebilbo


  Rebel Alliance, Casual, Jedi
----- Ironswimsuit

Turniej? 11.04.2014

  Jedi, Smugglers and Spies
----- xbor

Speeders and Fighters

  Jedi, Rebel Alliance, Aggro
Luke and Wedge pilot the cheap, yet effective speeders to victory! ----- Kalidor

Kyle and friends

Couldn't win with this one. Suggestions? Not enough blast damage, it seems... ----- quantaloup

New Jedi Power

Play the new cards from the Heroes and Legends Jedi pod using the synergy with the old pods ***** Karolo82

Yoda Ben Speeder w/ spirit II

Yoda wins the edge.....and has Old Ben spirit to protect him ----- jonbonfilm

Speeder Swarm

  Jedi, Aggro
----- Vorrt

Escape from Hoth

  Jedi, mugglers and Spies
----- Kordos

Jedi enhancements

First try on jedi enhancements deck ----- edysanchez

Jedi and Rebel Pilots

  Jedi, Theme
Luke, Wedge, and Han pilot the Light Side to victory. ----- LarrytheGreat

Hard and Fast (TWSS)

----- Rockstar819

LS: Targeted Friends

  Jedi, Smugglers and Spies, Aggro and 1 more...
----- JediNick


----- chunkygorillas

Jedi 9.01.2013

----- Natahriel

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