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Call of Cthulhu Decks

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  Deck Name Deck Strategy Rating Author

Mono H.O.S.T.

The Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight (or 'H.O.S.T.' to use a term in the CoC roleplaying game where the faction originated) ----- Hellfury

Snakes, why'd it have to be snakes, and cultists, and monsters, and ghouls too.

Cthulhu/Shub deck with buffs to Snake cards. Several cultists and ghouls with some cards to buff them as well. Deck made to get character onto field by alternative means other than just paying for them regularly, or lower costs to play. Also removed cards from discard pile. ----- Chivalrybean

Cheese it, the cops!

This deck has many attachments and weapons as well as cards to get them easier, give them extra abilities, or get them back from the discard pile. It also does direct damage and some debuffing of the enemy. ----- Chivalrybean

MiskHast - Dreamlands of Insanity and Discarding

Make opponent's characters insane and destroy them as well as cause opponent to discard cards. ----- Chivalrybean

The Shubbie Syndicate

This deck is designed to lower skill of opponent characters, boost player character's skills and sometimes icons, some protection from insanity and well as a few anti-monster cards, and to gain power from multiple Mi-Go cards, and to keep those Mi-Go cards in the game. ----- Chivalrybean

I dreamed I was a deep one

Direct wounding and destroying of opponent's characters, discarding opponent cards, boosting Deep Ones and sometimes returning them to play. Also has cards to lower the cost to play Yog-Sothoth. ----- Chivalrybean


Shub Rush. ----- BossCrab


This deck gives the mutable serpents as much terror as possible. Running Doppelganger to get more snakes. ----- BossCrab


Shub Rush. ----- BossCrab

Mono-Shub->Ghouls at Night

----- NecRus888


----- NecRus888

Shub-Niggurath/Yog-Sothoth Mythos Deck by James Hata

Mythos Deck:
A deck list by James Hata

With this deck, you should be able to destroy your opponents characters and bring out some horrifying and largely unstoppable monsters in the process.
****- Hellfury

The Agency/Syndicate Investigator Deck by James Hata

The Agency/Syndicate
A decklist by James Hata
The main purpose of this deck is to rush and win stories by overwhelming the opponent with pure numbers.
----- Hellfury


----- phil

Yin and Yog

A Yog Sothoth Mill casual play deck. Engine is based on the win condition that if your opponent has no cards to draw, you win. ----- Hellfury

Revenge of the Nerds

Mono-Miskatonic Investigator subtype abuse rush deck. Uses cards up to the release of The Spoken Covenant Asylum Pack ----- Hellfury

James Logan Transformation

The object of the deck is to power out James Logan with Shocking Transformation who will then search out a prize pistol (or 2) to machine gun down opposing characters. ****- PlayWithFire

Mi-Go A-Go-Go

This deck belongs to a friend. He wants more feedback on it but he is too much of a slacker to enter the data and post the deck himself. The deck is fairly strait forward, attempting to take advantage of Mi-Go synergy with the support of the prime Shub power cards. Please provide feedback so he will have no excuses when I repeatedly p0wn him... ;) ----- Tokhuah

MU/Agency Dreamer

----- Danigral


Get lots of investigators out quickly while staying mono Miskatonic. ----- TheProfessor

Olde R'lyeh Stomp

Hold off faster rush decks with destruction and cheap Invulnerability until the 4+ cost cards stomp the tentacles out of opponent's Characters. In an Unmarked Grave Cthulhu will crush you to muddy death... ----- Tokhuah

2010 World Champ Deck

Tom Capor's 2010 World Champ Agency/Hastur Deck. ----- Darksbane