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Countdown To Worlds 11 - Eric Wainright's Padawans

Mar 12 2018 12:00 AM | KnightsofRenPodcast in Star Wars: Destiny


Episode 11 we talk with Eric Wainright about his second regional win with Aayla/Padawan/Padawan. He recaps the swiss and top cut round by round plus covers some of his MVP cards and lines of play through the regional.

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The White Book S9E15– 326

Mar 09 2018 06:00 AM | Kennon2nd in Game of Thrones

Do be warned, this episode is a bit more language heavy than usual. Also, there’s more talking at the same time as other hosts than standard. Please bear with us while we work on getting into a rhythm with new hosts. This week, Will, Aaron, Roy, and...

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Podcast, The White Book

An Argument for a Restricted List in Thrones 2.0

Mar 05 2018 12:00 AM | Twn2dn in Game of Thrones

Many Thrones players from the 1.0 game reminisce nostalgically about the game, and how 2.0 just isn’t quite “there yet.” For newer players whose Thrones experience began with 2.0, hearing old-timers’ talk of the glory days can evoke a sense of annoyance. If 1.0 was so great, why did the game need a reset? Certainly, a review of past 1.0 favorites like Ghaston Grey and Hatchling’s Feast suggest that 1.0’s most popular cards were at a minimum overpowered, and arguably game-breaking in a way that necessitated a reboot. From my vantage point, the final year of 1.0 was both the best gaming experience I’ve had with any TCG, and one in which it was difficult for new players to enter given the large cardpool. The environment was heavily curated with a Restricted List, but the cost of entry for new players was steep. So, what does this have to do with today? As the introductory quote from George Santayana observes, history has a lot to teach us.

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Restricted List, Thrones 2.0

The Whisperer in Darkness - A Beginner's Gu...

Mar 03 2018 10:30 PM | Manfromleng in Arkham Horror

New to the Arkham Horror LCG? Struggling to wrap your head around the rules? Manfromleng is here to help!

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Arkham Horror LCG and 1 more...

Two Lowly Investigators - Black Stars Rise

Feb 26 2018 12:00 AM | crabshack101 in Arkham Horror

Kyle and Tyler Review the newest Arkham Horror LCG Mythos Pack: Black Stars Rise. This time we get excited about non-mystic spells and follow up with a chat about Labyrinth of Lunacy (no Spoilers)

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black Stars Rise, Arkham Horror and 2 more...

The Bearded Clansmen - Favor of the Old Gods

Feb 26 2018 12:00 AM | crabshack101 in Game of Thrones

The Bearded Clansmen review the newest Game of Thrones Chapter Pack: Favor of the Old Gods. Are strongholds a new keyword or just an old one and were forgetful? Also, we tend to disagree about what is good in this pack!

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Favor of the Old Gods and 3 more...

A Game of Two Halves - Crab vs Scorpion

Feb 26 2018 12:00 AM | JoeFromCincinnati in Articles

In what has been far too long, we finally got another article up for this beloved community. And, what may be perceived as embarrassing on my part, I didn't even write it! That's right, Daye Kaniel has decided to latch onto the mammoth medi...

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