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Decklist & Chill Ep12 - Breakfast good hero...
Aug 18 2017  Never mind pack release day, it's time for everyone's real favourite day of the month again - Decklist and Chill day! This time the boys are back in town to look at another particularly dynamic, mechanically rich faction - Stark! Enjoy the longest and most vapid episode yet your favourite podcast hosts discuss everything but what they've been tasked with, culminating in a fairly boozy decklist analysis. As ever, strong opinions, language and levels of hilarity throughout.

Arkham Horror RSS Feed 8 articles

Dunwich Legacy Campaign Review
Aug 07 2017  Today the folks at Collectomania, we walk through our thoughts on the entire Dunwich Legacy campaign.

Star Wars: Destiny RSS Feed 49 articles

Galactic Senate 102
Aug 21 2017  http://bit.ly/2xhtL4B

We are back with plenty of controversy from Agent of Zion, GenCon predictions and DHaus joining us from the Jedi Trials. So sit back and relax as the Senate goes to work discussing everything wrong with the Empire.

Game of Thrones RSS Feed 1089 articles

What are you STILL smoking?
Aug 20 2017  FFG releases some truly great games with high quality components. But when it comes to product logisitics, public relations, and organized play - they have some real head scratchers.

It wasn’t meant to be a series. It really wasn’t. But there was a first, then a sequel, then a third… Everyone says 4th time is the charm, right?

Lord of the Rings 16 articles

Playing the Hobbit the traditional way with LOT...
Jul 30 2014  My experiences with Lord of the Rings LCG date nights and telling stories that are as close to the books as possible. Games are more fun when they make sense and they aren't just about the stats.

Call of Cthulhu RSS Feed 56 articles

Nikola Tesla's Quantum Mafia goes to Paris
Jan 20 2015  A Tourney Report from 2015 Call of Cthulhu Paris European Open.

Star Wars RSS Feed 158 articles

The Mos Eisley Mafia: SWCLG "Allies of Nece...
Aug 07 2017  Krennic sends his Death Troopers to deal with Jyn and Cassian.
Meanwhile, Dr. Aphra does what she does best: Dig for droids.

Android: Netrunner RSS Feed 240 articles

Two Guys Who Run Nets: Episode 1 - The Agenda D...
Aug 09 2017  Welcome to Two Guys Who Run (Nets). A show where two casual players pretend to know what they are talking about when it comes to Android: Netrunner. Obviously, these guys don't exercise but just in case we wanted to make it clear we are talking about running nets.

This episode Aaron and Todd discuss agendas and why Aaron is too scared to play 4-2's.

Warhammer 40k: Conquest RSS Feed 88 articles

The Living Card Guy: Warring with a Sister
Jun 27 2017  Our final preview article for the Sisters of Battle expansion Defenders of the Faith from Team Apoka.

Warhammer: Invasion RSS Feed 1 articles

Days of Blood Card Reviews
Dec 12 2012  Asmoridin, Skelton, and Toqtamish put together a review of the cards of the newest battle pack Days of Blood. We’ve used a one through five scale; five being the best. The cards are listed in numeric order. Our reviewers are listed in alphabetical order. Disagree with our assessment? Let us know!