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Articles 343 articles

Banter Behind The Throne - Episode 78 - Mag Got...
Dec 16 2017  Mach joins Dave and Tony to discuss The Archmaester's Key, the House with the Red Door agenda, and EXODIA!

Arkham Horror RSS Feed 23 articles

The Whisperer in Darkness - The Unspeakable Oat...
Dec 15 2017  Manfromleng reviews the player cards in The Unspeakable Oath, the second Mythos pack in The Path to Carcosa Cycle for the Arkham Horror LCG by Fantasy Flight Games!

Star Wars: Destiny RSS Feed 68 articles

Knights of Ren 409 - Breathe, Just Breathe
Dec 08 2017  http://shoutengine.c...t-breathe-47822

Regional season is in full swing after PAX Unplugged and we discuss R2P2 and the other decks you should expect to see when going to your regional events. Nick talks about his success with Hera/Maz/Ezra in his locals and we remember our favorite moments over the last year of Destiny.

Game of Thrones RSS Feed 1118 articles

The White Book S9E5 – 316
Dec 08 2017  This week, guest host and GenCon melee Champ Jesse joins Will to review The Archmaester's Key! Music by Spinozar

Lord of the Rings 16 articles

Playing the Hobbit the traditional way with LOT...
Jul 30 2014  My experiences with Lord of the Rings LCG date nights and telling stories that are as close to the books as possible. Games are more fun when they make sense and they aren't just about the stats.

Call of Cthulhu RSS Feed 56 articles

Nikola Tesla's Quantum Mafia goes to Paris
Jan 20 2015  A Tourney Report from 2015 Call of Cthulhu Paris European Open.

Star Wars RSS Feed 165 articles

The Mos Eisley Mafia: SWCLG "Desperate Circ...
Dec 15 2017  Better watch out, because the cold veil of night can hide even meanier things than the Nightsisters... like a red-eyed can adept at hunting and killing.
Because the Dark Side was clearly lacking in removal options, they got even more this time.

Android: Netrunner RSS Feed 248 articles

Run Last Click: Episode 89 - Firewatch and Narr...
Dec 04 2017  In this episode we are joined by Jesse and Nels from Terminal7 to discuss another shared passion, computer games. Jesse and Nels have many years of shared experience in the video game industry and we though it would be a fun change of pace to talk about Firewatch (a game Nels worked on) and other narrative games. Back to Netrunner next time! We promise.

Warhammer 40k: Conquest RSS Feed 88 articles

The Living Card Guy: Warring with a Sister
Jun 27 2017  Our final preview article for the Sisters of Battle expansion Defenders of the Faith from Team Apoka.

Warhammer: Invasion RSS Feed 1 articles

Days of Blood Card Reviews
Dec 12 2012  Asmoridin, Skelton, and Toqtamish put together a review of the cards of the newest battle pack Days of Blood. We’ve used a one through five scale; five being the best. The cards are listed in numeric order. Our reviewers are listed in alphabetical order. Disagree with our assessment? Let us know!