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  • GoT SC Reports - NY and CT (2nd Place Finish)
    By Ryan4815
    First of all, apologies for the lateness of this, my first tournament report (actually two reports!), it has been a busy few weeks heading into the end of my year here in Am...
  • Chaos Theory - The Shaper Report Card
    By 4wallz
    So here we've made it. We've reached the seventh faction in Android Netrunner. The Shapers! Let's delve right in. Just remember, I am basing my ratings on t...
  • The Shagga Problem: A Practical Demonstration (Norwich SC TR)
    By CobraBubbles
    When playing Shagga, there are two main goals to aim for - chopping off manhoods and eating goats. We Shagga players seek out the flashiest and jankiest effects and combos in th...
  • UK Norwich Store Championship 2014
    By JCWamma
    Back again with another TR, this time for the Norwich Store Championship held in Athena Games. Since the last tournament in Rayleigh, I'd played a grand total of two games,...
  • Conneticon SC 1st place report
    By Talieson
    So when I sat down to write this I realized I haven't written on this blog in months, despite my promise to do a report on my last 2 store championships, so if anyone out th...
  • Area 51 Store Championship - Winner's Tourney Report
    By Raithwalker
    Raithwalker here, with a first time tourney report. After a rather lackluster tournament the week before, I decided to play something other than Lannister this time. Wouldn'...
  • Anarch /= Noise.
    By HofstaedtersPet
    Noise. People seem to love him still, but I'm asking myself (and by extension, you) why? What is this fascination with Noise? Why do you all think he does for you that Rein...
  • Explorator: Mission Statement
    By LesterCrow
    "The time has come. Promises of the vast and unexplored are calling me. I heed the whispers of the once known but now unknown. My relentless goal to search out lost techno...
  • UK Rayleigh Store Championship 2014
    By JCWamma
    On the 15th March I attended my second store championship of the year, at GamerzNexus in Rayleigh, Essex. As per usual for my TRs this is long and rambling, so if you only want...
  • Forged Activation Orders - The Criminal's Report Card
    By 4wallz
    Welcome back to Green Level Clearance. Let's jump right in to the Criminal faction and see where they stand in the current meta! As a quick reminder...(1) The ratings...

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Android: Netrunner

Root Cause - Anarch 101

Apr 18 2014 05:20 AM | Hraklea in Android: Netrunner

Playing Anarch is not an obvious task. There are so many different approaches... Which ones is the correct one? And more important, why is it?

Read story →    4 comments    -----    Android: Netrunner Root Cause Hraklea

Haas-Bioroid Spin Cycle Review

Apr 15 2014 12:00 AM | BadPublicity in Android: Netrunner

Taking a look and discussing all the cards released during the Spin Cycle for Haas-Bioroid.

Read story →    4 comments    *****

Double Time Review

Apr 14 2014 03:10 AM | CardGameDB in Android: Netrunner

Our staff has put together a first blush analysis of the Double Time data pack. We’ve used a one through five scale; five being the best. The cards are listed in numeric order. Our reviewers are listed in alphabetical order. Let us know in the comments how you feel about the cards in this pack!

Read story →    11 comments    *****
Android: Netrunner, Review

Enter Subroutine - Run the Decoders!

Apr 10 2014 05:20 AM | ashtaroth in Android: Netrunner

This is the second of a three part article I’m writing. In this part I’ll walk through the Runner deck I decided to take to a tournament, making an analysis card by card.

Read story →    8 comments    *****
Android: Netrunner and 2 more...

Honor, Profit, and Net Damage

Mar 31 2014 05:30 PM | Hraklea in Android: Netrunner

Playing ambushes is one of the most fun things about Android: Netrunner, but it is also very complicated to do them. Are your opponents not buying your bluffs like you expected? Here are some things that might tell you why.

Read story →    21 comments    *****
Android: Netrunner, Hraklea

Enter Subroutine - Tournament

Mar 27 2014 05:05 AM | ashtaroth in Android: Netrunner

Hello everyone! You can call me Ashtaroth and I’ll be writing for you, from now on, regarding my personal experiences with Android:Netrunner. Maybe I’ll deviate one time or another, but I intend to mainly write about tournaments I participate, the decks I choose, analysis on such decks, testing conclusions, strategy and a little bit of flavor as well.

Read story →    12 comments    *****
Android: Netrunner and 2 more...

Root Cause - Hemorrhage

Mar 24 2014 05:10 AM | Hraklea in Android: Netrunner

Most meta-defining cards have a high influence cost: Scorched Earth, Account Siphon, Atman, etc. Will Hemorrhage be meta-defining card? Will it bring Anarch back to the top? How strong it actually is? Let's find out together, after the click.

Read story →    13 comments    ****-
Android: Netrunner, Root Cause and 1 more...

"Wait, Wait... Don't Run Me!" E...

Mar 20 2014 06:00 PM | DJhedgehog in Android: Netrunner

Welcome back! After a short hiatus, "Wait, Wait... Don't Run Me!" is here to challenge more Netrunners to A:NR themed trivia.

Read story →    5 comments    ***--
Android: Netrunner


Mar 19 2014 12:00 AM | BadPublicity in Android: Netrunner

Taking a look at a different shape........
...and a 1 year anniversary party.

Read story →    9 comments    *****

Tragic Video Reviews

Mar 13 2014 05:30 AM | Tragic in Android: Netrunner

I'm back with some card evaluation videos looking at some older packs from Android: Netrunner. I do not look at spoilers so these are all raw views and instant reactions! I'm not a world class player.. fair warning!

Read story →    0 comments    -----
Video Reviews, Android: Netrunner

Tech Talk - The Fellowship of the Bling

Mar 11 2014 05:10 AM | Scud in Android: Netrunner

We're baa-aack! Tech Talk Ranch has been on Grad School related lockdown since the beginning of the year but we've finally got our copy of Crypsis jerry-rigged to write New Yorker-worthy literary fiction, so we can get back to doing what we love—building Android:Netrunner decks with the cards everyone uses as coasters. This week we're dusting off an old favorite to give a happy home to the heartily-hated Quest Completed!

Read story →    14 comments    *----
Android: Netrunner, Tech Talk and 1 more...