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Android: Netrunner

Shaper Spin Cycle Full Set Review - Bad Publicity

Jul 17 2014 12:00 AM | BadPublicity in Android: Netrunner

Examining the Shaper additions to the Spin Cycle and what we feel on the cards in current game state and onward into the next cycle.

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Weyland Consortium Spin Cycle Review

Jun 20 2014 12:00 AM | BadPublicity in Android: Netrunner


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ANdroid: Netrunner

Wait, Wait... Don't Run Me! Season 1 Ep...

Jun 05 2014 04:50 AM | DJhedgehog in Android: Netrunner

Just when you've heard enough about Honor and Profit, here comes some podcast doing it again... EXCEPT NOT! This episode features questions only from the Core set. Do you know your Core? Play along and find out!

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netrunner, podcast, quiz show and 1 more...

Enter Subroutine - Evaluations

May 30 2014 03:40 AM | ashtaroth in Android: Netrunner

This week, I’ll talk in more detail about the set of cards that truly spiked my interest and the ones that didn’t. You can complement these evaluations with those I wrote on the review.

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Android: Netrunner and 2 more...

The Mind Behind the Server

May 29 2014 03:05 AM | Hraklea in Android: Netrunner

Playing Corp is not easy for everyone. The mindset is often complicated, and a lot of new players end up building an unconsistent deck because they don't understand how Corps are supposed to play. Need some help with that?

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Android: Netrunner, Hraklea

Reverse Engineering - Exploratory Romping

May 28 2014 03:45 AM | Grimwalker in Android: Netrunner

Hello again! In case you missed the first issue, Reverse Engineering is an article series about the benefits and process that goes into quality Netdecking, and how those lessons learned can increase your player skill in evaluating decklists and designing your own. I just got back from the Niles, IL Regional on May 10 playing two decks both built from concepts I found online. Hopefully anyone inclined to scowl at me for that can suspend judgment long enough to let me share with you the thoughts and decisions that were my own, and this will serve as an object lesson in how and why to netdeck.

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Android: Netrunner and 2 more...

neutral Runner Spin Cycle Set Review

May 28 2014 12:00 AM | BadPublicity in Android: Netrunner

not taking part or giving assistance in a dispute or war between others:

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Android: Netrunner