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The Mos Eisley Mafia: SWLCG "Redemption and Return" Force Pack Review - Dark Side

Jul 25 2016 12:00 AM | Majestaat in Star Wars

Following the trend of this cycle, it seems like the Dark Side is once again getting the strongest cards in a Force Pack.
This time around, we get several tools to punish an overaggressive light side player.

Just like it happened to the Rebel scum when they attacked the Death Star II, Ackbar going crazy with his famous "IT'S A TRAP!" line.

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The Mos Eisley Mafia: SWLCG "Redemption and...

Jul 24 2016 12:00 AM | Majestaat in Star Wars

And so, the Ewok Endor cycle comes to an end, and fortunately interestingly, without an Ewok pod.
We do get one of the most thematics packs ever. You're into a real treat if you like in-game flavor.

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The White Book S7E31 – 256

Jul 22 2016 04:00 AM | Kennon in Articles

Team Left (Will, Aaron, and Roy) review our brand new chapter pack release and the start of the next cycle - Across the Seven Kingdoms!

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Across the Seven Kingdoms: Thrones LCG Pack Review

Jul 21 2016 12:00 PM | scantrell24 in Game of Thrones

Our staff has put together a first blush analysis of the newly released “Across the Seven Kingdoms”, the first chapter pack in the War of Five Kings cycle. Cards are listed in numeric order and scored on a scale ranging from one through five, with five being the best possible score. We have 4 reviewers this time around, so the maximum score per card is 20 points.

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Westeros Cycle: Community Poll RESULTS

Jul 20 2016 12:00 AM | JCWamma in Articles

A couple of weeks ago I put up a poll of people's opinions on various facets of the first cycle. From the radio silence since the poll closed you might think an article was never coming, but on the contrary, my ambition grew deeper - spring-boarding off these polls to do a full retrospective of the first cycle!

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FAQ for Across the Seven Kingdoms

Jul 18 2016 01:55 PM | mplain in Game of Thrones

Across the Seven Kingdoms, the first chapter pack of the second cycle for A Game of Thrones 2nd Ed., brings only two cards with somewhat complex rules interactions - Bitterbridge Encampment and Tower of the Sun. However, since I need to fill this mini-FAQ with content, I've included answers to some basic quiestions that are frequently asked by new players.

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The Combat Guild - Episode 51: Formation Change

Jul 18 2016 04:00 AM | TheCombatGuild in Star Wars

David and Cory change up the format of the show. First, they discuss the decks they're testing. Then, they talk about a strategy regarding which cards to play and when. And finally, Cory interviews National Champion Joshua Johnson. Episode 51 - Forma...

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