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Knights of Ren 602 - Destiny VS

May 26 2018 12:00 AM | KnightsofRenPodcast in Star Wars: Destiny


This week we are showcasing our Project Holonet podcast from Lake, Destiny VS! Lake has brought two very interesting shows covering player/game etiquette and potential Holocron changes/updates based on the current meta. If you enjoyed this podcast and want to create your own content, contact us! We want to help you get your ideas off the ground. Feel free to email us at [email protected] to get started today.

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Banter Behind The Throne - Episode 85 - Fergie...

May 25 2018 12:00 AM | MrDav in Articles

Euros, The Royal Wedding, Greensight, 2v2, and a lovely spoler.

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The New Restricted List and Its Impact on The C...

May 21 2018 12:00 AM | JoeFromCincinnati in Articles

Y'all hyped!? Cuz I wrote an article about the Restricted List!

...And it's mostly about Crab! :D

Shocker, I know!


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Joe From Cincinnati, L5R and 1 more...

Must all men die?

May 19 2018 12:00 AM | YEEZUS in Game of Thrones

18 months after the fact, what is the impact Valar Morghulis has had on the A Game of Thrones living card game Second Edition metagame?

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valar morghulis, agot 2.0 and 7 more...

Run Last Click: Episode 96 - Netrunner and Repr...

May 14 2018 12:00 AM | MilkJester in Android: Netrunner

In this episode we are joined by former lead designer of Netrunner Damon Stone. A year out from Damon leaving Fantasy Flight we talk about his feelings on the Revised Core Set and Terminal Directive. We also discuss the importance of representation of non-white people in Netrunner and Damon shares with us his experiences of being a black man in the board game industry.

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Two Lowly Investigators - The Forgotten Age Com...

May 13 2018 12:00 AM | crabshack101 in Arkham Horror

Two Lowly Investigators muck their way through all the cards from The Forgotten Age, the new deluxe expansion for Arkham Horror from FFG!

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THe Forgotten Age and 1 more...

Banter Behind The Throne - Episode 84 - The 2-D...

May 03 2018 12:00 AM | MrDav in Articles

Peel fits in, Dave quizzes, and Tony breaks down. Definitely Episode 84.

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