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Run Last Click: Episode 91 - Q&A - Beginner Special

Jan 22 2018 12:00 AM | MilkJester in Android: Netrunner

In this episode we answer the listeners' most burning questions in this 80 minute extravaganza. Beginner questions were requested by us and you did not disappoint (beginner's section: 4:02 - 46:43)! But only one person may be chosen as our favouritest and win a playmat. Listen all the way to the end to find out if it was you... Or skip to the end, that is also fine.

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Unofficial FAQ for Kingsmoot

Jan 20 2018 05:50 PM | colonialbob in Game of Thrones

Unofficial FAQ for Kingsmoot, the third chapter pack of the Flight of Crows cycle for A Game of Thrones LCG.

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Kingsmoot Pack Review

Jan 19 2018 10:00 PM | scantrell24 in Game of Thrones

Our staff has put together a first blush analysis of the newly released “Kingsmoot” chapter pack. Answers to frequently asked rules questions can be found on the individual card pages on thronesdb.com. Cards are listed in numeric order and scored on a scale ranging from one through five, with five being the best possible score. Let us know in the comments how you feel about the cards in this pack!

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Insight and Renown S02E02 - If you liked it, th...

Jan 18 2018 12:00 AM | Thursday in Articles

Today we talk about c-c-c-combos! What is a combo? Where do they come from? How many tournaments have they ruined, and how do we prevent them from being a problem going forward? All this and the continuation of our crack-a-pack feature on this episode of Insight and Renown!

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Knights of Ren 502 - Mesa Called Jar Jar Binks

Jan 15 2018 12:00 AM | KnightsofRenPodcast in Star Wars: Destiny


The Legacies preview wave is now available and we have been playing a lot of Star Wars Destiny this weekend. Sugi cracked packs with Andrew for a couple hours and ran a couple Winston drafts and recaps how to Winston draft, what teams were played and cards that stood out in these limited decks. Rick and Todd had a draft and a box tournament this weekend at TAG and give us a recap of what cards stood out, the unique teams that hit the table and what to watch out for when playing limited tournaments. We wrap up discussing the current regional meta, R2P2 and how JarJar is still better than Luminara.

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Night's Watch Spolers from the Kingsmoot Ch...

Jan 10 2018 12:00 AM | JoeFromCincinnati in Game of Thrones

I got some spolers for you guys! And no video or anything. Just a simple, work friendly article :).

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The Whisperer in Darkness - A Phantom of Truth...

Jan 06 2018 01:20 PM | Manfromleng in Arkham Horror

Manfromleng reviews the player cards in A Phantom of Truth, the third Mythos pack in The Path to Carcosa Cycle for the Arkham Horror LCG by Fantasy Flight Games!

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The Whisperer in Darkness and 1 more...