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  • GoT SC Reports - NY and CT (2nd Place Finish)
    By Ryan4815
    First of all, apologies for the lateness of this, my first tournament report (actually two reports!), it has been a busy few weeks heading into the end of my year here in Am...
  • Chaos Theory - The Shaper Report Card
    By 4wallz
    So here we've made it. We've reached the seventh faction in Android Netrunner. The Shapers! Let's delve right in. Just remember, I am basing my ratings on t...
  • The Shagga Problem: A Practical Demonstration (Norwich SC TR)
    By CobraBubbles
    When playing Shagga, there are two main goals to aim for - chopping off manhoods and eating goats. We Shagga players seek out the flashiest and jankiest effects and combos in th...
  • UK Norwich Store Championship 2014
    By JCWamma
    Back again with another TR, this time for the Norwich Store Championship held in Athena Games. Since the last tournament in Rayleigh, I'd played a grand total of two games,...
  • Conneticon SC 1st place report
    By Talieson
    So when I sat down to write this I realized I haven't written on this blog in months, despite my promise to do a report on my last 2 store championships, so if anyone out th...
  • Area 51 Store Championship - Winner's Tourney Report
    By Raithwalker
    Raithwalker here, with a first time tourney report. After a rather lackluster tournament the week before, I decided to play something other than Lannister this time. Wouldn'...
  • Anarch /= Noise.
    By HofstaedtersPet
    Noise. People seem to love him still, but I'm asking myself (and by extension, you) why? What is this fascination with Noise? Why do you all think he does for you that Rein...
  • Explorator: Mission Statement
    By LesterCrow
    "The time has come. Promises of the vast and unexplored are calling me. I heed the whispers of the once known but now unknown. My relentless goal to search out lost techno...
  • UK Rayleigh Store Championship 2014
    By JCWamma
    On the 15th March I attended my second store championship of the year, at GamerzNexus in Rayleigh, Essex. As per usual for my TRs this is long and rambling, so if you only want...
  • Forged Activation Orders - The Criminal's Report Card
    By 4wallz
    Welcome back to Green Level Clearance. Let's jump right in to the Criminal faction and see where they stand in the current meta! As a quick reminder...(1) The ratings...

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The Champion's Purse Review

Apr 24 2014 05:05 AM | CardGameDB in Game of Thrones

Our staff has put together a first blush analysis of the newly released The Champion's Purse chapter pack. We’ve used a one through five scale; five being the best. The cards are listed in numeric order. Our reviewers are listed in alphabetical order. Let us know in the comments how you feel about the cards in this pack!

Read story →    6 comments    *****    Small Council Review

Reverse Engineering - The Elephant In The Room

Apr 23 2014 05:10 PM | Grimwalker in Android: Netrunner

Hello, and welcome to Reverse Engineering, a blog about the deckbuilding that dare not speak its name. It’s a subject that raises a lot of ire, and one of my goals with these articles is to try and calm those waters, turn the subject in a productive direction, and learn whatever can be learned.

Read story →    12 comments    *****
Android: Netrunner and 2 more...

All Things Shagga - What's Yours Is Mine

Apr 23 2014 02:00 AM | Kennon in Game of Thrones

Here we go again, dear readers! This week, on All Things Shagga, I was excited to rehash an old topic rather than share a new deck with you. Yes, that's right, we were all set to sail the uncharted waters of The River Reaver's Song, Pt 3!

Read story →    11 comments    *****
Small Council, All Things Shagga and 1 more...

Quill & Tankard Regulars - Issue 35

Apr 21 2014 05:05 AM | CardGameDB in Game of Thrones

In this new edition of Quill & Tankard Regulars we look at the recent change brought on by the new FAQ and spoil a new card.

Read story →    19 comments    *****
Small Council and 5 more...

Root Cause - Anarch 101

Apr 18 2014 05:20 AM | Hraklea in Android: Netrunner

Playing Anarch is not an obvious task. There are so many different approaches... Which ones is the correct one? And more important, why is it?

Read story →    5 comments    *****
Android: Netrunner, Root Cause and 1 more...

2 Champs and a Chump- Episode 156

Apr 18 2014 04:00 AM | Kennon in Game of Thrones

Episode 156- Cast: Will, Darryl, Kyle, and Greg.The Tax Day FAQ is out and we're here to talk about it. Music: Josh Woodward, Celestial Aeon Project, and Manuel Gertrudix Plus, be sure to listen to this week's Easter Egg for an entirely new DD...

Read story →    24 comments    ****-
2C1C, 2 Champs and a Chump and 3 more...

Beyond the Wall, Season 1 Episode 12

Apr 17 2014 01:20 AM | istaril in Game of Thrones

In this week's episode, Istaril and Darknoj do a lightning-quick overview of some recent news, then, aided by Dave S. (Vaapad), discuss the new FAQ v5.0. In our second ever "Town Crier", Dave and Darknoj both plug their upcoming regionals. This is NOT a bonus episode and takes the place of the episode scheduled to air on April 21st, 2014 - but was aired early for reasons explained in the cast.

Read story →    19 comments    ****-
Beyond the Wall, Istaril, Darknoj and 4 more...

Beyond the Wall, Episode 11.5 (Bonus)

Apr 16 2014 04:40 AM | istaril in Game of Thrones

This is our second bonus episode, and is in addition to our regular weekly casts. In this bonus episode, we review the "The Champion's Purse" chapter pack with the help of past guest Florian M (livingend).

Please keep in mind that in order to get these to you promptly, these bonus episodes include no additional segments, limited editing, and, accordingly, run longer (and further off-topic) than our regular episodes.

Read story →    6 comments    ****-
Beyond the Wall, Istaril, Darknoj and 4 more...

Beheading Ned - The Champion’s Purse

Apr 15 2014 05:10 AM | Sygmaghost94 in Game of Thrones

Welcome back everyone to another great installment of Beheading Ned! I was going to build a Nedly deck this week and talk about that, but since everyone is patiently waiting for the new FAQ to come out, I thought I would do the same and just hold off until the next issue. While we didn’t get an FAQ this week, we did receive the full spoiled chapter pack of The Champion’s Purse, and since those cards are now in the cardgamedb deckbuilder, I thought it would be ok to talk about them.

Read story →    7 comments    -----
Small Council, Beheading Ned and 1 more...

Haas-Bioroid Spin Cycle Review

Apr 15 2014 12:00 AM | BadPublicity in Android: Netrunner

Taking a look and discussing all the cards released during the Spin Cycle for Haas-Bioroid.

Read story →    5 comments    *****

Double Time Review

Apr 14 2014 03:10 AM | CardGameDB in Android: Netrunner

Our staff has put together a first blush analysis of the Double Time data pack. We’ve used a one through five scale; five being the best. The cards are listed in numeric order. Our reviewers are listed in alphabetical order. Let us know in the comments how you feel about the cards in this pack!

Read story →    11 comments    *****
Android: Netrunner, Review