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Sep 30 2016 04:00 PM | Kennon in Game of Thrones

This week Team Honor (Will, Roy, and Luke) discuss the Store Championship “announcement,” tease some more fan events, and then chat for awhile about the decks to beat in the field. Music By Spinozar.Check out the Patreon here.

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Plot Rehab: A Storm of Swords & Fortified P...

Sep 27 2016 11:05 AM | ChannelDelibird in Game of Thrones

Bored of picking the same seven cards in your plot deck? The first of a series of articles considering some seldom-played cards and asking whether they could be made useful in the right deck. First up: is it worth leveraging the additional challenge offered by A Storm of Swords? And can you skilfully wield the double-edged sword that is Fortified Position?

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Plot Rehab, A Storm of Swords and 3 more...

Mythos Busters 003: Go Tell It to Dewey

Sep 27 2016 05:00 AM | AtaruSlash in Articles

Hosts Sean, Ian, and Nick discuss the latest articles, developments in the community, and the newest spoiled cards in Episode 3!

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arkham, mythos busters

The Combat Guild - Episode 54: Win the Edge

Sep 27 2016 04:00 AM | TheCombatGuild in Articles

Cory, Casey and David discuss the first annual Bluegrass Open. They also talk about the significance and strategies of the Edge Battle. Episode 54 - Win the Edge REBEL RUMORS - 1:48 COMBAT TRAINING - 32:27 BATTLE REPORT - 01:01:45 APPLIED C...

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Star Wars LCG, Star Wars and 8 more...

Beyond the Wall, Season 3 Episode 23

Sep 26 2016 01:00 AM | istaril in Game of Thrones

Darknoj and Istaril chat about the last two week's news & tournaments, as well as some breaking Annals info. We jump into a main segment, joined by James W. (JCWamma), to talk about the many competitive deck options out there that aren't being explored, but of course, because we recorded this a while ago, the last two weeks of tournament results make us look recaputilative rather than cutting edge. Finally, we wrap up with some of our cast plans between now and our December break, as well as our usual closing comments.

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Beyond the Wall, Podcast, Istaril and 5 more...

Run Last Click: Episode 65 - Dead Last Click

Sep 26 2016 12:00 AM | MilkJester in Android: Netrunner

In this episode we are joined by the brains, arms, legs, hair and teeth behind the Dead Channel podcast Johno and Joey. We'll have a chat about the current UK tournament scene, why not? And play a fun game for cool people called Sales Team, my goodness! Then it stops and you'll have to make your own fun after that.

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Strapping Swords to Direwolves - Dumb Fun Decks

Sep 25 2016 02:35 AM | bored2excess in Game of Thrones

Looking to enjoy some ridiculous times with a fun card game? Join me in an in-depth look at my thought process in the creation of a dumb, fun deck that plays fast and weird. Stark murder is up, leveraging direwolves in a very nontraditional role with an aim at maximum board attrition. Talking in an announcer voice is fun.

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dumb, fun, stark, fealty, muder and 3 more...