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Adeptus Podcastus - Episode 7

Jul 27 2014 12:00 AM | Toqtamish in Warhammer 40k: Conquest

The Eldar episode

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Prize of the North Chapter Pack Review

Jul 25 2014 01:35 PM | scantrell24 in Articles

Our staff has put together a first blush analysis of the newly released Prize of the North chapter pack. We’ve used a one through five scale; five being the best. The cards are listed in numeric order. Our reviewers are listed in alphabetical order. Let us know in the comments how you feel about the cards in this pack!

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game of thrones, small council

2C1C- Episode 170

Jul 25 2014 05:01 AM | Kennon in Game of Thrones

Episode 170- Cast: Will, Darryl, and Kyle. The Prize of the North CP review. Music: Josh .Woodward, Celestial Aeon Project, and Manuel Gertrudix Also:Follow us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. I hear Google+ is a thing. Email us! Breaking News!Blackw...

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2C1C, 2 Champs and a Chump and 4 more...

Imperial March - Walkers

Jul 24 2014 12:00 AM | Toqtamish in Star Wars

Majestaat presents the second of his articles focusing on the Navy affiliation from the Dark Side of the Star Wars card game.

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Star Wars, Majestaat, Navy and 1 more...

Beyond the Wall, Episode 26.5 (Bonus)

Jul 23 2014 08:45 PM | istaril in Game of Thrones

This is our fifth bonus episode, and is in addition to our regular weekly casts. In this bonus episode, we review the "The Prize of the North" chapter pack with the help of returning guest Tagore N (Tomdidiot).

What a busy week! Please make sure you check out our pre-FAQ episode (25) released Monday, our post-FAQ episode (26) released earlier today, in addition to this CP review.

Please keep in mind that in order to get these to you promptly, these bonus episode include no additional segments, limited editing, and, accordingly, run longer (and further off-topic) than our regular episodes.

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Beyond the wall, Istaril, Darknoj and 4 more...

Beyond the Wall, Season 1 Episode 26

Jul 23 2014 04:45 PM | istaril in Game of Thrones

In this week's episode, we go over the surprising amount of news for the brief 2 days since our last episode! Then, we interrupt Aaron G.'s international AGOT tour to get his thoughts on FAQ5.2. Finally, we close off with a contest to win some of the great Battle of Blackwater Bay House cards. This is NOT a bonus episode and takes the place of the episode scheduled to air on July 28th, 2014 - but was aired early for reasons explained in the cast.

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Beyond the Wall, Istaril, Darknoj and 5 more...

Beyond the Wall, Season 1 Episode 25

Jul 21 2014 03:00 AM | istaril in Game of Thrones

In this week's episode, Darknoj is back! He and Istaril discuss this week's official announcement, and the results of the penultimate week in regional season! Then, given the (presumed) pending FAQ, we're joined by Peter W. to discuss the state of the meta and our picks for this upcomming FAQ. Finally, we list the ton of tournaments this coming weekend to close off the regional season, including having Tagore tell us about the Battle of Blackwater Bay.

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Beyond the Wall, Istaril, Darknoj and 5 more...