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Knights of Ren 224 "My Troops Will Storm This Block And Kill You All"

May 23 2017 12:00 AM | KnightsofRenPodcast in Star Wars: Destiny


This week we are joined by our special guest Nick, the runner up at Worlds 2017. Rick is off to compete in his local Store Championship tournament so we sit down and recap Worlds one last time and then discuss the new Spirit of Rebellion meta. We get Nick's insight on newer decks in the format such as Poe/Maz and Palpatine lists, plus how to play them and how to play against them. We also have some fun and talk about underrated cards we find interesting and where those cards may fit into the evolving meta.

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May 19 2017 03:00 AM | Kennon2nd in Game of Thrones

This week, we unearth the lost recording of the second portion of the Night’s Watch box review. Join Will and Roy as we chat cards! Music by Spinozar. Check out the First Player Championship event page and purchase your entry through our web st...

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Podcast, The White Book, Kennon and 1 more...

Knights of Ren 223 "I Have You Now"

May 17 2017 12:00 AM | KnightsofRenPodcast in Star Wars: Destiny


This week we are joined by our special guest Daniel Weiser, the winner of the Star Wars Destiny Worlds 2017 tournement, to talk about his experience at Worlds. We discuss the adjustments he made to his deck to win Worlds, how he approached the tournament, cards vs resources, thoughts on cards from Spirit of Rebellion and some hints at what he might help design in a future Destiny set. So sit back and enjoy this week's show packed with a lot of tips and tricks from the World champion himself.

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The Southron Bannermen - Episode 16

May 17 2017 12:00 AM | Vexien in Game of Thrones

In this episode, Ben and Joe are joined by Rebecca, from the White Walkers YouTube Channel, to chat about the recently previewed prize kits, Dockside; Road to Stahleck event and whats going on with the meta

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Worlds Recap Day 4

May 15 2017 12:00 AM | KnightsofRenPodcast in Star Wars: Destiny


Welcome to our week long coverage at Worlds 2017! It's all over and this final recap show is full of unique interviews with Jeremy Zwirn, Lukas Litszinger, Zach Bunn and Steven Wooley from Team Covenant. We get to talk about card design, action cheating, deck choices for Worlds and local tournaments plus insignt for players from Zach and Steven. This last Worlds show is not to be missed, so strap in and lock those S-Foils in attack position for the final show from FFG headquarters.

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Undimensioned And Unseen Mythos Pack Review

May 15 2017 12:00 AM | crabshack101 in Arkham Horror

Watch us talk abotu the new Mythos Pack, Undimensioned And Unseen

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Arkham horror, LCG, Horror!!

The White Book - Microsode 1

May 12 2017 12:00 AM | Kennon2nd in Game of Thrones

Will gives a brief update about where we’ve been ​. First Player Championship Event Page

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Podcast, The White Book