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Bad Publicity with Lukas Litzsinger

May 26 2015 12:00 AM | BadPublicity in Android: Netrunner

This is the 100th episode of Bad Publicity and we are joined by Lead Game Designer Lukas Litzsinger.

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Run Last Click: Episode 33 - Credit Notes

May 26 2015 12:00 AM | MilkJester in Android: Netrunner

In this episode we are joined by Teamwork Cast's very own Krystian Majewski and we talk about deck economy as out main topic but we also talk about other things and those other things are sometimes Netrunner related and this is a really long sentence but it’s not as long as the longest published English sentence which is about 13,955 words. Thanks Wikipedia!

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Beyond the Wall, Season 2 Episode 18

May 25 2015 03:00 AM | istaril in Game of Thrones

Boy do we have a cast for you! The week has had a truckload of regionals and a tonne of news... we first bring on Jakob "Giant Underwear" H. to discuss the Worlds 2015-related information. Then, having been accused of being too positive about Thrones 2.0, we invite skeptic Justin S. to help bring you up to speed on the big 2.0 news of the week (including our own exclusive spoiler). Finally, JCWamma joins us to tell us, in keeping with his appearance on Episode 34, why attachments are now amazing. The times, they are a changin'. We close off with the usual listing of upcoming tournaments.

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Beyond the Wall, Podcast, Istaril and 7 more...

2C1C- Episode 204

May 22 2015 04:00 AM | Kennon in Game of Thrones

Episode 204- Cast: Will, Greg, Aaron, and Tommy. We already have a Worlds announcement as well as more 2.0 news? Music: Josh .Woodward, Celestial Aeon Project, and Manuel Gertrudix

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2C1C, 2 Champs and a Chump and 4 more...

The Blue Is Calling: Thrones Chapter Pack Review

May 22 2015 12:00 AM | scantrell24 in Articles

Our staff has put together a first blush analysis of the newly released “The Blue Is Calling” chapter pack. We’ve used a one through five scale; five being the best possible score. The cards are listed in numeric order. Let us know in the comments how you feel about the cards in this pack, and we’ll see you again in a few months to review the 2nd Edition Core Set!

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A Game of Thrones

Quill & Tankard Regulars - Out with the Old...

May 21 2015 11:10 AM | WWDrakey in Game of Thrones

One morning, to their shock, a group of bleary eyed older scribes found a group of suspicious looking characters standing outside the doors of the Quill & Tankard, with a sharply dressed and familiar young Maester…

The Quill & Tankard Regulars bid farewell to AGoT 1st Edition, welcome Istaril to their ranks and announce a series of articles on rules-changes for A Game of Thrones 2nd Edition.

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Quill & Tankard Regulars and 6 more...

Beyond the Wall, Season 2 Episode 17

May 18 2015 03:00 AM | istaril in Game of Thrones

This week, the cast goes up on time! It's been one hectic week with regional news, the gencon event ticket flurry, FFG's 2.0 plot spoiler article... so, of course, we sum up all of that. We follow it up with a discussion, joined by Vaapad, about all the new information touching on 2.0 (especially the Gencon event). On top of that, we bring on Matthew H to help us review the last FFG product to appear in the "old" cardboard packaging: AGOT 1.0's final CP. I'm going to miss that old packaging. Running more than a bit long, we close off by rattling off the names of this weekend's upcoming regionals.

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Beyond the Wall, Vaapad, Istaril and 7 more...