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Knights of Ren 217 "Your Mind Powers Will Not Work On Me, Boy"

Apr 25 2017 12:00 AM | KnightsofRenPodcast in Articles

Severn Gaming Network creator, Christian, joins us this week as we discuss Star Wars Destiny and the new Spirit of Rebellion supports and how they will affect the game. We also talk about some of the new cards and characters that will most likely see play once the set launches, slow decks vs fast decks and tips for starting to grow your local Destiny scene.

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Banter Behind the Throne - Episode 64 - Go Firs...

Apr 24 2017 12:00 AM | MrDav in Game of Thrones

Dave and Peel review the Nights Watch box, very quickly.

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Knights of Ren 216 "Forget The Explosion, L...

Apr 19 2017 12:00 AM | KnightsofRenPodcast in Articles

Star Wars Celebration has come and gone and we have a packed show with interviews with Zach Bunn from Team Covenant as well as Lukas Litszinger covering the newly announced Empire at War set and the new Sabine card revealed at the FFG panel. With a special guest voice intro and some FFG full art promos to giveaway this week, strap in and get ready as we jump into hyperspace with a fully loaded show!

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Run Last Click: Episode 76 - MWL and Station One

Apr 17 2017 12:00 AM | MilkJester in Android: Netrunner

In this episode we are joined by friend Lane to discuss the Station One data pack as well as the latest updates to the MWL. For those pressed for time here is the objective summary of the episode: some cards were added to the MWL, some cards were taken off and the new data pack has cards that are playable in the game of Netrunner.

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Decklist & Chill Episode 9 - The 1000 Word...

Apr 15 2017 12:50 PM | actionjohnny in Game of Thrones

This time on Decklist & Chill, we fail to construct a deck whilst waiting in the desolate limbo between All Men Are Fools and the Watchers on the Wall release. Instead, we postulate over all the goodies in the new box, and we answer a very long question on the tenets of deck building. Expect strong language, tepid banter and deep insight while we learn from the heart of the cards...

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decklist&chill, podcast and 2 more...

Watcher on the Walls Part 2 Review Video Review...

Apr 13 2017 03:00 PM | JoeFromCincinnati in Game of Thrones

Thronerunner, Joe From Cincinnati, Dan Solo and Daye Kaniel review the Non-Night's Watch cards in the Deluxe Box, Watchers on the Wall.

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Knights of Ren 215: Top 4 decks from Stele Open

Apr 13 2017 12:00 AM | KnightsofRenPodcast in Articles

Stele Open is over and we sit down this week and discuss the decks that made the top 4 cut. if you're getting ready for Worlds this is the show you don't want to miss, how to play against these top contenders, what cards to expect, primary targets to focus on and how to pilot these decks yourself. Lock those S-Foils in attack position as we get ready for Worlds and give our best tips for successful tournament play on this week's show.

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