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Tech Talk - The World is Yours*

Android: Netrunner Tech Talk Scud

Tech Talk is your source for decks using the cards everyone is ignoring. We're like the Patron Saint of Lost Causes or something. This week we give you a double dose, revisiting last week's RepliChaos deck AND presenting a deck built around the newest NBN identity, The World Is Yours*.

Howdy, Tech Heads and welcome back to the old Tech Talk Ranch. First up this week, we'd like to present a tweak to last episode's RepliChaos deck, using the super-popular R&D Interface to make Replicator (and Inside Man) shine.

(Note: The deck is RepliChaos III because the first tweak, RepliChaos II was posted in the comments of the last Tech Talk article.)

RepliChaos III: This Time It's RepliChaoser

Chaos Theory: Wunderkind (Cyber Exodus)

Total Cards: 40

Event: (11)
Modded (Core) x3
Test Run (Cyber Exodus) x2
The Maker's Eye (Core) x3
Indexing (Future Proof) x3

Hardware: (14)
Replicator (Humanity's Shadow) x3
The Personal Touch (Core) x3
Cyberfeeder (Core) x3 ■
R&D Interface (Future Proof) x3
Dinosaurus (Cyber Exodus) x2

Program: (9)
Battering Ram (Core) x2
Gordian Blade (Core) x2
Femme Fatale (Core) x2 ■
Deep Thought (Future Proof) x1
Medium (Core) x2 ■■■

Resource: (6)
Kati Jones (Humanity's Shadow) x2
Inside Man (A Study in Static) x2
Liberated Account (Trace Amount) x2 ■■

Influence Values Totals
Anarch: 13
Criminal: 2

Now it has been pointed out that this deck is probably inferior to a Kate build with much the same idea. And to that, we here at Tech Talk say a hearty, "Uh, yeah, so?" Seriously, though, this deck plays differently to a RepliKate deck – it gets started a little faster. Just a little, but, you know. Try it out for something different!

Ok, now on to the main event. Future Proof gave us a brand-new NBN identity, The World Is Yours* (we're going to keep using the asterisk because we like that particular punctuation mark a lot). Many people have been declaring it a waste. Their logic is that if you are going to build a tag-heavy 44 card deck, why not add one Agenda, get 4 more useful cards, and use the NBN: Making Headlines for the two recurring credits to fuel your Traces. To that, we say, "Duh, yes, you should do that." Because that is not what The World Is Yours* is for. It's for speed. And we're not talking about fast-advance tricks here (although it can do that), we're talking about finishing a game quick by assembling a set of cards that can win. The ID's ability, +1 hand size, lets you hold onto cards a bit longer, allowing you to draw more often, which is actually a good thing, both for this deck and for the R&D Interface-infused meta that's the norm post-Future Proof.

So, if we're looking for a set of cards that can just win the game for us, what are we looking at?


You need us to answer that?

Here's a hint: Borched Nirth.

Yup. And, lookee here - three copies of Scorched Earth costs exactly 12 Influence. Well, alrighty then!

So already have our Influence spent, now it's time to build the combo we are going to use to win. Scorched Earth requires the Runner to be tagged, so we'll need to be able to tag her. Three copies of SEA Source is a good star, although its base Trace strength of three isn't great. Midseason Replacements, another new card from Future Proof, can tag the Runner in spades and its high base Trace strength of six means we won't miss original flavor NBN's recurring credits as badly. We'll order up three of those, too.

The only hitch with Midseason Replacements is that the Runner has to steal an Agenda before we can use it on her. Well, if we want the Runner stealing Agendas, we'll probably want them to be as small as possible. Breaking News is in-faction, so we'll use three of those. False Lead is only one point and it's ability can be useful for keeping a Runner poor and/or tagged, so we'll grab a three-pack of them, as well. That leaves us 12 more Agenda points to add to the deck. We could go with four three-point Agendas, but that means the Runner can win by stealing three not to mention that three-point Agendas are way harder to score than two-pointers and we want to be able to win via Agendas if the opportunity arises (or, you know, imperative). Luckily, NBN has the best two-pointer in the game in-faction, the king of enabling fast advance nonsense, AstroScript Pilot Program. Three of those gets us to 12 Agenda points. we're 6 short. Good thing Future Proof also gave us Project Beale which is a two-pointer that can pretty easily be a three-pointer - just drop two AstroScript Pilot Program agenda counters on one after you've advanced it three times and viola. That's great because it is always only two points for the Runner. So three copies of Project Beale gets us to the magic 18. Our Agenda mix means that the Runner has to steal between four and seven Agendas to win. Nice!

Okay, we are now at 21 cards in our 40 card deck. Oh, did we not mention that? Yeah, we're gonna keep this bad boy lean and mean at 40 instead of bloating up to 44. Why? Because we're Tech Talk and that, friends, is how we roll.

Anyway, we've already picked 21 cards, which leaves us 19 to go. Well, we want to find the cards we need for our combo quickly, so we'll use three copies of Anonymous Tip to get more cards not our hand in less time. 16 left. We need economy, let's start with three copies of Hedge Fund. 13 to go. We want the Runner to be running in order to activate SEA Source, so economic Assets are probably a good idea. We don't want to lose whole turns to Melange Mining Company, we want to be drawing, installing, or playing operations with our clicks. That leaves PAD Campaign and the in-faction Marked Accounts, both of which have decent trash costs, so will need little protection. And if the Runner is wasting credits blowing up high trash cost Assets, she won't have the scratch to beat our important Traces. Three of each of those leaves us 7 cards to choose. We still want a bit more economy, so we'll go with the underrated Private Contracts so we can spend only the clicks we want on gaining credits, but we'll only take two of them, leaving us with 5 open slots.

Psychographics is a nice option to have in case the Runner gets herself all Plascreted up before we can toast her, giving us something to do with the tags we can land, especially with Midseason Replacements and Project Beale in the deck. We'll take two because most games we aren't going to use them. That leaves us 3 cards.

Oh, wait. ICE. Whoops.

We're just kidding, we didn't forget the ICE.

We just don't want any.

Look, we can't be slowing down to ICE up servers then wasting precious Runner-scorching credits rezzing the stupid things. This is a live fast, die young, leave a beautiful Corps (see what we did there) type of deck, just like a media giant would want.

However, since Pop-Up Window is such a great passive income source, especially stacked up in front of a Central Server, we'll take three, but honestly, they barely count as ICE.

So, here is our wacky NBN: The World Is Yours* deck that is aiming to scorch the face off the Runner as fast as possible:

Smear Campaign

NBN: The World Is Yours* (Future Proof)

Total Cards: 40

Agenda: (12)
AstroScript Pilot Program (Core) x3
Breaking News (Core) x3
Project Beale (Future Proof) x3
False Lead (A Study in Static) x3

Asset: (8)
Marked Accounts (Cyber Exodus) x3
PAD Campaign (Core) x3
Private Contracts (Cyber Exodus) x2

ICE: (3)
Pop-up Window (Cyber Exodus) x3

Operation: (17)
Scorched Earth (Core) x3 ■■■■
Anonymous Tip (Core) x3
Midseason Replacements (Future Proof) x3
Hedge Fund (Core) x3
SEA Source (Core) x3
Psychographics (Core) x2

Upgrade: (0)

Total Agenda Points: 18

Influence Values Totals
Haas-Bioroid: 0
Jinteki: 0
The Weyland Consortium: 12

Unlike the last few decks, this one actually has a few plays and we were surprised by how well it worked. The deck went 3-1 at our local League day and scored six points in the one loss, which is pretty good if you're playing full matches with Tournament scoring, which is the only way to play, really.

The deck handles a bit like a Jinteki shell-game deck. You play out a lot of Assets and a one-point Agenda or two and start amassing credits. Your first Pop-Up goes on R&D unless you're playing against a Criminal, in which case "protect" HQ. Hold on to your two-pointers for as long as you can, since they are your back-up plan, giving you an alternate victory route by, you know, scoring them. Score your one-pointers if 1)the ability will help you OR 2) you need the points. Sacking a False Lead can be a powerful tool in this deck, especially if the Runner steals an Agenda with their second click, so keep an eye out for opportunities to use 'em.

Okay, now go out and try the deck, then come back and let's talk about it. Please, please, please try the deck as presented BEFORE you start tearing it apart. It works. It isn't the best deck out there, but it is fun and it can win games. We're sure there are tweaks that can be made, but remember that experience, Tech Heads, is the greatest teacher.
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I had tested a deck remarkably similar to this a bit ago (TWIY flytrap with no ice) and it did better than I thought it would (or should, for that matter).

My primary question though, is how well do you think this deck will scale as you go from casual play to playing more seasoned runners? I'm concerned that playing a runner that knows what they're doing could essentially shut this deck down.

On a side note, experienced NBN & Jinteki players scare me significantly more than HB or Weyland, though the latter two are easier to steer successfully for intermediate players.
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I got a tip from a mutual friend of Scud and I that I ought to keep an eye out for this write-up, and I've got to say, this deck really is pretty freakin' cool :D

Not only have I been panning the NBN: The World Is Yours identity, but I really don't like Midseason Replacements either, because amongst all the timing issues, there are pretty significant economy issues as well. This deck is the first one I've seen that really, truly justifies the 40 card deck size (as a means of making Scorched Earth a higher % of your draws), and avoids some of the economy problems with the Midseasons + Scorched/PSF/Beale deck archetype by just not rezzing ICE.

That sounds crazy, and it might be in the long run, but it wouldn't surprise me if just about every Runner in the game falls to this deck the first time they encounter it, because the concept is so alien. I don't think the question is necessarily how it will scale from casual players to veteran players so much as how it will scale after the Runner is familiar with the trick. I'd be extremely curious for Scud to take it to a couple more of his league nights and see how his record does after the Runner players are familiar with it. I think this deck might actually be surprisingly resilient to that problem.
There's one other quality that this deck has more than any other deck I have ever seen:

This would be an amazing deck to have built to help teach new players how to Run. There are a lot of moving parts in Netrunner for new players to have to keep track of, and one of those things is how to manage your economy versus the Corp economy to prevent them from doing something terrible to you. This deck is the paragon example of why this is a skill every Runner needs.
Lysander: Our League, while not a true Torunament setting, is fairly competetive (there is a championship with prizes and such) so no one I played was just messing around. The one loss came to the winner of the first Chicago Regional, who is a heck of a player. That said, I have to confess that this isn't EXACTLY the deck I took to the League Day. I replaced two Closed Accounts with two Psychographics when I got home because, had the Closed Accounts in my hand been a Psychographics instead, I would have won the game I lost. My thought on Closed Accounts was that it helped me slow the Runner down clearing tags I landed in the event I didn't have SE in hand, which turns out to be not really a problem. Psychographics will let me steal a win in desperate situations.

This deck, ironically, would get savaged by my Whizzard Vamp/Account Siphon/Doppelganger deck. Aggressive Criminal with the right opening draw is gonna murder me, probably, too, but that's true for any deck – my corpse is just a lot more mangled. Account Siphon and Vamp are scary scary (more so than usual) and are the main thing I worry about. Other than that, I'd love to hear ideas on how the Runner could totally shut the deck down.
Llulien: Thanks for the kind words.

I think (and I need to do way more testing to be sure) that your hunch is right. If this deck were just a "scorch you as fast as possible" affair, the Runner could probably beat it after the first encounter. However, it turns out that it can pump out the Agendas pretty fast, since the two plans have a lot of the same parts: Agendas on the table (for scoring or enabling SEA Source/Midseason), economic Assets (for playing the Agenda shell game and for fueling SEA Source/Midseason), lots of 1-point Agendas (to make it harder for the Runner to win and to make letting some get stolen less painful). I'm going to keep riding this pony for as long as I can and see what happens. Regardless, it is really fun to play.
Excellent article, as always, Scud. If I may make a suggestion: Since you ask us readers to play with the decks you write about, would you be so kind as to put a link in the article to the published deck? (you know, for OCTGN purposes)

yes, I know, I'm too lazy to look it up myself ;)
Any thoughts about paring down to 2 Scorched Earth and running a couple Archived Memories? Give yourself a virtual 4 copies of SE?
I thought about 2x Archived Memories as well and I also thought that running a few Chimeras wouldn't hurt - making them commit to the entire breaker suite just because of one card is huge.. Otherwise I love the build.

I thought about 2x Archived Memories as well and I also thought that running a few Chimeras wouldn't hurt - making them commit to the entire breaker suite just because of one card is huge.. Otherwise I love the build.

An entire breaker suite, or just a @^#$ing Crypsis ;)
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@wedgeex - the thing is, most Runners are still going to play their 'breakers if they draw them. Chimera would be especially bad in this deck, since the idea is to not spend money rezzing ICE and you would end up rezzing Chimera a couple times.

Archived Memories is an interesting idea BUT I would almost never use it for Scorched Earth. I would use it on Hedge Fund or to bring back trashed PAD or Marked Accounts. However, I never once, in the six games I've played with the deck, thought, "Man, if I could just get that out of Archives and back into my hand..."
Yep, there's nothing less fun than playing this deck vs a criminal, you're just waiting to outcred them and it never happens.

I really love the idea and the deck but just get the hell out as soon as you see andro or gabe
@alexbrew - Gabe definitely. Andy, not so much, it really depends on how they've built the deck. Also, if your opponent doesn't know the deck, they may be a bit more wary of taking tags vs. NBN then anyone else, so you do have that little bit going for you.

I haven't played the deck against enough Gabe to really know how bad it'll be. I think I'll lose, but I'll score a few before I go down, which is the best you can hope for.
@alexbrew - oh, also, how many games vs. criminal have you logged with this deck? What specifically were the biggest problems you found?
Cool idea for a deck. But as mentioned, this deck has such a bad match up versus certain type of decks.

The replicator deck seems much better. However, it does lack the MU to install all those ice/medium. Do you ever run out of MU?
I really loved the idea of it so I just took to octgn with it straight away,

went 2-4 so far, though the only non criminal decks i've hit packed Account siphon as well. 3 games gabe 2 andy 1 noise with account siphon and josh B

Basically Andy will setup a desperado and a sure gamble, run EVERYTHING you put down and have not too hard a time trashing or scoring anything she comes across, bank job was key there.

Gabe just runs everything with or without desperado, accesses just enough cards to figure out what you're doing and just outeco's you from there,even if he doesnt figure it out, I've never been in a position to where i get the scorched earth early + enough money to outtrace them with SEA or do a big enough hit with midsummer to leave them open to psycho for the rest of the game, maybe i'm just doing it wrong, but my shell game never get's going and they keep me poor rather easily.

I've tried running trough my deck as to draw scorched's quicker, it just doesn't help.

I've scored a 13 advance Beale one time, while 6-0 behind, that was about the best netrunner moment I've ever had, but my opponent kind of let me do it by not paying his availabe 6 to my midsummer trace.

People don't tend to go under 4 cards generally and double scorching is a big hassle, I might be doing it wrong, but my oh my does account siphon make this hard
@protocol7 - Whoops! The Dinosaurus in the RepliChaos deck should be The Toolbox. Stupid mistake, sorry.
@alexbrew - Were you scoring any Agendas or just leaving them out to enable Midseason? Against Criminal, I would try to win via Agendas and keep an eye open for an opportunity to Scorch them.
Jun 05 2013 02:55 AM
Throwing a couple hunters into the deck (and sticking one of them on HQ) will help with the Acount Siphons. Or maybe data ravens (better, but more expensive too rez.) A pop-up in front of a Data raven on HQ would be pretty decent protection against account siphon i think. In fact, I'm really surprised you didn't include data raven or hunter in this deck. I think I am going to try this out, but with either 2x data raven or 2x hunter (or maybe one of each.)
Try it as is first. The point was to not spend credits on ICE period.
I like the deck, but it really needs a trap.

Playing Corp without a trap is like playing hockey by the rules, you're just making it too easy on the other side. You need a way to punish reckless runners or they will make short work of you. It's kind of a metagame thing, but if every Corp stops running traps, Runners will forget about card exposure and just stack more income and breaking ability, and Corps will be at an even greater disadvantage. One card in a Corp deck is a small price to pay for forcing the Runner to think about scouting and allocating cards to that end.

My favorite trap for NBN is certainly Junebug - it's best-friends-forever with Project Beale, and it's often very unexpected. You don't even need to spring it, just seeing it come out of your hand in an HQ or Archives run will put the fear of flatline into the runner. Unfortunately, this deck is already full up on influence, so any trap would have be to something like Ghost Branch - not ideal, but better than nothing.
If there was a non-Advancable trap in-faction, it would go in. There isn't and you never want to "lose" credits advancing something that isn't an Agenda. It's the same idea as paying to rez ICE - you don't want to. You *want* the Runner to steal at least one Agenda, to enable Midseason, actually.

No trap is definitely better than any Advancable trap in this deck. Try the deck out. Again, it probably could use tweaks, but it works.
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I've tried my TWIY deck just about like that, almost card for card. I had a bit more ICE, 6 to be precise. The main problem I have with this deck list is no San San, which means all the runner has to do is facecheck every facedown card ever to win. Sure the possibility of Sea > Scorch is there, but then plascrete isn't exactly unpopular.

Soooo... Once your plans are busted open, it dies rather consistently through R&D hits. The runner will play nothing but gain money, and can usually out pace your economy.

Whizzard completely destroys this, as does Gabe who outecons you completely even through popups (Sneakdoor + Siphon + Bank Job)...

Imp makes this deck sad too... As does Medium death...

Overall it's fun to tinker with but it's really just fun. There's also no skill in it at all other than hoping for the right cards and playing very straight forwardly... There's no bluffing needed most of the time, except for maybe the midseason baiting IF you have all the right cards and the cash in place.

Soooooo... What a shame for TWIY. Not good enough, I think. Fun though.
@Tuism - I think you're writing it off too easily. First, what are the specific differences between your deck and this one? I can tell you right now that having even one piece of ICE you have to pay to rez is going to be a massive drawback. If that ICE is Chimera, well, that's even worse. I was almost never out-econed it any of my games. The Runner may have had a few more credits than me, but it was usually no more than three or four.

Try out this specific version of the deck. See if it makes any difference to your experience.

I'm not trying to be antagonistic, honestly. I would love to see your decklist so we can compare and contrast strengths and weaknesses in the archetype. I believe this is an archetype expected by FFG and, while it might still be missing a few pieces that will be provided by future cards, it is a playable and capable deck.
Scud, I think not rezzing ice is a good way to keep money, not a great way to make money, and certainly not the best way to gain an economic advantage.

Why not just play with the best break:rez cost ratios? Eli, archer, chum, caduceus, neural katana and possibly ichi and sensei offer good opportunities to out money the runner who obviously has an easier to use and faster economy than you unless they are playing durdle.dec
Chill84 - The simplest answer is that this is Tech Talk and the point of its existence is to talk about things outside the norm, uses for cards people have written off as "no good."

The next easiest answer is that NBN: TWIY* only gets 12 influence and I happen to think this is the best way to spend it. Notice that none of the ICE you listed is NBN ICE.

The most complex answer is that I never said that not rezzing ICE in and of itself gains you an economic advantage. All it does is not put you at a greater economic disadvantage.

I've said this in other places (most notably the huge comments thread in the Vamp Tech Talk article), but the game is structured so that, in a vacuum, the Runner doesn't need a single credit to win. Running, in and of itself, is free. Stealing an Agenda is, in and of itself, free (Fetal AI adds an "additional cost"). On the other hand, the Corp MUST spend credits to win because advancing Agendas costs money (there's a corner case where the Runner empties his or her hand then facechecks a Data Mine and there may be one or two others, but they all require terrible play by your opponent). The Corp has an inherent need for credits, while the Runner has an acquired need for credits. That need is acquired when the Corp spends credits to put obstacles in the way.

This deck just doesn't really bother causing that need in the Runner. And you know what? Most Runners are still going to do a few things as if that need will arise. Installing Magnum Opus, for instance, which is slow and means they will be running less often which means you should be able to win via Agendas. If they do start running, they aren't gaining credits, and then you can let them steal and Agenda and Scorch them.

Gabriel (especially with Desperado) and Account Siphon are the biggest threats because they let the Runner run AND gain credits. Smart play (and regardless of what has been said, there is skill in playing this deck) can mitigate the damage somewhat, but to what degree still needs to be seen.

Why not try the deck? What's it going to hurt? You may find out that it works a whole lot better than you assume it will.
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