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2 Champs and a Chump- Episode 88

2 Champs and a Chump 2C1C Kennon


Nov 16 2012 05:14 PM
I'm curious what Brett's Ice replica looks like, pics?
1) Yup, Archer just didn't really impress me - much to your (comical) amazement.

2) FFG offered to ship Derek's Warhammer... pretty sure he took them up on the offer. That thing is a beast.

3) I think tying for 3rd is 1pt, not 0

4) How did your melee deck compare to mine (http://www.agotcards.org/deck/v/17565)? It sounds like we had very similar builds... and considering that was my first melee game/deck ever, that's somewhat reassuring. It'd be neat to see your decklists!

5) Do you really feel you need an answer to the HoD locations? It sounds like so much tech (location hate + S&D + initiative, or a full deck of city plots) that unless you were running most of those anyway, you're better off suffering through the location - especially since in many cases, the location isn't the only thing the entire deck hinges on (except maybe "The Wall", which you can't even touch early on with city plots)
Nov 16 2012 06:52 PM
The Wall and Bear Island are my biggest fears for HoD, though Scourge may be on that list as well, along with most every Targ location.

In melee isn't the score based on how many players you beat? So if you tied for 3rd, then you each beat 0 players.

Also, I think the stats from Worlds is obviously really skewed because of how the DC meta approached it. If Maesters had done better at or won GenCon then maybe they might have decided to bring all Maester decks. I don't recall how many players game from the DC meta, but since they (almost) all brought the same deck it's obviously going to skew whichever way they decided to go.

@Will - Check your phone for a pic of a certain character the other Martell player had from our melee game. That's why you needed to attack me.
Slothgodfather, from the tournament rules "Players will receive 3 points for every player he or she defeats, 1 point for any tie, and 0 points for a loss. Additionally, the player who wins the entire table will receive a bonus point for his or her efforts"
Nov 16 2012 08:11 PM
ah, gotcha.
@Istaril- good catch on the points. I was just recalling the part about getting points for who you beat, much like Slothgodfather. Still, I don't think that 1 point would have helped me out much.

On HoD, you may be right, but of course, most decks should be running some form of location control to begin with, so those aren't exactly slots that you're dedicating to HoD. Really, what I see it as is a form of hedging our bets. By the nature of card design and player ingenuity, I full expect something absurdly bonkers good to come out of HoD, and in that case, I want there to be answers in the format.

@Slothgodfather- Hmmm... I'm not seeing a text or anything.
@Istaril- Also, my melee list is up on the main FFG boards in the thread for this episode.
well thanks for remembering my name (: but i tied greg and was like one of the highlights to me for my first tournament tieing someone who was a champ haha, even if was in melee.
Nov 17 2012 01:17 AM
@Kennon, I'll give you a hint... drink water.
Regarding your Bara conversation - one thing I've been trying in my latest Bara build to decent effect is Glamor of Fire (ARotD) to achieve some recursion effect. I used it to great effect against an icon removal deck last night. They stripped Robert Baratheon (KotS) of all of his icons then hit me with a MIL challenge. I surprised them by killing Robert, then on my turn, I played Glamor to kill a Refugee and bring Robert back... with all of his icons back. Now, it was a risk due to Paper Shield (QoD) or any other type of event cancel, but it worked.

I wasn't a huge fan of Glamor at first, but honestly after watching John Bruno use recursion and hand destruction to such effect, I began to think about my Asshai deck to see what I could do with it. So I added Recursion Robert considering that both Confession (KotS) and Glamor are Any Phase events, the ability to recycle those has proved quite fun.

Still needs some tweaks though. Actually trying to add Aegon's Hill (TTotH) with Alliance (PotS). We'll see how that goes.
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Bara has a location that lets you choose and discard from hand, right? After you win an Intrigue in which an Asshai participated? something like that?
Nov 19 2012 07:54 PM
Altar of Fire (RoR). Very mean card.
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Yup, Doulos, I was scrolling through the cardlist last night and thinking about some of those same things.

And many of you can vouch for my love out of house splashes, so I'm pretty curious how Aegon's Hill does for you. Is it possible even with Alliance, perhaps? I'm uncertain.

Speaking of splashes though, and especially if you use alliance is Jorah Mormont. The removal has always been solid for me, even at 5 gold, and he is a knight, so See Who Is Stronger can recur him!
Oh - now that is interesting.... hmmm. I'll let you know how Aegon's Hill fares for me overall. The first time I played it and got it into play, I had it plus an Altar of Fire in play and Much and More in hand. It was pretty brutal.
Very strange thing about Stahleck, I saw plenty of similar builds of Targ KotHH that Bruno was running at worlds. When I was paired to play against one I was very afraid that he would go with waste their time... nope didn't have it in the plot deck and what I saw and heard, nearly none had it in their kothh. Well good thing that one of the plots I feared most from the deck was still left out by majority ;)
Wow - such a strange choice. I actually have a recursion deck that I run out of Targ and once I saw Bruno use Waste Their Time to such effect... I added it to mine. I have yet to regret having that plot in the deck. The hand knowledge alone is money - the shuffle back in effect isn't too shabby either (esp on a Manning the City Walls turn).

@Kennon - now the thought of getting Fanatic (RoR) onto Ser Jorah Mormont (WLL) during a The Power of Faith (KotStorm) turn has got me eager to test this new build.
I had run Waste their time in my Stahleck deck and this plot won a mirrow match in round 1, because I could shuffle back his Aegon's Hill and he could not do anything against mine. Of course the game went on, but this first plot was the deciding factor. Very good plot. : )
So... have you posted your Joust deck? I was just curious to see what you were running. Sorry if it's already up - just didn't find it.
My deck?
Hmmm - maybe I'm thinking of something else. I thought you'd said you were going to post your Lanni deck... but your response leads me to believe I have completely fabricated that concept.
Oh no, no. That's quite alright. I was just so confused because no one ever actually wants to see my decks. Here's a copy for you. Final placement aside, I do feel that my deck is stronger in some regards than Greg's (admittedly very similar) build. Mainly the inclusion of both Wildfire Assualt and Valar Morghulis in the plot deck meant that I was not as vulnerable to Catelyn Stark as he turned out to be, as well as being valuable against other opponents, like Maester rush. As well, the inclusion of Misinformation was money for me many times.

Deck Built with CardGameDB.com GoT Deckbuilder

Worlds 2012 Joust

House (1)
House Lannister (Core) x1

Agenda (1)
The Power Behind the Throne (LotR) x1

Character (30)
Penny (VD) x1
Daario Naharis (WLL) x1
Tommen Baratheon (SA) x1
Shagga Son of Dolf (DB) x1
Ser Kevan Lannister (LotR) x1
Cersei Lannister (LotR) x2
Bronn (Core) x1
Ser Arys Oakheart (PotS) x1
Ser Jorah Mormont (WLL) x1
Carrion Bird (ASoS) x3
Brothel Guard (LotR) x3
Lannisport Moneylender (LotR) x2
Doubting Septa (LotR) x3
Enemy Informer (Core) x3
Newly Made Lord (TftH) x3
Castellan of the Rock (BoRF) x3

Location (19)
Lannisport Brothel (Core) x1
The Iron Throne (LotR) x2
Golden Tooth Mines (Core) x3
Sunset Sea (Core) x3
The Goldroad (Core) x3
Street of Steel (Core) x1
Street of Sisters (Core) x1
River Row (QoD) x1
Shadowblack Lane (Core) x1
Pentoshi Manor (AHM) x3

Event (9)
Paper Shield (QoD) x2
Parting Blow (PotS) x3
Misinformation (TWH) x2
Nightmares (LoW) x2

Attachment (2)
Enslaved (THoBaW) x2

Plot (7)
Valar Morghulis (Core) x1
Wildfire Assault (Core) x1
Breaking and Entering (LotR) x1
Retaliation! (ASoSilence) x1
Frey Hospitality (LotR) x1
Men of Pride (THoBaW) x1
Alliance (PotS) x1
Awesome! Many thanks!