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The Jon Snow Show - Episode Two

The Jon Snow Show Worst cards Underrated


This time we talk about the Worst and Underrated cards in the game,
take a look at some of the non-Stark cards in the Wolves box
and wrap it up with a short song.

Episode 2
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Thank you for your thoughts,, I enjoyed listening to you. I also agree with most of what you said, except for Winterfell Castle. It really is a pain to play against (esp. so if naval wolves are around), and discourages initiating challenges against the stark player. IMO the worst card (and by that I mean the card I am most reluctant to include in a deck) for Stark is core set Eddard, as he is heavily overpriced and will probably never see play now that we have the new one.

It would be interesting if they created a card that produced power or income just for a Stark character standing during the challenge phase.  Not that it would merit running core Eddard, but it would mean potentially utilizing his ability more.