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The Mos Eisley Mafia: SWCLG "Allies of Necessity" Force Pack Review - Light Side

Star Wars LCG Community Review Mos Eisley Mafia doctormungmung yodaman pantsyg Rio Majestaat Yodas Hut


-doctormungmung, Massachussets' evil genius;
-yodaman, he who you seek when numbers are involved;
-pantsyg, jankmaster general;
-Rio, prophet of falling and rising skies;
-Majestaat, the one to blame for typos and delayed articles.

It's to be noted that due to the SW:LCG's unique way of deckbuilding, it's impossible to just pick the stronger cards. You're likely to stick with some undesirable cards no matter what. Hence, the different scores could be seen (more or less) as:
1 – Poor – Edge fodder. Drops the total value of its objective set.
2 – Bad – Most likely edge fodder. Either too situational or clearly not strong enough for its cost.
3 – Average – Not stellar but does its job decently.
4 – Good – Solid card with guaranteed impact.
5 – Great – Gamechangers you will always be glad to see and play, if able.
* = indicates unique card.

Posted Image

***We're excluding the new affiliations cards for the purpose of this ranking.

Top 3 LS Cards:
1 – *Cassian Andor (Pushing Back the Empire), with 25 out of 25 possible points.
2 – Rebel Saboteur (Pushing Back the Empire), 25 with out of 25 possible points.
3 – *Jyn Erso (Spirit of Rebellion), with 25 out of 25 possible points.

Top 3 DS Cards (4 thanks to a tie):
1 – Rogue Archeology, with 23.5 out of 25 possible points.
2 – Assembly Area (Immeasurable Power), with 22 out of 25 possible points.
3 – *Director Krennic (Immeasurable Power), with 21.5 out of 25 possible points.
4 – Allies of Necessity (Rogue Archeology), with 21.5 out of 25 possible points.

Overall best rated Objective Set:
Pushing Back the Empire, with 25 out of 25 possible points.


***Unfortunately, I couldn't get a pic from every new affiliation card since they were not all properly spoiled in FFG's website, nor were images uploaded to this site's database. My apologies.

Guardians of Justice: 24.5 out of 25 possible points.
Posted Image

doctormungmung (5/5) – Disclaimer: even after a bit of playing with the new affiliations, I’m not sure on what sort of impact they will actually have. I think they’re all really good (and my ratings will show that), but maybe after all the initial flashiness wears off, it’ll turn out they are just sort of meh. I’m having trouble realistically assessing the impact of split decks, and whether having 5/5 or 6/6 is really going to hurt a deck’s performance, or it it’s just forcing people to look at an option in deck building that has been with us from the beginning, but more people discarded out of hand. So take these reviews with a grain of salt. Or not.
Ok, so onto the actual review. Reserve modification is really powerful. For those that remember the dark times when Vader’s Fist was prominent, there was nothing more disheartening or a drag on the game than seeing that you were only going to get four cards a turn. Cards are options. The more you have in your hand, the more options you have for the turn. You always have to balance playing cards and keeping them back for edge. Well, with an extra card, that gets easier. Jedi tend to be pretty good at edge to begin with, and some Rebels are too. Combine them with a larger reserve, and it becomes significantly harder to lose edge. I’m not sure I buy the argument that “thinning your deck” will more than counter the edge/option boost. If you have quality cards in your deck and you aren’t running a combo deck, having 10 more in there isn’t really much of a hit. Note that you’ll never be able to have a large hand and run sets like Solidarity of Spirit (because none of the reserve seven are Rebel affiliation). Is that a real problem? I don’t think so, since most of the quality Rebel sets aren’t affiliation limited.

yodaman (4.5/5) – The 7 card reserve is really going make any deck with a decent amount of Jedi sets even more powerful in edge battles. However, having more cards in your deck means you still are going to see some of your mains a bit less often despite the extra card in hand. Jedi’s influence objective is Stand Together which isn’t really an auto-include so you most likely won’t be able to offset the 6/6 split and run the risk of only have 0 or 1 Rebel resource at the start. Since the influence enhancement has only appeared in the Smuggler set thus far, that won’t help either. Still card advantage is always good in this game and if your opponent isn’t using a DS affiliation with the 6/6 split and 7 card reserve, it will certainly be to your advantage.

pantsyg (5/5) – I expect the extra reserve affiliations will be the most commonly run. If the command decks under these affiliations are decent, and I can’t see why they wouldn’t be, this cycle may be dominated by a reserve arms race. This one could be really fun if you want to make Cassian/Crow builds.

Rio (5/5) – This is the Jedi Rebel 6/6, 7 reserve split, and just like the Dark side versions this is a powerhouse of a card. These get much better on the Light Side due to their influence objectives from the last cycle. This could work great in a Spark deck, or just a Jedi power card deck.

Majestaat (5/5) – Anything mixing Jedi probably doesn't need much help with edge, so the extra card is a bit of overkill in that sense. But the fact you get more options for deploy, or that it becomes easier to hold cards for your dirty combos is enough to make this great. At the moment it may be somewhat inconsistent because this combination has no access to enhancements with influence yet. You can solve that by adding Sabine in your deck, even Ezra if you're also going for Hera, which will probably be the case.

No Questions Asked: 24 out of 25 possible points.
Posted Image

doctormungmung (5/5) – Ok, this is just dumb how good it is. Having access to a guaranteed five resources on your opening turn is nuts. Guaranteed Falcon, or Luke plus Saber, or Brainiac plus Guardian plus Droid. It even helps with two for one resources, in that you won't really lose tempo playing them (you won't gain any either, but that’s still better than losing it). Sure, you won’t be able to play Freeholders or BoShek, but there are enough quality cards where having just one more resource really solidifies a decks play making ability.

yodaman (4/5) – Extra resources never hurt although if you have to double focus your affiliation card, it will set you back a turn. Still with this affiliation card you can be guaranteed to play a 1st turn Falcon or Obi-Wan and that’s incredible. As mentioned before, you most likely won’t be able to offset the 5/5/ split as much since Stand Together is the Jedi influence objective, but at least if you include Jyn, you get Necessary Alliances and that can provide you a match if you only have 0 or 1 Smuggler resources at the start.

pantsyg (5/5) – The affiliation to run if you’re still doing the Falcon Jedi thing, and I don’t see any reason to step off that horse except to run Cassian.

Rio (5/5) – This is the set that pairs Smugglers with Jedi in a 5/5 split giving you an extra resource to start. I think this one will work great for the 2 factions. The Light side got several good sets with influence on the objective last cycle, so they are already ahead of the game as far as these multi affiliations go. The obvious units that will benefit from this are the Falcon and Obi Wan. Both are awesome 5 drops that you would love to get out turn, one especially the Falcon.

Majestaat (5/5) – I love how this can push Obi-Wan to actually see decent play as a unit. But mostly you'll want this for T1 Falcons, and we all know how strong Falcon loops are with Jedi. No surprise why everyone is so excited about 7 reserve affiliation cards, but this one is also incredibly strong. Your second turn may slow down a bit, but your opening can be so explosive it won't matter at all. Adding The Last Warrior should be more than enough to avoid resource dismatch.

Fighters for Freedom: 17 out of 25 possible points.
Posted Image

doctormungmung (5/5) – Getting a free refresh every turn will really help mitigate the abundance of tactics and focusing effects out there. There have been numerous games where I’ll think I have my opponent locked out only to hit myself for not remembering that Kanan or Motti or Hera were on the table. Getting that for free (well, deck construction aside) is really good. Although I feel like this ability is the most iffy of the three, because even with constructing your deck around it, there will be times where it just can’t be used. So in a way it’s more insurance (or living resource ramp). But as an insurance policy, it’s pretty damn good.

yodaman (4/5) – Jedi has MTFBWY so I’m not sure if the ability to remove an extra focus token will come into play as much here although Rebels do have some good cards that lack elite so the objective will help in those situations. Rebel has Explosives Artist for the influence objective and that sees a bit more play than Stand Together so you can offset the typical risk of the 5/5 split by including that.

pantsyg (3/5) – I’m just not excited about this effect.

Rio (2/5) – The 5/5 Rebel Jedi refresh objective, I am really not sure what advantage you can gain from this pair up and ability that isn’t better on the Jedi side of the mash up. In all my years playing this game I have never had a Jedi board that was bogged down by tactics, all the mains are elite. This one is going to be the dud of the pack.

Majestaat (3/5) – Some Rebel uniques could really use the extra refresh, like Mon Mothma or Cracken. Unfortunately, they don't really fit in a multi-affiliation deck with Jedi. Ultimately, I fail to think of many decks that would pick this over other affiliation cards.

Information Network: 23 out of 25 possible points.
Rebel Alliance Affiliation card.
Text: Your objective deck must contain exactly 5 [Rebel Alliance] objectives and exactly 5 [Smugglers and Spies] and/or neutral objectives.
Resources Generated: 2
Reserve: 6

doctormungmung (5/5) – I think there are slightly fewer options for having an extra resource in a Rebel/Smuggler deck vs a Jedi/Smuggler deck, but still, a guaranteed five starting resources is just plain good. If Smugglers get another solid capital ship set, having a Reb/Smug big ships deck could come together nicely (currently their only capitals are the Blockade Runners, which still come in a solid set). But being able to pop off a Rebel Assault turn 0 and still play a resource and someone to defend or contest the force will be pretty sweet. Or back to back RAs to pop a four health objective before you draw up, and still be able to play something (admittedly) small would be at least fun.

yodaman (4/5) – Having the extra resource here can be great as you can be guaranteed to get a 5 cost unit like Falcon or Home One out turn 1. Also, if you use sets like Mobilize the Squadron or Planning the Attack you get even more resources without the same type of cost. Necessary Alliances can help offset the 5/5 split. But as with other 2 resource objectives, you have to be careful about when you use both of the resources since it can slow you down later.

pantsyg (5/5) – How good is turn 1 Falcon? Enough said. Also, helps out Rebels, who can often run a ton of 2-1 resources. Very tempted to run this any time I build a Cassijyn deck, though I want to try it with Tamtel/Cracken as well.

Rio (4/5) – 5/5 Smuggler-Rebel, 2 resource affiliation. This is a fun one, in this mesh up Jyn and Cassian can take on the trench run. This can still get you a turn 1 Falcon, which is good if you have something to follow it up with. However just like the other Rebel Smuggler you can’t play MTFBWY.

Majestaat (5/5) – The new LS pods in this pack already make this a very tempting choice to run. Rebels have many 2-1 enhancements, so the extra resource helps smooth out your curve. You could also deploy a T1 Falcon or Home One to deal some heavy damage on DS objectives before their defenses are too strong.

Desperate Allies: 17 out of 25 possible points.
Smuggler and Spies Affiliation card.
Text: Your objective deck must contain exactly 5 [Smugglers and Spies] objectives and exactly 5 [Jedi] and/or neutral objectives.
Reaction: After you refresh, remove 1 focus token from a target unit you control.
Resources Generated: 1
Reserve: 6

doctormungmung (5/5) – Insurance refresh with access to Freeholders, Bamboozle, Cloud City Operatives (Freeholders are great big elite units that still occasionally get locked down, the rest just keep you from being locked down). Also elite BoShek and Kanan for mega resources. Having powerful units that you actually get to use when you want to is a good thing.

yodaman (4/5) – It’s interesting that both LS affiliation cards that have the ability to remove 1 focus include Jedi as part of the deal. Coupled with MTFBWY, you can really free up more units after you attack so you can defend. Both Smuggler based affiliation cards will probably really help avoid bad flops because Last Warrior is such a good set.

pantsyg (3/5) – An extra refresh is always strong, but Smugglers and Jedi seem like a weak place for it owing to their broad selection of strong Elites. Definitely the affiliation that excites me least.

Rio (2/5) – This is the 5/5 Smuggler Jedi set with the extra refresh, I can’t think of any way that this one would be better than the extra money set…. It gives you access to Freeholders, but that’s about it. The Falcon is easier to play in the money set.

Majestaat (3/5) – I can't think of many units that would require that extra refresh from a deckbuilding point of view. Of course, removing more focus is always great to deal with DS tactics or when commiting non-elite units, but more often than not, it seems like I'd play this because I'm scared of my opponent rather than because I have a solid game plan. These affiliations have enough elites already.

Mercenary Contacts: 23.5 out of 25 possible points.
Posted Image

doctormungmung (5/5) – Freeholders with seven reserve! Win those edge battles and strike for lots. Don’t feel bad for having a Bo-Rifle in hand because you are less likely to win edge to use it this turn to its best effect, because you have another edge card that doesn’t have zero pips. And as someone has already found to good effect, having lots of Well Paid’s plus a bunch of ships and still have edge cards equals paydirt. Or just have seven cards every turn and make a profit. As I said earlier, reserve modification is super powerful.

yodaman (4.5/5) – Smuggler and Rebel sets tend to have lower force icon counts than Jedi so the extra card you receive when using this mixed affiliation is certainly going to help. A lot of times you’ll want to cycle through a lot of cards too if you’re running a vehicle heavy deck and the 7 reserve helps with that.

pantsyg (5/5) – I won’t keep beating the drum about the reserve arms race. Smug-Rebel is poised to be a great partnership with the sets they got in this pack, and this affiliation gives you the edge I believe will be needed to compete with the proliferation of 7-reserve decks on DS.

Rio (4/5) – The 6/6 7 reserve split for Smugglers and Rebels, the ability is still great but unfortunately you lose out on MTFBWY this way and I have to pull the rating down because of that. However, this does allow the Jyn-Cassian pair to work together.

Majestaat (5/5) – Again, this combination is great thanks to the new pods. In this case, you can also run Freeholders if you're in need of more big threats in your character deck or just want to punish everyone playing their own 7-reserve affiliations.
More cards is also fantastic with that Bucket o' Bolts to get the most out of your Well Paids, and maybe Wookiees will find their new best friends in Rebels, so having access to Wookiee's Journey should be cool.

Pushing Back the Empire (261-1): 24 out of 25 possible points.
Posted Image

doctormungmung (4/5) – This objective is all about resource cheating. With the right collection of cards in you will always have access to a spare resource. And unlike a two resource objective, using this ability doesn’t lock you out of resources next turn. And you can use it on both your and your opponent’s turn, so it’s almost like two resources. What’s really great is you can save resources for an event, then drop in a following 1 cost event for free, catching your opponent off guard. It’ll also help smooth out your resource curve if you aren’t seeing your real resource cards. The reason I’m not giving this objective a five is twofold. First, it greatly relies on deck composition. In a mono-Rebel deck it’s going to be blank a lot of the time (although even then, there are usual a good handful of neutral units to make use of this ability (free Tauntauns!). And second, it also relies on your hand composition at the time. If all you have are Rebel (or non-Rebel) cards, it’s just a blank vanilla objective. But those times that it’s not (which should be fairly frequent), it’s a powerhouse.

yodaman (5/5) – This objective is somewhat conditional but very impactful. Play a Rebel card of any type, then you get a cost reduction on the next non-rebel card you play that phase once per turn. Since the entire set encourages mixed affiliation decks and neutral cards are non-Rebel, this objective is pretty much always going to be beneficial.

pantsyg (5/5) – In this game, anything that reduces cost is excellent. This effect requires a Rebel and non-Rebel card in hand to reap the full benefit, but with a properly constructed deck, you shouldn’t struggle much here. This shot straight to the top of my rankings when I realized it hit neutral and non-Rebel resource enhancements, like Cloud City Casino and Deneba Fueling Station.

Rio (5/5) – Nothing says excitement like an empty cargo room! She may not look like much but she’s got it where it counts. The ability to reduce the cost of any non-rebel card played by 1 is huge. Rebel ramp is going to be out of control. Clearly you’ll get the most utility out of this card in a mixed affiliation deck, however don’t automatically discount it in mono rebel decks. The ability to play Hidden Outpost for free is an amazing ability and can lead to some big deploy turns, maybe team it up with Mon Mothma. Coupled with Smuggler cards, you can play a 0 cost event or enhancement and drop a Falcon for 4. That’s a big turn 1.
I would always start this objective in an opening flop.

Majestaat (5/5) – One of those insane objectives you always want to see in your opening flop. Play a Rebel card to discount the next non-Rebel card, including neutrals, easily allowing you to ramp, or couple your Rebel main with a chud or an enhancement like Bo-Rifle right from the start.
It's also dirty to play something free like Scouting Ahead, dig for the Falcon then play it for 4.

*Cassian Andor (261-2): 25 out of 25 possible points.
Posted Image

doctormungmung (5/5) – Cassian suffers a bit from the same limitation as his objective: he needs non-rebels on the board to make use out of his ability. But as you usually build boards, vs just have the transients of your hand, there’s more of a guarantee that it’ll be used at least a few times a game. And free refresh during the conflict phase is phenomenal. It means that your opponent needs another tactics to keep a specific unit locked out. Or you now have a new target for all their tactics in Cassian, leaving your other potent units more likely to get their strikes off. And then there’s the ability to get multiple strikes out of a key unit, either in one engagement, or across multiple engagements. You can even make sure you free someone up to contest the force (getting a MTFBWY-like effect), or just create a nasty defender (particularly if it’s one with shielding that still has a shield on it from it’s attack earlier). All of that possibility from a single character is kind of nuts. On top of that, he has decent stats, which include enough guns to kill chuds outright, some blast, and a white tactics. He’s got a solid three health and three force icons, and he costs a typical “main” four resources. I’d say that’s a great investment, and your opponent will always be worried when he shows up on the board.

yodaman (5/5) – A great main unit. He costs 4, has 3 health and is elite. His icons mirror core Han with the 2 black guns, 1 black tactics and 1 white blast. His ability is what really makes him shine though. Being able to take a focus off a non-Rebel unit after he strikes is extremely powerful as it can allow for double striking either in the same engagement or allowing a unit that might have struck already or been locked down to enter another engagement either on your own turn or in defense.

pantsyg (5/5) – Finally, more Elites for Rebels! I love his statline, and his ability makes him incredibly versatile. Some turns he’ll enable you to strike twice with a big non-Rebel unit; other turns he functions as a MTFBWY replacement, freeing up a unit that struck to compete in the Force struggle. I can’t wait to experiment with the myriad ways to abuse this powerful ability.

Rio (5/5) – This is the first Rogue One character we are getting and he is an absolute beast! His icons are great, however I would’ve preferred a black tactic to the blast, but that’s my only complaint and I am sure that’s a balance issue lol. His ability to refresh a non-rebel unit makes him ideal to attack on the second strike to clear up the attacker from the first strike. He is also a mini MTFBWY on the board, you can attack and refresh Yoda even if you don’t see MTFBWY. He is an extremely versatile unit, he can attack and set up a defense.

Majestaat (5/5) – Great stats, elite and a monster ability. Enables more engagements/strikes, sets up defense/force holding, or simply mitigates the impact from the rain of DS tactics.
Cassian fits any job, while allowing your other units to do theirs more often. Simply incredible, and like the objective, he doesn't even need to go in a multi-affiliation deck if you're packing enough worthy neutrals.

Rebel Saboteur (261-3&4): 25 out of 25 possible points.
Posted Image

doctormungmung (5/5) – Rebels have always been particularly vulnerable to events. If you wanted to have some form of protection from the various tricks the DS could pull, you’d normally have to look to Jedi or Smuggler. Well, no more. These guys are really good. You can stop pretty much any in faction triggered ability (action/reaction/interrupt) for the cost of a card and a resource. Shutdown Tarkin, or Gladiator’s built in Supporting Fire, DLotS’s Vader’s pseudo-targeted strike, Xizor’s card capture, Snoova, etc etc. Now, they won't work against an out of faction effect, but in those cases you get a standard chud statline with shielding, which is a cut above the rest. They themselves are neutral, so they can benefit from Allies of Necessity, and don’t need a resource match to use in any form. They do become significantly less good against an old-school mixed affiliation deck (where the affiliation matches only a couple of objective sets). But you know, I’ll take the shield and be happy that there isn’t a cancel that’s as powerful as this would be without the limitation.

yodaman (5/5) – These 2 chuds are incredible for what they do. If you have to play them as a unit they are only 2 cost, have shielding, a black gun and white blast. But being able to discard them from hand and spend a resource to cancel triggered abilities from cards that match your opponent’s affiliation is incredible. Use them to stop a Tarkin blank, a DLotS reaction, Scum or Sith removal card, Yularen moving damage, etc.. The possibilities are numerous and the fact that you could do this 4 times over the course of the game makes these chuds incredibly strong and worth the 1 resource cost to cancel.

pantsyg (5/5) – Without the interrupt, these would still be among the most powerful chuds in the game; shielding is nothing to sniff at on top of the standard 2-drop body. As neutrals, they benefit from Hera’s passive--and if you’re not running her with Cassian, you should be. With their cancel ability, they become kings of versatility. I expect these will be the biggest factor driving DS players away from mono-affiliation decks this cycle.

Rio (5/5) – WTF, this guy is amazing. The best chud ever printed, he is fantastic on the board, and amazing in hand. You also get 2 of them. The cancel ability cannot be over stated, it can cancel every in-faction ability. It stops Tarkin's pod and I think it will start being an auto include in Spark decks, since Moment of Triumph will always be in-faction, plus they are nuts on the board. Shielding is something Spark decks needed help with too.

Majestaat (5/5) – Pretty overloaded units. On top of the usual chud stats they gain shielding and a cancel ability while they're in your hand, meaning they're useful at virtually any time, be it for protecting for mains (and enabling several of the new effects like Cassian or Allies of Necessity since they're neutral) or at dealing with annoying in-faction DS effects, events included.
I don't think their cancel ability is overrated, but their shielding seems to be underrated. I'm very happy just playing them as units so my valuable mains can survive those nasty triple guns or get past tactics.

Teamwork (261-5): 19.5 out of 25 possible points.
Posted Image

doctormungmung (4/5) – This is effectively Supporting Fire in event form, without the need for the extra edge card. Most of the time, you’ll pay one resource after you see if you’ve lost edge to get two pips to add to your stack to make sure you win. There’s basically no downside. If this won't push you over the top, don’t use it. It’s not going to get cancelled by a twist. And because the trigger point is the framework event of “when edge stacks are revealed” as opposed to “when you reveal an edge stack”, it doesn’t matter if you have a card in a stack at all, you can still play this. Add Sabine into the mix, and you have the potential for a three pip shift that your opponent can do very little about, that that’s going to be nuts.

yodaman (4.5/5) – Most of the time this is going to gain you at least 1 force icon in the edge battle and if you have mixed affiliation decks you could get a 2 or 3 force icon bonus (or even more if you take control of a DS unit somehow). The fact you can wait until after edge stacks are revealed to play it means you can really avoid any risk and makes the 1 pip on it pretty much irrelevant.

pantsyg (5/5) – Everyone knows how busted Gladiators are. Any effect that lets you add icons after edge stacks are revealed is extremely potent. While this ability isn’t free and will generally only net you two additional edge pips, sometimes this will win your crucial, game-swinging edge battle.

Rio (2/5) – Needs a new name. I understand that these cards were designed before Rogue One hit, but come on man, is that the best you can do? Team work? How about something to do with hope? I think they said that word a lot in the movie. I’m not sure it’s that good of a card either, the reaction is wonky and all it really gives you is one more pip than actually throwing it in an edge battle would’ve gotten you.

Majestaat (4/5) – Loses a lot of power once your opponent realizes this card is a possibility. Furthermore, unlike Supporting Fire, you do need a resource for this one and will only be getting 1-2 extra icons, probably. On the upside, DS can't deal with it via Twist, so if they can't afford to put an insurance 2 extra pips in edge, they're in for a world of pain. Add in the possibility of your own Twists into the mix and it becomes really hard for your opponent to manage crucial edge battles. It's like facing usual Scum.

Allies of Necessity (261-6): 22 out of 25 possible points.
Posted Image

doctormungmung (4/5) – Ever wanted a Target and a Heat in one card? Well, this is almost that. You get a black blast and gun, so you can go to town. You still need to tie those icons to a unit to get it to strike, so they can be killed or focused, but still, for a fate card, getting two damage down is a really good value. There will be times when you only have a single unit, or all your units will be the same affiliation, but those times should be relatively rare. And the fact that you can use a pair of neutral units to trigger this really makes it far more likely that it will go off (assuming it isn’t twisted). The semi-situational nature of the card is really the only thing keeping it from being a straight up five.

yodaman (4.5/5) – Really like this fate card. It’s basically a combined Target and Heat with the condition that the units do not share an affiliation. As long as you can keep the units you apply the effects to alive, free and able to strike. Can pair really well with a Targeted Strike unit. On top of that it has 2 force icons to help with the edge battle. The bonus lasts until the end of the engagement which means if you can free up a unit via Cassian, Jyn or some other means (say Luke and his Saber), you keep the bonus for that battle.

pantsyg (4/5) – Affectionately known as Friendship is Magic, this card represents a Heat and Target stapled together, if you have two units that don’t share an affiliation and both get to strike. I knock it a point for its setup cost and being much less effective on defense, but lately I haven’t been finding it at all difficult to set up attacks that involve at least one neutral unit alongside an affiliated main. Cassian and his best buddy Hera also contain tools to slow the game and preserve your board, presenting many more opportunities to make big multi-unit attacks rather than nickel-and-dime pokes.

Rio (5/5) – The new fate card, both sides get it, and it’s great for both. The cool thing about this is that it works on neutral units. So it will always be able to have targets even in a mono faction deck. Nudj’s, Spiders, Rancors, Colonists OH MY! Any of these dudes getting an extra blast or gun can get out of control. Every faction is going to get one of these, so 4 in a deck is going to become common by the end of the cycle. May god have mercy on our souls….

Majestaat (4.5/5) – Between better chuds and the better economy LS is enjoying, it's now easier to make attacks with several units in the same engagement, making this fate card far more consistent than it would have been in the past. With an extra gun and blast divided among your units, it's very possible to kill one or two defenders while dealing heavy damage to the objective, if not downright destroying it since unopposed damage also becomes easier to achieve. It's particularly good in this set since you have 3 units (fate becomes easier to trigger), shielding (your strike is harder to stop) and multi-striking (you get more mileage from the bonus icon).

Overall: 25 out of 25 possible points.

doctormungmung (5/5) – This set is pretty crazy in the utility and versatility it brings. You get refresh, multi-strike, event and effect cancel, three units, two units with shielding, damage multiplication during edge battles, and insurance on edge battles. If your opponent knows you might be running this set, they have to be extremely suspicious anytime you have an open resource and a card in hand, because the number of ways that might ruin their plans is immense. And it comes with a ton of internal synergy as well. Cassian can trigger the Saboteurs, the Saboteurs and Cassian in any combination can use Allies. Cassian can get the Saboteurs in for cheap with the objective. The only thing holding the set back is the lack of a resource, and even that is partially covered with the objective’s text. I’m going to guess that this set is going to become a staple in all kinds of decks going forward.

yodaman (5/5) – Rebels get an incredibly powerful set that will most likely see tons of play in mixed affiliation decks despite the lack of a resource. Teamwork basically increases the force icon effective total so the set plays like it has more than 8 pips. Great way to kick off the new cycle.

pantsyg (5/5) – This set screams staple. An objective that helps you ramp, a main whose effect rivals MTF in power, two copies of a superb chud, cancel effects, and a powerful Fate make for a set that will definitely be in the core of strong decks this cycle. Some will say this set could be improved with a resource enhancement, but I don’t think that lack takes much away, especially when many of the strong candidates for a Cassian deck (like MTF, Moldy Crow, Falcon, Jyn, and Gamor) already contain resources. The challenge here will be finding the right mix of Rebel and non-Rebel sets to maximize value from Cassian and his objective simultaneously.

Rio (5/5) – The light side is back baby! This pod could actually make you reconsider playing MTFBWY, the only thing it is missing in a resource. It has a solid main with an awesomely universal ability, the best chud on the LS and the amazing fate card. The only weak link is Teamwork. Never thought I would type that….

Majestaat (5/5) – This will definitely see a ton of play. Really synergistic and provides a ton of support to whatever else you pair it with, be it neutrals or other affiliations. The discounts from the objective will give you a bigger board sooner, and the resilience provided by Cassian and the Saboteurs will make that board stick around for longer.

Spirit of Rebellion (261-1): 24.5 out of 25 possible points.
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doctormungmung (5/5) – Behind the standard stats of this objective, lives a powerhouse that your opponent will come to loath. For just doing what you were going to do anyway (play a unit), you will force your opponent to discard a card from their hand. Hand control, even when your opponent gets to choose, is very powerful. It reduces their options, and gives you a leg up in any edge battles you wind up in. Forget it if you have two of these out (because they stack). Even if your opponent was sitting on five cards in hand at the beginning of the turn, by the time conflict rolls around, they only have three left. That’s a lot more manageable. Now, your opponent can turn off these effects, but it will take three blast damage to get through, which is not trivial. It’s not like they can send a chud unopposed to do it, they have to make an effort. And that’s less effort that could be put to stopping your attacks.

yodaman (4.5/5) – In this game card advantage is huge and the objective’s ability helps with that by making your opponent discard a card every time you play a non-Smuggler unit. As with Cassian’s set, this set wants you to build a multi-affiliation deck so it’s not going to be hard to trigger early game. Your opponent can turn it off by getting 3 damage on the objective, but you’ll most likely get it to trigger a couple times before that can happen. The fact your opponent gets to choose which card they discard does make it a bit less powerful

pantsyg (5/5) – Anything that eats into the opponent’s edge hand and options is a huge positive. This objective is super easy to trigger, so it should be ripping cards from your opponent fairly consistently. If the DS 7-reserve affiliations take off, this may prove an important counter.

Rio (5/5) – This is another amazing objective and ability. The Light side is coming out swinging with this pack. Card advantage is a BIG deal in this game, and I think discard should not be used lightly at all. This cards presence has actually made me change the way I play Dark side turn 1. I would always discard my weakest card before draw, now if I am staring down this sucker I keep that Bail Out to discard to this ability. So maybe not discarding turn one isn’t always an auto loss anymore?

Majestaat (5/5) – Absolutely disgusting, in big part because it's actually hard to shut down, requiring a decent investment. I like seeing another text a la Encounter in Stygeon Prime, but while LS is always fielding big amounts of blast -since that's what they need to win the game-, DS is usually shorter on it. This means that, as DS, you'll usually need more than a single unit to shut this effect down, which will weaken your defenses considerably, giving the LS a big window of opportunity to deal heavy damage to your own objectives.
If it shows up in the initial flop, you can't ignore it. It's super easy to trigger, and if you're losing a card (even if it's your worst card) every LS turn, you are most definitely going to lose edge battles and the game. At least I deem riskier to keep losing cards rather than leave myself open for a turn, so long as the LS doesn't have a big, scary board already.
Not sure what I'd do if I'm facing both copies right from the start. Fortunately, it hasn't happened yet. I'd probably just cry. Maybe flip the table.
I must say, I wouldn't be surprised if this got changed to limit 1 per turn. Probably the same applies to Pushing Back the Empire.

*Jyn Erso (262-2): 25 out of 25 possible points.
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doctormungmung (5/5) – Jyn is almost the definition of beatstick. Two black blast and elite means that it’ll be hard to lock her down, and as long as she strikes, she’s eating through objectives. I like that they jiggered with the standard main icon line for her. And with Allies of Necessity around, her one black gun isn’t as useless as it would normally be. If she does win edge, though, two and two are a nice (if dull) combination. But her ability is really where it’s at. Being able to double strike with a Rebel that’s in the conflict with her is great! Force multiplication cards are always powerful. And even if you lose edge, she’s got a big tactics target on her, so whoever else she’s with is more likely to get to strike. Put her with Dodonna or someone else with tactics, and make the DS really think about who to tactics out. If she’s with a Jedi, getting two more cards in hand helps you find your tricks in combat, but also helps with further edge battles either later in the round or on defense. And if she’s attacking with both a rebel and jedi unit, you get to get multi-strike, and extra cards (and likely a dead objective).

yodaman (5/5) – Jyn is a really good main. She costs 4, has 3 health, is elite and comes with a great offensive spread of combat icons with 2 black blast, 1 black gun and 1 white gun. On top of that she has a great ability when attacking with other units. While the card draw you can get when attacking with Jyn and a Jedi unit is nice, she really shines when attacking with a Rebel unit because that Rebel unit gets to remove all focus tokens from it after it strikes allowing it to potentially double strike. This can lead to some great shenanigans with cards like Cassian and Endor Han to name a few or really go to town if you can pair her with either Home One. Nice addition to what LS wants to do – blow up objectives.

pantsyg (5/5) – Any LS character with 2 black bombs and elite is pretty much a guaranteed 5 star card in my book. Her text is all massive upside, allowing for multi-strikes out of Rebel pals and card advantage from Jedi. I firmly believe that LS strategies are moving toward building big, sticky boards to launch multi-unit attacks, and Jyn fits right into that gameplan.

Rio (5/5) – Jyn, what to say about you…. You stole my heart with your 2 big black bombs, sultry elite and a robust 3-pips. Dat text though…. The dreams of a double striking Home One… Endor Han and any rebel unit worth a damn has been dancing in my head since she was spoiled months ago on FFG’s site. The draw is awesome for Jedi too. 2 cards can be a big swing for Jedi, and may actually be the better use of her ability because most of the units the rebels want to double strike with would be over kill. But as stated earlier she is impressive enough without her ability to run in a mono-smuggler deck.

Majestaat (5/5) – Not as good as Cassian in a mono-build since she doesn't work with neutrals, but still really solid there thanks to her stats alone, easily pulling her own weight.
In a mixed build, she becomes yet another monster. You gain more cards with Jedi, normally boosting your edge for defense, but also for an extra engagement on attack if you have enough units, which should be the case come mid-game.
With Rebels, you get BtS Bobba's effect, which could be massive with a unit with tactics, like Hera. It's possible you overkill objectives with this effect, but hey, overkill is much better than no kill at all, right?

Crafty Smuggler (262-3): 18 out of 25 possible points.
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doctormungmung (4/5) – This guy's icons are a little iffy for a two cost chud, being both edge enabled, but that’s not where he really shines. With two force pips, and an auto-refresh at the beginning of a force phase, he’s kind of like a two cost nudge with MTFBWY on the table. This guy loves to soak up the focus from DLotS. He’s also great at still having an icon on the force if Plan of the Prophetess is out. But really, you get to do a chud strike the turn where he comes out and still get to contest the force and be ready for defense. We all know how powerful MTFBWY is. Now we have that all wrapped up into a single unit.

yodaman (4/5) – The Crafty Smuggler is okay as a unit. 2 cost for 2 health with 2 white icons isn’t spectacular, but its ability to remove a focus token from it at the start of any Force phase (yours or your opponent’s) helps give Smugglers a tool for trying to keep balance. Getting 2 pips towards the Force even after striking with the unit is never a bad thing.

pantsyg (3/5) – At first this unit doesn’t look like much, especially since both his icons are white, but this is a better-than-average chud. Since he refreshes in both Force phases, he’ll shed 3 focus per turn cycle, making him basically impossible to lock down without committing a ton of tactics. He’s versatile, able to attack then contribute to the Force or defend in the following turn if you’re hard-pressed. Just don’t expect big damage with him unless you’re going unopposed.

Rio (3/5) – So crafty…. Seriously, who is this dude, and why is he so fugly? 2 –pips are nice and the ability is decent, but we just saw an absolute amazing chud in Cassians set, so dude you gotta be a little craftier for me to spend 2 on. However, his ability is nice in a mono smuggler deck since they tend to want to be more agro, and freeing him up to grab the force could be nice.

Majestaat (4/5) – One of those cards I completely dismissed when spoiled, but really proved me wrong during actual testing. I don't mind my chuds swapping their black gun for a white gun if they gain an extra pip, as at least that makes them more useful in edge. This guy, however, is very much worth playing, as he makes for a very efficient Force Holder/pinch defender. Even elites suffer from being focused down before the actual Force Struggle. This guy doesn't care about that.
As an actual combatan, he is indeed subpar, but don't use him for that unless he'll net you an Allies of Necessity trigger or can swing in unopposed.

Necessary Alliances (262-4): 20.5 out of 25 possible points.
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doctormungmung (4/5) – We get our first official influence resource enhancement. And it’s pretty good. While it’s a two for one, and thus can be a tempo hit, it’s also non-limited, so you can make the most of that tempo hit and really explode your resource base for next turn. If you’re running Cassian, you might be able to turn this into a one for one, and avoid the temp hit entirely. Getting more influence resources will significantly help broaden the play pool of mixed decks that are being pushed with this cycle. Getting a resource match for whatever you want to play is solid.

yodaman (4.5/5) – It’s a 2-1 resource so it slows down your tempo a bit, but since it has the Influence it’s pretty much always going to be worth playing. The fact it’s not limited means you can play it and another resource to help get the resource ramp going. This will help keep you from getting locked out of an affiliation by providing a resource match for anything. That will be good with the new Affiliation cards that force you to run 5/5 or 6/6 splits.

pantsyg (4/5) – Super bland name, super bland card. Influence is handy to resource-match in a pinch, and can bail you out if you get hosed by your objectives. I was going to give this 3 stars as a generic 2 for 1, but no limited text gives it a little extra value, especially if you’re running this with a 2-money affiliation or Cassian’s objective.

Rio (4/5) – 2 for 1 all day! It also gets influence which will be extremely useful this cycle. If you are playing this set with Cassian’s, and why aren’t you, this could be a 1 for 1 off his objective. Solid utility card. Oh and it’s not limited. The Light side ramp is real.

Majestaat (4/5) – Not super necessary for LS since they already have a few objectives with influence to choose from, but getting even more resources with that keyword will no doubt be valuable this cycle.

Well-Laid Ambush (262-5): 20.5 out of 25 possible points.
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doctormungmung (3/5) – This is an interesting card. For the cost of a card and a resource, you can give all your units a limited targeted strike that can be used even on defense. When you really need to put damage on someone that your opponent has been keeping out of harm's way, this is how to deal with them. It’s actually a nice way to make use out of extra unit damage icons in an engagement. But since you can only target a specific unit, the flexibility is a bit off.

yodaman (4/5) – Basically a reprint of the DS card He Doesn’t Like You. Being able to shoot at a Character unit which isn’t in the engagement can help you get rid of a unit that your opponent is trying to keep out of the line of fire. However, since it doesn’t work against droids. creatures or vehicles this could end up being a dead card some of the time and it only has 1 pip.

pantsyg (5/5) – I love this card’s DS rendition, and I think it’s even stronger for LS. Light currently doesn’t have any kill spells, probably for good reason, and I think this is as close as they’ll ever get to one. Since you want to be attacking anyway, why not put those excess guns to work trimming back the opposing board?

Rio (4/5) – It’s like Targeted Strike for 1! Seriously this card is good to kill Tarkin with, however I only ever see it against vehicles. I think I also remember playing it in a Scum set last cycle. This could get extremely out of hand with Allies of Necessity and crazy double strike shenanigans with Jyn and Cassian.

Majestaat (4.5/5) – A bit undecisive on this score. LS doesn't usually sport as many guns as DS, so unlike He Doesn't Like You, it may be harder to turn this into a lethal event. On the other hand, LS is way shorter on removal options, so I think this is ultimately a very welcome addition to deal with constant threats. That said, characters aren't as prominent in DS as in LS. While just about all decks will have characters, the main threats could be vehicles (ex: Chimaera), droids (IG-series) or creatures (ex: Terentatek), in which case this event would lose value, but still prove useful more often than not.

Allies of Necessity (262-6): 21.5 out of 25 possible points.
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doctormungmung (4/5) – I went over my love for this new fate card in Cassian’s review. Nothing’s changed since then.

yodaman (4.5/5) – Nice to see this fate card here since Jyn clearly wants to be in multi-affiliation decks.

pantsyg (4/5) – Everything I said about this card in Cassian’s set applies here as well. Super good fate for the attacking side.

Rio (5/5) – It’s still good.

Majestaat (4/5) – Slightly worse than in Cassian's set because you get less units here and lack the shielding to safeguard your strikes. Still a very valuable asset that should come in handy once you develop a board.

Overall: 24.5 out of 25 possible points.

doctormungmung (5/5) – Where Cassian’s set was a fantastic enabler and utility set with a bit of punch, Jyn’s set is more punch but less enabling. But that doesn’t mean that the enabling isn’t there. With Jyn on the table, you will increase the damage output of units by a good amount. Personally I think she’s more potent with Rebels for the multistrike than Jedi and the card draw, but either are very solid effects. The objective itself is pretty nuts, and will give the DS headaches for as long as it’s active. I can see numerous decks being built around Jyn at its core.

yodaman (4.5/5) – It’s not Asteroid Sanctuary, but Spirit of Rebellion is a really great set that will most likely see lots of play in various multi-affiliation builds. It’s got a solid main, a resource and 10 pips total. The Crafty Smuggler even gives a way to help contest the Force.

pantsyg (5/5) – LS gets off to a rollicking start in this cycle, with this pod and Cassian’s both bringing big mains that amp up attacking power in a major way. As a 2-bomb elite Jyn would probably see at least some play even if the rest of the set was mediocre, but everything here provides a solid base for any deck.

Rio (5/5) – Yowza, this set is not as well rounded as Cassian’s but it’s still solid and probably one of the top aggro smuggler sets and in the game, however Jyn does lose some value in a mono smuggler deck.

Majestaat (5/5) – All in all a very powerful set. Disgusting objective, strong to incredible main, solid utility chud, resource, (conditional) removal, high edge. Core piece for mixed affiliation decks with anything Smuggler, and the fact it synergizes so well with Pushing Back the Empire puts it in a great place even if it doesn't get more support in the future, which is virtually impossible anyway because that's the whole point of this cycle.


I'm reevaluating Teamwork, name still sucks but after seeing it in action I'll up my score to 3.5