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The Mos Eisley Mafia: SWCLG "Promise of Power" Force Pack Review - Dark Side

Star Wars LCG Community Review doctormungmung yodaman pantsyg Rio Majestaat Yodas Hut

Order of Inquisitors (287-1): 20 out of 25 possible points.
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doctormungmung (4/5) – Getting a discount is always nice, even if it is somewhat limited in scope. Before doing a search, I thought there were only four inquisitor cards in the game, with three of them being in this set. I had forgotten about Jerec’s chuds, who, with the discount, become cost effective resource chuds. There’s also Jerec, who always seemed oddly costed. And if you wanted to go really obscure, you could get out Antinnis out for cheap. Interestingly, the event from this set is also an Inquisitor traited card. It means doing some fairly focused deckbuilding, but it’s possible to use the discount every turn. But really, even if you didn’t, having four of the five cards in this set get the discount is probably enough to warrant choosing this objective on the flop.

yodaman (5/5) – Discounts ramps are always good and this objective lets you play your first Inquisitor card each turn for one less. Get both out and you’re getting a discount of two which can definitely help you build you board and have resources left over for events. Nothing wrong with that.

pantsyg (2/5) – Cost reductions are huge, especially for Sith, who like to save money for flashy events. Still, not many cards carry the Inquisitor tag, making it blank a lot of the time. This would be much better if Inquisitor-traited events existed—community design team, take note!

Rio (5/5) – Very simple objective. Reduce your first Inquisitor by 1. Spam the board with powerful mains at a reduced cost.

Majestaat (4/5) – It's effectivenes varies a bit depending on how many Inquisitors you're willing to pack in your deck, but it's overall a good effect, making already good cards like the Grand Inquisitor and the Seventh Sister even better, or oldies like Jerec and his chuds actually worth playing.

*The Seventh Sister (287-2): 23 out of 25 possible points.
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doctormungmung (5/5) – Great icons, great pip count, solid health and elite for four cost is worth it any day of the week. But then you look at her text, and figure you’ll never lose an edge battle if she’s attacking. That’s pretty nuts. Making your opponent place ALL their edge cards before you place any adds a whole new psychological game to edge battles, and if you have a twist in hand, you get to just go to town. Luckily this can’t be used on defense, otherwise the LS’s job would become nigh impossible.

yodaman (5/5) – I really like Seventh Sister as a main. She’s an Inquisitor so she’ll get the discount if the objective is out. She’s also a Force User which is never a bad thing. She’s got 4 combat icons for her 4 cost and 3 health with the black gun, black tactics, white gun and white blast. She’s elite and when she attacks, she completely changes the dynamics of the edge battle by forcing you opponent to put in whatever they want first and then you can answer. If you have Twist in hand, this can be devastating to your opponent if they overcommit.

pantsyg (4/5) – If this Sister’s text worked on defense, she’d likely be the strongest unit in the game. The ability to make your opponent commit his whole edge bid before you is very powerful for any deck that wants to attack; decks featuring Vader or Bane are good candidates. I’m always wary about DS mains that want to attack, giving your opponent an opportunity to cycle bad cards to edge and depleting your edge resources for defense. At the very least, though, she’s elite with black tactics: hard to rate that below 4.

Rio (4/5) – The first Inquisitor of the set. She is good her icons are extremely useful as a turn 1 unit on the DS. Her ability is interesting as well. She can essentially determine if she wants to win an edge battle or not when attacking. Which is interesting because her icons are extremely defensive. So that’s balance, I guess? However I am perfectly fine playing her turn 1 and just sitting on defense with her and waiting for the right time to use the ability and get aggressive.

Majestaat (5/5) – Great stats, elite, useful traits and a nutty ability that makes it really easy to win edge when attacking with her.
She loses some value on defense since she has no text, and if she's your best early play, she'll probably be forced to defend. But even that isn't bad between the three pips, elite and black tactics. All in all a good main to have.

*The Fifth Brother (287-3): 21.5 out of 25 possible points.
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doctormungmung (4/5) – Number Five is Alive! This guy has solid main stats and is priced accordingly. Having edge 1 in the same set as the Seventh Sister is kind of mean, but sure, why not? Besides being a good body to throw on defense (or offense), he’s got a lot of interesting combo potential. There are numerous ways to remove your own units from the board for Sith (one of the side benefits of force usage with no moral oversight), so you can potentially strike multiple times in a single engagement, or attack, defend, and then defend again. He’s a bit like Gorc/Pic if they had a teleportal accident and then joined the Inquisitors.

yodaman (5/5) – Another really good unit that is essentially a second main in the set. Like the Seventh Sister, he’s a Force User and Inquisitor. Also, he’s got decent combat icons with 2 black guns, 1 white blast and 1 white tactics. He gets Edge [1] which makes him even more useful in tandem with Seventh Sister. Also, even though he’s not elite, after another Inquisitor unit leaves play, you can remove 1 focus token from him. That gives you the versatility to potentially double strike in a turn, use him for offense, then defense, or even just keep him from getting locked down.

pantsyg (4/5) – This guy gets his rating pretty much entirely on his statline. He’s a solid defensive unit with a little bit of upside. As with the objective, the small Inquisitor pool makes his text blank a lot of the time, but removing a focus is a powerful effect when it does hit.

Rio (4/5) – Another one! This dude is cool, he can free himself up after an Inquisitor leaves play (it has no limit…) he has edge 1 and is another solid unit for the Sith player to play turn 1 (even w/o elite). His 2 guns and tactics make him another defensive unit. Even if he isn’t as flashy as The Seventh Sister he is still a solid unique unit that will help trigger lots of Sith effects.

Majestaat (4.5/5) – Another solid main, but generally weaker than the Seventh Sister. No third pip and no elite makes him substantially weaker as a Force holder, and he needs some other Insquisitors out to make use of his text, so while he's arguably better at defense than the Seventh Sister thanks to his edge bonus, his overall utility is worse.
It's hard to say who's better later into the game. If the LS isn't comfortable around the Seventh's Sister ability, they can risk ignoring her. That's much riskier against the Fifth Brother, as his refreshing ability could allow him to deal too much damage and lock down several of your units.
Furthermore, just the LS playing the game normally and dealing with your units could be helping the Fifth Brother if they were Inquisitors. Having to face his icons and free edge over and over means getting into a war of attrition that the Light Side is likely to lose.

*The Eight Brother (287-4): 17 out of 25 possible points.
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doctormungmung (2/5) – Number Eight is getting pretty low of the totem pole, and it shows. Admittedly, he had about five minutes of screen time in the series total, so it’s warranted. He’s got Ezra’s stats with the cost and health inverted, which is not a good thing. He’s got a decent leave play ability, but you really don’t want to be paying his cost multiple times if you can help it. And if it’s a one and done type of thing, then a single point of damage isn’t going to shift things most of the time. Oh, and helicopter lightsabers are dumb.

yodaman (4/5) – A third unique unit in the set, this unit is also a Force User and Inquisitor. He has shielding and 2 black combat icons (gun and blast). Really, the only drawback is that if you don’t have the objective out, he’s a bit costly for 3 or what he does with only 2 health, but when he leaves play he gets to deal a damage to a unit and that can always come in handy.

pantsyg (4/5) – Solid attacker with shielding and black blast. On the way out, he pokes someone in the eye. I like him.

Rio (4/5) – The final Inquisitor (ever… ) this is the “chud” of the set he only costs 3 to play and his ability is to damage a unit if he leaves play. This guy also comes equipped with shielding and a black bomb which makes him the agro unit of the pod. He is the unit that will help trigger the Fifth Brother most games and is another solid turn 1 play for Sith. He would work well with other things sith already do like Rave and the Executor.

Majestaat (3/5) – I'm not too fond of him, but he's okay. Shielding makes up for his low base health. A third, edge-enabled icon would have been nice, but probably a little too crazy with the potential discount from the objective.
He already has relevant traits, a somewhat negligible but useful ability, and will refresh the Fifth Brother if he's also in play.

Double-Bladed Lightsaber (287-5): 15.5 out of 25 possible points.
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doctormungmung (4/5) – Lightsaber with unit damage and a way to get units back into hand. Seems to work well with number Five and number Eight. Also pretty good for saving a unit that’s just about to die to be replayed as well. The Inquisitor limitation, as mentioned earlier, isn’t as big of a limitation as I earlier thought, and honestly, any of the units in this set would be happy to get an extra gun. I am tempted to take a point off, though, because, as previously mentioned, helicopter lightsabers are dumb.

yodaman (3.5/5) – A very interesting lightsaber. It only has 1 force icon and can only go on an Inquisitor. It also only really adds 1 black gun in terms of combat icons. It does have an action that lets you return the enhanced Inquisitor and the saber itself back to your hand. This can be used in combination with the Eighth Brother to deal a damage and then hopefully free up the Fifth Brother. But the situational nature of this saber knocks it down a bit in my eyes.

pantsyg (2/5) – Remember how I said we had a tradition of bad sabers? Probably meant to be the fuel for Fifth and Eight Bros’ abilities, but I’m not sure I want to take big tempo hits on DS. A gun for 1 is decent but not great when you consider Blaster Pistol is free. One pip adds insult to injury. I do like it from a theme standpoint, though.

Rio (3/5) – Enhance the Inquisitors, it gives them the gun and the ability to bounce back to your hand. This will help trigger all the fun interactions with the Fifth Brother and the Eighth Brother and it kind of pulls the set together. However it is extremely limited in where it can equip so it’s mostly discard fodder if you don’t see the Inquisitors.

Majestaat (3/5) – Not great, but useful enough when the set offers two units who'll be up to 3 guns with this enhancement, and another one that benefits from leaving play over and over, if you have the resources to take that constant tempo hit.
A single pip really sucks, but I guess that's because, unlike most lightsabers, this one isn't unique, so the second copy isn't as dead. Still, with no extra resources or the objective to make the units cheaper, this card may not be playable at all, and in those cases, the weak single pip will really hurt.

Press for Answers (287-6): 20 out of 25 possible points.
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doctormungmung (4/5) – This is kind of like the opposite of Rahn’s Guidance, and I like it. Look at a bunch of your opponent's deck, make sure they never see the best card there, and then fix the order of the cards they do see, potentially limiting their draw for multiple turns. There’s also the benefit of anti-fixing Spark and the like. Sith doesn’t have any trouble filling the board with unique characters, so you should always be able to look at a good amount of cards. And it’s free with the objective. Nice.

yodaman (4/5) – Another situationally good card. Being able to discard something before your opponent can use it is never a bad thing. If you load up on unique characters on the board, you can really have an impact by looking at a bunch of cads, discarding one and then reordering things. Might really combo well with something like Reawakening, Tatooine Crash or Slave Trade that lets you also mess with the top of your opponent’s deck.

pantsyg (5/5) – The intel value of this card is huge, but it’s the discard that makes it worth playing. If you hit 2 or more cards, this is well worth playing—and having 2 uniques on your side shouldn’t be a huge task.

Rio (3/5) – The effect is pretty powerful, the ability to look at X cards and discard the best option then set up their draw next turn or set up another blow by the Reawaking seems like a good plan. The X is the amount of unique units you control, which in the right deck could be 3 to 5 at any time. You could play this set with Scum who also have tons of cheap unique units and set up Slave Trade effects. Lots of cool options here. It’s situational, but it also has 2 pips to help with the edge.

Majestaat (4/5) – No immediate impact since this attacks your opponent's deck instead of their hand or board, but it can mess with your opponent's future tools enough -for a cheap price- that it makes the card good. Discard whatever would be the most threatening to you, and hopefully you have enough unique characters out (not hard to achieve in Sith, especially with this set) to even stop your opponent from drawing another important threat their next turn, leaving them with the worst possible draws, and you yourself gaining more breathing room to stabilize the game.

Overall: 19.5 out of 25 possible points.

doctormungmung (4/5) – This is a very well made self contained objective set that provides some nice benefits to lesser used sets that already exist. I would have loved to see a similar set for the LS that focused on spies or something. Having three unique units in a set can potentially be troublesome, but all those units are decent to good edge cards, so it’s not all that bad. The big downside to the set is the lack of a real resource. Even with the objective’s ability, you still want just basic resources, especially if you’re playing a bunch of four cost cards. And, of course, helicopter lightsabers are dumb.

yodaman (4.5/5) – Great objective, great characters, 10 force icons and a discount for Inquisitors, but the fact is this set doesn’t have a real resource and having three unique characters in one set could be a detriment. You could avoid drawing multiple copies of the set’s unique characters by only playing one copy but then you lose the consistency. The set definitely has potential and you could pair it with Stygeon Prime and/or Jerec’s set to have more Inquisitors available for discounts. It will be interesting to see what people come up with for this set.

pantsyg (3/5) – Despite the individual solidity of the units here, I don’t know if there are many decks looking for what this set offers. Probably fun tier, but I remember underrating Gorc and Pic as well and this set has a strong resemblance to theirs.

Rio (4/5) – The Inquisitors is a set that wants to dump unique units fast and cheap. I have found success with it in several different Sith builds. An easy trigger for Visage and Vader’s Chamber is too good to overlook. However it has 3 unique units so I am not sure it’s a 2x or not.

Majestaat (4/5) – Would like to give it a little extra, because there's so much good to be found here. But thing is, it's a expensive set with no resources. That makes it very reliant on the objective and is likely to condition your deckbuilding as well, be it to include more Inquisitors, or to have enough resources to compensate for the lack of one in here, if not both.
Scouring the Empire might see a lot more play, as it provides a handful of non-limited resources in the form of extra Inquisitors who could in turn feed the Fifth Brother.
If you get past that economic barrier, you get a solid inclusion with two strong mains who are even more ridiculous with the objective out. The Seventh Sister allows you to easily win a key edge battle on offense, while some comboing will let the Fifth Brother to close the game for you.

Support of the Fleet (288-1): 15.5 out of 25 possible points.
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doctormungmung (3/5) – Getting to unfocus a unit at action speed can lead to some big turns. Double striking with the Executor, or Black Squadron gets a lot of mileage out of those icons. But there are a ton of limitations to this effect that make is considerably less useful. First, you have to focus a fighter, which means you want a good number of those in the deck. And there are a limited number of fighters that have the type of icons that go well with multistriking. But they do exist, so it’s not too bad. Then you get the limitation that the target ship needs to be non-Navy. Ok, so now you need a mixed deck with navy and non-navy ships, which means TIEs, or to a lesser extent, some scum ships. That’s a pretty narrow deck. And to pull off the objective ability, you need two other cards in play that meet the limitations. That’s a lot of hoops to jump through. Or maybe I’m just sad that the last few navy sets didn’t really speak to me, because they’re my favorite faction and they’re going out with something of a whimper...

yodaman (3/5) – I’m not a big fan of this objective. First of all, it only has 4 health with makes it way too squishy. In terms of its ability, most of the really powerful Vehicle units that you’d want to free up tend to be Navy. Perhaps there’s some interesting combo with Sith Executor, Black Sun Headhunters or Slave I which would let you do some serious objective damage, but that 4 health still seems like it would make it tough to build around this.

pantsyg (2/5) – 4 health really kills this one for me. The effect is admittedly very strong; basically a tractor beam on a stick.

Rio (4/5) – The last Navy set… it allows you to double strike with your non-Navy vehicles by focusing a fighter. Some units of note are the Sith Executor, maybe Jabbas Sail Barge, the Emperor’s Shuttle, and Black Squadron. So it’s doing game winning stuff for sure.

Majestaat (3.5/5) – A powerful, but risky to pick objective. 1 less health than your average objective might not seem like much, but I bet we all know how big an impact that has in reality. Yeah, sometimes you draw really well and win no matter what. But your average, close game often comes down to those last points of objective damage.
On the text itself, it's a great tool to keep your most threatening units online. Unfortunately, it can be rather limited in that you can only focus a fighter for it to work, and only to remove a focus on a non-Navy vehicle. That's probably a good thing, as getting easy multi-strikes for Star Destroyers could quickly break the game.
So what's left for this? Well, if you don't want to think too hard, you can fit this in a Black Squadron Build. Black Squadron itself would be your obvious target, but Black Two and the neutral TIE Advanced can be fairly annoying too. If you want to be more creative, you can go the Scum route for Slave I and the Black Sun Headhunters.

*Relentless (288-2): 20 out of 25 possible points.
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doctormungmung (3/5) – Big expensive ship that makes little ships cheaper and more dangerous to objectives. Ok. You still have to win edge to get those blast, which means you either want a big swarm to overwhelm defenses, or some good edge. The latter is hard to accomplish with fighters unless Fel is on the board. The former is kind of counter to the latter, in that you have to spend five for one unit, which is counter to the swarm. Icons are standard for a main destroyer, although the cost is a bit high. It is elite, though, so it’s hard to pin down, and it can do offense about as well as defense.

yodaman (5/5) – A really good 5 cost main. It has 4 health along with 2 black guns, 1 black blast and 1 white blast. It gives you a reduction on the first Fighter unit you play each turn and also gives your Fighters a white blast. Couple this with Fel and go to town with Edge and blast.

pantsyg (4/5) – I love Star Destroyers. This ship has some serious potential both in helping you ramp out your fighters and turning them into a Rebellion-crushing blast machine. 5 cost will often make her difficult to deploy, but boy are you getting a ton of value.

Rio (4/5) – Your basic Star Destroyer, 5 cost 3 pips, elite and 4 health everything you’ve come to expect. This one lowers the cost of the first fighter by 1 every tune and gives all your fighters a white bomb. Perfect to support your TIES or any other fighters you may have in a deck. This ship is a great addition to the Navy’s fleet.

Majestaat (4/5) – It's good. Would love to give it the perfect score, but it's way too expensive for the economy of fighter builds, and while its three pips will always make it useful, you'd rather play it for those strong passive abilities.
The discount on your first fighter played each turn helps to compensate for the big tempo loss that it can mean to play the Relentless in the context of an otherwise swarmy deck.
The blast bonus to your EVERY fighter is super juicy and will make short work out of LS objectives. It is edge enabled though, so you better have Fel for support or have the numbers to outmaneuver your opponent.
I'd like it if the Relentless had a more defensive icon spread, as it would make it a very solid early play to protect your objectives while you develop your board.

TIE Escort (288-3&4): 19 out of 25 possible points.
Posted ImagePosted Image

doctormungmung (3/5) – Protecting objectives on the DS can be pretty big. So getting a bunch of chuds to do that is a solid benefit. You can make the LS go through 8 more damage before they win, which hopefully slows them down enough that your offensive deck and outrace them. But you can’t protect a navy objective, which is sad, and a bit challenging in terms of deckbuilding. Toss in Black Two, and you could have some very long lived objectives….

yodaman (4/5) – Two defensive fighter chuds that let you protect non-Navy objectives. As the objective implies, you want to be playing this set in mixed affiliation decks. If you can get them out for 1 thanks to Relentless, this is good value.

pantsyg (4/5) – I really like this fighter. 2 guns for 2 is a solid defensive unit, and in a pinch you can sack them to extend the life of your objectives.

Rio (4/5) – What’s better than a 5 health objective? A 7 or a 9? Yes please. These TIEs are great they just have to sit there and make the LS players life more difficult. They are even more obnoxious with Black Two on the board soaking the first damage every phase.

Majestaat (4/5) – Decent to very good depending on how heavy you tech into Sith/Scum. Support the Fleet having 4 health isn't so bad when you can extend the life of all other objectives by 2+.
I actually really like them having double guns. So many of the cheaper fighters have a single gun and a single blast, so it takes an eternity to deal with enemy units. Not with the TIE Escorts. And if you have an easier time thinning the enemy ranks, you have an easier time getting unopposed attacks afterwards.
I just wish they had a second pip to help reduce the fighter's feast or famine nature that so heavily relies on Fel being in play.

Imperial Influence (288-5): 21 out of 25 possible points.
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doctormungmung (3/5) – A way to guarantee influence. Good. No inherent resource. Bad. You can always use this to enhance your affiliation card, and have a pretty safe source of resource match. But still, I’d rather have a card that had inherent resources on it that had influence. Replacing itself in your hand is nice, so I guess I’ll give it a pass, this time.

yodaman (4/5) – This free enhancement actually enhances a resource generating card and gives it influence. This means you can put it on an objective if you’re brave enough to do so along with units if needed. It also replaces itself which is always nice. One force pip means you probably always want this to hit the board.

pantsyg (5/5) – This card really looks unexciting, but as a 0-cost cantrip I’m totally sold.

Rio (4/5) – A 0 cost enhancement that gives your resource generating card influence. It’s fine. I would’ve rather it had been an actual influence resource. But it’s a free draw as well.

Majestaat (5/5) – A card that gives a little bit of extra flexibility at appearently no cost, as it can enhance even your affiliation card, demands zero resources and also draws a card to replace itself.
Considering all that, even if it's unimpressive, I have a hard time not giving it the 5, as you play it right away every time you see it, without suffering any consequence.

Allies of Necessity (288-6): 22.5 out of 25 possible points.
Posted Image

doctormungmung (4/5) – Good fate card is good.

yodaman (4.5/5) – Once again we see the staple fate card of the cycle. That’s never a bad thing.

pantsyg (5/5) – My thoughts on this card are well-documented.

Rio (5/5) – Still good.

Majestaat (4/5) – I'm not so fond of the card when the set doesn't allow you to trigger it with what it contains, but hey, it's still a pod designed for hybrid builds that want to go aggressive, and thus a strong fate card.

Overall: 19.5 out of 25 possible points.

doctormungmung (3/5) – While the Inquisitor set is a combo set, it’s also a combo set that can run the combos it has with pretty much just itself. Support of the Fleet is a combo set that can’t run it’s own combos, which is just a worse design paradigm, and thins out the effectiveness of the deck. I’d much rather see something that, while encouraging cross faction and cross vehicle interactions, could benefit from those interactions wholly by itself. I really loved the first two navy sets this cycle, but the last three I’ve found decidedly lacking. Concept was solid, but execution left a lot to be desired. Not the way I wanted to see my favorite faction leave the game.

yodaman (4/5) – I have mixed feelings about this set. If the objective had 5 health instead of 4, I’d rate it higher. The fact the TIE Escorts can’t actually protect the objective seems like an odd lack of synergy considering the internal synergy most of the other sets in this cycle have had. 8 Force icons is about average.

pantsyg (4/5) – I don’t think this set is unfair enough to make a deck that goes and wins Worlds, but it’s a nice tie-in (get it?) for the capital/fighter deck. DS fighters have long been one of my favorite archetypes and they do have the potential to outrace LS—a pretty valuable trait with LS as fast as it currently is. It’s definitely going in my Sith-Navy fighter build, if I can figure out what to cut!

Rio (4.5/5) – I think this set is a great support set for fighters. It does a lot of different things, since TIEs are always attacking the extra objective health will come in handy. I think it has lots of application with both Sith and Scum.

Majestaat (4/5) – I legitimate think this is a good set, but I have yet to find a deck I feel comfortable with. A Sith/Navy route is sorely lacking in resources unless you go ham with the Black Squadron trait, but then it's super hard to find space for essentials like Fel.
You get much stronger economy going the Scum/Navy way, but then it's harder to pack as many Fighters as I'd like.
You can still take some crazy wins when the objective shows up midgame and you play the Relentless on an established board. Between the extra potential strike and all the global bonus blast you just deal way more damage than the LS expects, but does that make the set worth running or would I have fared better with something else? Not sure, but better edge and a proper resource would make this much more flexible. I have no idea how I'd fit a resource here, but regarding edge, I think it might have been wise to give 2 pips to the Escorts and 0 to Imperial Influence.

Double-Crossing Droid (289-1): 18 out of 25 possible points.
Posted Image

doctormungmung (5/5) – Trust Me for the DS! Cool beans! The DS doesn’t have that much in the way of event cancel, so getting this is pretty big. The cost works better for the DS too, in that you really have to think if it’s worth two damage to an objective to cancel the event. That’s just good design, as the LS has to blow up objectives to win, while the DS technically doesn’t have to. But even with that high cost, getting DS event cancel is worth full points.

yodaman (4/5) – Well, it took until the end of the game, but DS finally has an equivalent to Trust Me. This would be more useful if Cassian’s chuds didn’t exist. Still, as long as you can avoid that counter, this objective can stop annoying LS events like YYSY in their tracks and turn the tide of the game. Scum only is a bit of a drawback because it means there is no way to avoid Cassian’s chuds canceling the effect.

pantsyg (3/5) – I love Trust Me, but taking self-damage on objectives is a pretty tough sell on DS. Time will tell if canceling LS events becomes crucial enough to merit the health sacrifice.

Rio (3/5) – A Trust Me for DS, take that Yoda! It’s a good ability to have on the DS. I could see some fun interactions with Yularen and Fist with this objective. I find it interesting that you can cancel your own events as well. The scum only does hurt It a little bit.

Majestaat (3/5) – Trust Me is amazing on the LS because the DS can't usually go as aggressive against objectives, so receiving that damage isn't too terrible.
Having it available for the DS is certainly good and poses an interesting dilemma when you get the chance to use it, but chances are you won't trigger it unless the LS event is clearly going to ruin your day.

*8t88 (289-2): 20 out of 25 possible points.
Posted Image

doctormungmung (3/5) – Fairly meh icons, particularly for a four cost unit. But as long as you have a bunch of non-scum events, he becomes worth his cost. Paired with Sith, you can make sure you keep your hand full through all the turns of the game, between 8t88 and all the other card draw Sith has. eing elite also means that you are likely to get to use that black tactics on a regular basis.

yodaman (4/5) – As a main, 8t88 is decent. He does have a black gun and black tactics along with the Droid and Mercenary traits (which are always good for Scum decks). He wants you to be playing mixed affiliation decks though since you get to draw a card up to twice per turn if you play a non-scum event. Guess this set should go well in decks using the Promise of Power affiliation.

pantsyg (5/5) – Obviously I’d like him to have another icon, but that’s some sweet card draw and he’s got elite and black tactics.

Rio (4/5) – What a nice main, 3 pips elite a black tactic and a solid passive ability that isn’t too powerful but will help you dig your deck up. He is a droid which will gain all the fun droid bonuses. Tons of potential to explore with this guy, you could go mono Sith with him draw more cards off Dark Precog or be absolutely insane and play Vast Resources..

Majestaat (4/5) – Statwise, I'd say it's only lacking an extra white icon, probably a blast. Still a very strong defender and force holder. Droid and Mercenary are relevant traits in Scum. Unfortunately, you generally don't want to squeeze 8t88 into a mono build as his draw ability likes you to play non-Scum events. Not that big an issue, as you don't quite need to play around its traits. It fits well in any control deck that spams events, making a Sith-heavy deck a natural environment for 8t88.

Twi'lek Sycophant (289-3): 16 out of 25 possible points.
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doctormungmung (3/5) – Card search for events on a chud. Yay! He’s got the stats of a one cost chud, which isn’t surprising, but getting to search for those precious events for one cost and getting a body as a side benefit is worth it.

yodaman (4/5) – Still a very cost effective unit for what it does. Nice to see it reprinted here since 8t88 wants you to get and play events.

pantsyg (4/5) – 4 for a 1/1 chud? Are you nuts? Maybe! But on DS I often want to find my crucial events, and this guy helps me dig for them. When you fish up that Force Lightning or Moment of Triumph that you absolutely needed to topdeck, this guy will be your hero.

Rio (1/5) – Meh, I wasn’t a huge fan of him in Jabbas set and I am less of a fan of him here. He MAY replace himself…I guess he is a body on the board.

Majestaat (4/5) – 1-1-1 with a gun is as fair as it gets, I guess. But you do get to very probably draw an event, which is a good addition of value for that very cheap price. Being a neutral is also relevant to help trigger Allies of Necessity.

Secret Information (289-4): 17.5 out of 25 possible points.
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doctormungmung (4/5) – Standard influence resource. Non-limited. Two for one. That’s better than getting another “Imperial Influence”, in my opinion.

yodaman (4.5/5) – The DS can always use resources and influence since there are still no DS objectives with that trait. Good to see it included.

pantsyg (2/5) – I’m not a big fan of these 2-1 influence resources, but money’s money.

Rio (3/5) – Not much to say here. Money is always good and influence money is better.

Majestaat (4/5) – The DS doesn't have as much Influence cards as the LS available to them, so it's nice to see another one to help build your mixed affiliaiton decks.

Chain Reaction (289-5): 24 out of 25 possible points.
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doctormungmung (5/5) – Chain reaction was great when it first showed up, and it’s great now. It’s actually even better because there are more reaction abilities out there to copy. And being able to run four of these can get kind of crazy. It’s just sad that this had to get the same restricted list inclusion as the other set that it shows up in. But preventing OP things out of the gate is a good call, if disappointing.

yodaman (4/5) – Another reprint (this set is full of them). It fits well with the theme of the set and coupled with reactions like those on core Vader, Yularen, Doole, Jabba, etc… you can really have an impact.

pantsyg (5/5) – The card everyone loves to break is back, and in an arguably better set! Let the good times roll on. 3 pips for edge pushes it over the edge to 5 for me.

Rio (5/5) – One of my all-time favorite cards. So many fun effects to copy! To top it off it has 3 pips for an edge battle.

Majestaat (5/5) – Still one of the craziest cards around, with seemingly limitless possibilities. Repeat some of your nastiest effects, or let the LS taste their own. 3 pips to boot, should you not find any reactions to copy.

Allies of Necessity (289-6): 22.5 out of 25 possible points.
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doctormungmung (4/5) – Good fate care is good.

yodaman (4.5/5) – The staple fate card appears again.

pantsyg (5/5) – See my earlier comments.

Rio (5/5) – Not much to say here. It’s always welcome.

Majestaat (4/5) – Still a great fate card, and you have a cheap neutral for easy activations. However, this being a control oriented pod means it probably won't get that much value out of the blast damage. If not for the theme of this cycle, a Heat of Battle might have made more sense here.

Overall: 19.5 out of 25 possible points.

doctormungmung (4/5) – This is a solid splash set, particularly with Sith. Get tons of card draw, event cancel, event search, an influence resource, effect multiplication / stealing, and great edge. Really, what else could you ask for?
And I’ve managed to make it through my last review. It got a bit thin there at the end, but that was only because I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m rather sad the game is coming to an (official) end, but I think it’s going out in a pretty good state. Thanks for taking the time to read my nonsense all these years. May the Force be with you!

yodaman (4.5/5) – It almost seemed like they ran out of ideas for Scum stuff since the only “new” card is 8t88 here. The objective is a DS version of Trust Me printed far too late. Every other card has appeared before. Overall, an interesting set which should pair well in mixed affiliation decks. It does have a resource and an average amount of force icons. I can’t help but wonder if this set would have had more impact earlier in the life of the game.

pantsyg (4/5) – Very solid support set. Draw is the main strength, and if event cancel becomes super-important this is a solid tool in the box. Great in an event-heavy control build; Scum-Sith would be its natural home, if it’s good enough to displace any of the sets already in that very strong build.

Rio (3/5) – I think this set has some extremely powerful abilities I just wish it had a better chud than the Twi lek. That just screams lazy to me. I really wish it would’ve had a K-4 or a Rogue Battle Droid… That unit brings the entire pod down and I like everything else it’s doing.

Majestaat (4/5) – Defensive main who's a draw engine, some nice tricks, high edge, a resource. Overall a good package.
As said before, this is a control oriented pod, and it mostly wants to be mixed into a Sith deck, since they're the premiere event-spam faction, and if you're not going to get good mileage from 8t88, you probably can find other, better picks for your build.


A combination of factors delayed this way more than I wanted. Truly a shameful display, not the way I wanted this to end.

This pack was a weird one. Overall not the most exciting one, if I may say so myself, but the hype for Maul was real, and that kind of makes up for it.
Still, you'd expect the final pack for the game to include some more iconic characters.
Considering we didn't even get all the prominent characters from, say, Rogue One and Rebels (I'm looking at you, Baze and Hondo), I have reasons to believe it wasn't quite planned for the game to end at this point. But it is what it is, and we gotta evaluate the game for what it effectively delivered.
Overall, I'm quite content with the product, and though I'm saddened it has to end here, we did get a sizeable card pool with many different playable decks, and the core mechanics are as good as ever. As long as I can find someone to play with me, I'll definitely keep playing.

I can't thank the review team enough. None of this would have been possible without the magnificent people I've had the privilege to work with along these years, all of them sacrificing their valuable free time to help with this project.
My gratitude to Toqtamish, chunkygorillas, colsanders, RedSquadronK, TheMAC, Blake333, Rio, pantsyg, yodaman and especially doctormungmung, who's been helping from the very beginning. That's a few years of totally unpaid work. Crazy.

That, my friends, would be the end for the Mos Eisley Mafia (officially anyway).
Been a long ride, with ups and downs, but it was definitely worthwhile, and I sincerely hope you all enjoyed as much as I did.

Mad props to any readers who made it to this point.

You can check past reviews in our forum thread here.
And don't forget to pay Yoda's Hut a visit every now and then to watch some SWLCG games.

The Force will be with you all, always!
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