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The Smuggler's Den - A Star Wars Lcg Podcast - Episode 8

This week Tiny and Ben discuss the Socal League tournament results and the tournament rules in general. They also review the Desolation of Hoth force pack. They include 2 segments, a pod quiz (Tiny looks like a fool) and the card of the week.



Great job as usual.
The episode hasn't shown up on iTunes for some reason.
The dial was at 7 and 8 was the target. I had 2 choices:
1. Attack with everything and win the game and match right then and there if I won the edge battle.
2. Be conservative and win the game, but tie the match.

No way I was going to tie after those two grueling games! Not if it meant playing another game. Plus, Grimes would have played LS... I would have been at a serious disadvantage. No, my only choice was to go for the win... for the best result and for my own personal sanity.
Keep up the great work guys!