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  • GoT SC Reports - NY and CT (2nd Place Finish)
    By Ryan4815
    First of all, apologies for the lateness of this, my first tournament report (actually two reports!), it has been a busy few weeks heading into the end of my year here in Am...
  • Chaos Theory - The Shaper Report Card
    By 4wallz
    So here we've made it. We've reached the seventh faction in Android Netrunner. The Shapers! Let's delve right in. Just remember, I am basing my ratings on t...
  • The Shagga Problem: A Practical Demonstration (Norwich SC TR)
    By CobraBubbles
    When playing Shagga, there are two main goals to aim for - chopping off manhoods and eating goats. We Shagga players seek out the flashiest and jankiest effects and combos in th...
  • UK Norwich Store Championship 2014
    By JCWamma
    Back again with another TR, this time for the Norwich Store Championship held in Athena Games. Since the last tournament in Rayleigh, I'd played a grand total of two games,...
  • Conneticon SC 1st place report
    By Talieson
    So when I sat down to write this I realized I haven't written on this blog in months, despite my promise to do a report on my last 2 store championships, so if anyone out th...
  • Area 51 Store Championship - Winner's Tourney Report
    By Raithwalker
    Raithwalker here, with a first time tourney report. After a rather lackluster tournament the week before, I decided to play something other than Lannister this time. Wouldn'...
  • Anarch /= Noise.
    By HofstaedtersPet
    Noise. People seem to love him still, but I'm asking myself (and by extension, you) why? What is this fascination with Noise? Why do you all think he does for you that Rein...
  • Explorator: Mission Statement
    By LesterCrow
    "The time has come. Promises of the vast and unexplored are calling me. I heed the whispers of the once known but now unknown. My relentless goal to search out lost techno...
  • UK Rayleigh Store Championship 2014
    By JCWamma
    On the 15th March I attended my second store championship of the year, at GamerzNexus in Rayleigh, Essex. As per usual for my TRs this is long and rambling, so if you only want...
  • Forged Activation Orders - The Criminal's Report Card
    By 4wallz
    Welcome back to Green Level Clearance. Let's jump right in to the Criminal faction and see where they stand in the current meta! As a quick reminder...(1) The ratings...

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2 Champs and a Chump- Episode 110

2 Champs and a Chump 2C1C Kennon Podcast

Episode 110- Cast: Will, Darryl, and Zeiler. A 2C1C exclusive and official spoiler card! Also we review A Turn of the Tide. Music: Josh Woodward, Celestial Aeon Project, and Manuel Gertrudix

Exclusive 2C1C Official Spoiler!

Wylla Manderly- Stark unique character
1 gold
Power icon (naval enhancement)
Lady. House Manderly.
While Wylla Manderly is defending and there is at least one attacking Ally or Traitor character, she gets +3 strength.


Apr 26 2013 02:47 AM
Yay! Now I'm looking forward to my ride to work.
Is a Traiter a new character type that hands out traits?
I don't wanna be 'that guy' but I think you guys should probably do spoils further into the segment. That way it'll be even more anticipated :D

Shes pretty darned good to be fair.

Apr 26 2013 12:36 PM
For one cost she's amazing...looks like fodder for my Kindly Man deck, along with that Karstark Army.
One thing you might consider on Shores of the Summer Sea is the synergy it has with The Prince's Plans (TIoR). It would be a useful way to "get rid" of cards that were "in the way" to ensure you got the best four out of the top 6.

Also, out of house, in Targaryen, there's potential synergy with Street Waif in order to limit your opponent's choices to the cards you really want. Now, you'd have to strategically lose a challenge, but it's something. Does that make it a great card? No - but those were two elements of utility I'd thought of when I saw the card that you hadn't mentioned on the show, so figured I'd throw it out in case it sparks discussion.
Yup, I actually just thought of the Street Waif thing over the weekend. I have to say that idea actually intrigues me. Shuffle some Seas or whatnot back into the deck so that the opponent doesn't have any "safe" options to give you.