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2 Champs and a Chump- Episode 112

2 Champs and a Chump 2C1C Podcast Kennon

Episode 112- Cast: Will, Brett, and Josh. Looking at Top X Regional placement and returning player excitement. Music: Josh Woodward, Celestial Aeon Project, and Manuel Gertrudix


Just to say, Naval doesn't let you interfere with other people's challenges in Melee, only ones in which you are the attacker or defender.
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Ahhhh well that's good then. I still think its silly. But I am pretty excited about the game right now! Am I way off on Golden Storm? That card seems so good!
You made a better case for it than I've heard from anywhere else! Personally I think it's fairly trashy, but then I've never built a deck like the one you described that could take good advantage of it, so who knows...
Yeah in practice, building that deck is proving far more of a challenge than I had figured. I think at a certain point I'm going to need to just start playing it and figuring out what to cut from those games.
Good episode! Usually the Zeiler/Kennon duo needs a little Darryl, but having Staton to disagree with (Yeah, I don't think Golden Storm works, but I appreciated you making me do a double-take) worked well.
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Martell is the bottom house?? That makes me sad :( martell has so many interesting tricks to offer
To be fair, I think most people would agree that the 6 houses are as close in competitiveness as they've been for a while*, so being bottom doesn't mean as much as it did a cycle or so back when Baratheon was bottom, and being top doesn't mean as much as it did even as late as last November. It's a really open field!

*~As long as you run TLV
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Those waffle makers are awesome!
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Those waffle makers are awesome!

Probably in the top 5 greatest things that ever happened to me.
Can I get a quick rundown of what the other 4 are?
I am still blown away by all the TLV talk. "Negotiations at the Great Sept" is the only new addition everyone should be talking about. The only thing to be thankful for is it is intrigue gambit and supports the weakest "To Be .." cards, otherwise it would be auto-restricted with next FAQ. Although NatGS probably should be on the top 3 list for next cards to get restricted.