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2 Champs and a Chump- Episode 91

Episode 91- Cast: Will, Zeiler, and Darryl. Initial thoughts on Song of the Sea spoilers and a question about future topics and themes for the show. Music: Josh Woodward, Celestial Aeon Project, and Manuel Gertrudix


One of the interesting things about the Naval Enhancement that I'm hoping is right is the ability to bypass Stealth by declaring them as a defender during the player action window prior to stealth declaration.
what i am wondering does anyone know if they loose the icon with the naval enhancement do they also loose the naval enhancement? or would like nightmares or meera blank that or is the naval enhancements kinda like crests where always there
Dec 07 2012 07:50 PM
Here is some rules posturing:
1. The naval enhancement icon is part of the border surrounding the challenge icon.
2. We know from the FAQ that things with borders are not part of the text box with regards to blanking type effects.
3. We do know that characters with the naval enchancement can be added into a challenge as a player-action, provided they have the naval icon for that challenge type.
4. Forgetting the enhancement, we know that a character cannot be declared into a challenge without the proper icon unless another card effect or rule allows it.

I think if a character is stripped of their challenge icons, they will not be able to still use their Naval Enhancement feature. I think the rules will still dictate that characters must have the icon present for that challenge to still be eligible.

I do agree this will be a great way to not get stealthed out of a challenge though, similar to Greatjon.
I agree with Slothgodfather's take on the issue pretty much entirely, and I apologize for not delving into the rules side of things during the show like we should have. It can be tough to keep Brett and Darryl even as on topic as we were this time around.
Where did you get those spoilers of the chapter? are they full? Can anyone link the page?
As far as the Naval Enhancement mechanic, I think it's cool in theory but I predict it will lead to even more analysis paralysis. It's already hard enough sometimes to do the mental math with things like burn effects, plot cards and character abilities that affect strength, etc. As mentioned in the podcast, I guess we'll have to see exactly how many of these characters there are, and how frequently the challenge phase gets bogged down with the extra mental gymnastics...

As far as "splitting" the podcast between different LCGs, I guess I wouldn't mind one segment per episode talking about A:NR or SW, or even every 2nd or 3rd episode being dedicated entirely to different LCGs. I do play A:NR and will at least check out SW, but am still hard-core Thrones dedicated. If every episode contained 1/3-1/2 content related to other LCGs, though, I would be kind of bummed out. There were a lot of great segments you all used to do, like "Rubies in the Ford" and "crazy combos", and I think a lot of us enjoyed the episodes where you created decks during the show (especially now with HoD!). I think there are still plenty of content topics you could cover for Thrones to keep full 60+ minute episodes.

Just my $0.02.

Thanks as always for a great show!
@Aelith, These are spoilers gleaned so far from the various chapter pack announcements from the FFG main site. In fact, the only ones we talked about were those with full text visible. If you take a look through some of those old posts, there are a handful of others with varying levels of visibility, but we didn't want to spend a bunch of time trying to decipher what we guess they each say.

@zordren (and likely others), another suggestion put forth is that we try to reign in the 2C1C episodes to hour long forays, and then spend half an hour recording a new show that rotates between LCGs. At the moment, I'm thinking that this probably sounds like about the best idea.
Yeah, I'd lean towards avoiding the other games. I've been playing SW and started up some Android, but I listen to 2c1c for the thrones... and your sweet sultry tones. I certainly don't mind the other FFG ones be kept in mind, and major changes (Eg Cthulu's format change to deluxe boxes) that might affect other FFG games, or our way of playing.

I'd prefer if it were a separate show.
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im up for separate shows, im pretty much thrones hardcore, and might dabble in starwars, but not enough to worry about pods on it.
Agree with those recommending separate shows. It gives listeners a better idea of what to expect from week to week. Don't mind occasional discussion of other LCGs from time to time, but I'd like the focus to remain squarely on AGoT.
I confess that I would be bummed to see the show shortened, but I understand you only have so much time and I can see how you might want to expand to incorporate other games you're enjoying.

Along with most of the comments I've seen so far, I'd prefer the show remain focused on AGoT. If you felt it was best to combine them, I'd request that you ensure that the non-AGoT content be placed at the end (AFTER props and slops... would hate to miss props and slops).
My vote is for split shows. Two hour-and-a-half ones.
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