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Baratheon First Cycle Review

Got time to read a big ass article about Baratheon?

Who am I kidding, of course you do!

4 down, 4 to go and with that we go to the rulers of the 7 kingdoms, the lovable Baratheons. The kings of power challenges and dominance, they’ve been given tools throughout this first cycle to help with those two end games, as well as good old fashioned kneel shenanigans. But how effective are those tools?

Our writer today is James Booker. You may know him as the top Baratheon player at worlds (finishing 6th after the Swiss) with Baratheon Fealty. In addition, he won a store championship here in Cincinnati with Baratheon Fealty, as well as coming in 2nd place (In a very controversial game in which his opponent was accused of cheating by the community) at the Michigan Regionals with Lannister LotC (Although I’m sure he wanted to play Baratheon Fealty).

You can read his tournament report for that regionals here:


Here are his opinions on how the first cycle went for Baratheon:


I hope you enjoy his review and please leave comments below with what you agree and disagree with, comments, concerns, frustrations. Whatever comes to mind! :D


Jun 30 2016 04:15 PM

Yeah James! Make them kneel!

Dang dude you a pimp
Thanks, fam!