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Beyond the Wall, Season 3 Episode 24

Click here for the podcast.

To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of AGOT 2.0's release (Oct 6th 2015), we have an enormous and exciting episode. We try (and fail) to keep the intro brief, touching on the new FAQ, the upcoming Battle of the Trident, the alt-art tournaments etc... and then comes the meat of the episode. We start with a slightly sombre tone, bringing you an interview with designers Brad Andres & Nate French about the end of the Warhammer 40k Conquest LCG. Then, our celebrations; four segments celebrating a year in AGOT from various perspectives, each featuring an interview with someone who embodies the best of the last year. In turn, we explore The FFG perspective (ft. Nate French), Community Organized Play (ft. Chewy Q.), Deckbuilding Innovators (ft. Tamas A.), and Community resources (ft. Petter N.). We sound off with our usual closing comments!

Relevant links (by segment):

I - Introduction: Annals of Castle Black, as always!, The new AGOT FAQ (1.1), New Dany Alt-Art, How to vote for the #greenfork, SC locations for North America.
II - The Rise & Fall of Conquest: Announcement about GW IPs
III - A Year In AGOT 2.0
IV - A Year in Community Organized Play: The Siege of Mereen Prize Spread, Thomas Tan (Artist)'s page.
V - A Year of Innovative Deckbuilders: Tamas Albeck in action (Varberg Finals)
VI - A Year of Community Resources: The Jousting Pavillion
VII - Closing Comments: Vaes Bulgar, Oct 23rd 2016

None (yet)

As the cast is an "enhanced" podcast in m4a format, you may have to download it rather than use the default in-browser player. Subscribe using our RSS feed, or by looking us up on Itunes.

For questions or comments, contact us by email, or on facebook.
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Oct 10 2016 02:09 AM

What a great conquest podcast.  I was having trouble sleeping and that sure did the trick.

You sure it wasn't Darknoj's soothing voice that did the trick?

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@ 9:30


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What a great conquest podcast.  I was having trouble sleeping and that sure did the trick.

And like with all things Glazer only lasted the first few minutes. ....