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Beyond the Wall, Season 3 Episode 27

Click here for the podcast.

It's the biggest event of the year. Well, ok, it's the recap OF the biggest event of the year - our Stahlepisode. Because none of you care about anything *not* Stahleck related, Istaril speed-reads the news in 3 minutes, and we get into the meat of the cast. As in previous years, we bring on a veritable cornucopia of guests. First, Ben F. tells us about the lead-up to staheck through the Road to Stahleck, then Wolfgang P and Remko L share the organizational side of things. Then, we go over Friday's melee with the champion, Luiz G.B., followed by Saturday/Sunday's joust with the two finalists, Florian M and Jannis R. Finally, we close off with the ETC in an interview with the organizers/winners, Eliza representing all of Greece.

Relevant links:
In case you missed it: Episode 26, the post-Worlds recap.
Regional applications
The Old World and the New (Article)
European Championships 2017
Melee Champion Deck
Joust Champion Deck, Runner-up Deck.

None (yet)

As the cast is an "enhanced" podcast in m4a format, you may have to download it rather than use the default in-browser player. Subscribe using our RSS feed, or by looking us up on Itunes.

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I liked the part where Florian and Jannis pointed out flaws in the tournament system :)

    • istaril likes this

Great episode! Your editing is great for a fan-made podcast.

Lovely way to describe what Stahleck really is, Ben. 

    • istaril likes this

Lovely way to describe what Stahleck really is, Ben. 


You're just nostalgic for Irish accents, Rabs!

We miss you already Luiz, move to Europe ;)

Lovely words too, Flo and Janis. Stahleck is family.