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Beyond the Wall, Season 3 Episode 28

Beyond the Wall Podcast Istaril Vaapad Darknoj Thesaurusrex Valar Morghulis Red Saturday Matt E. Thrones

Click here for the podcast.

You'd think that after a Stahleck episode, the next one is bound to be shorter... and it is. By a tiny bit. We go over the news of the last 2 weeks, followed by Sean & Jon recapping Red Saturday with the finalists; first Vaapad (Dave S.), then Tom M.. To continue the theme of Valar itself, Matt E. joins us for a Mentor segment centered around the card, after which we have some spoilers, and a product review. And closing comments. That's us, signing off for the season - see you some time next year!

Relevant links:
Regional applications
Dave's Deck
Tom's Deck
Spoilers: Kings_87, Kings_88

None (yet)

As the cast is an "enhanced" podcast in m4a format, you may have to download it rather than use the default in-browser player. Subscribe using our RSS feed, or by looking us up on Itunes.

For questions or comments, contact us by email, or on facebook.


Spoiler images now up!

    • theamazingmrg likes this
Dec 13 2016 05:52 PM
And I love them both, even though I won't play the Ritual anywhere near as much as I'd like. Davos, though... Schwing
Dec 13 2016 07:54 PM

I think the merchant lady Sean was talking about was the widow of the waterfront that Jorah and Tyrion met with. 

I don't think that's the card art but I think that was who he was talking about.

    • darknoj likes this
Super disappointed that Sean's favorite part isn'5 that someone stayed up until 4am, largely sober so that he could party hardy ;)
    • darknoj likes this
will it be up on itunes podcast?

will it be up on itunes podcast?


I've been told some podcatchers didn't catch it either - which is a bit weird. I checked the RSS.xml in detail, and it's entirely fine... I'm not sure why Itunes isn't getting it.

I'll dig into it a little more today, and see what I find.

Edit: Aha. It was tagged as posted on the 12th of November, not the 12th of December. Will fix that later today.

will it be up on itunes podcast?

Let me know if that worked. Itunes might take up to a day to let it show up, but the fix is in place.

    • eelnoside likes this
thank you istaril! i am downloading it now. can't wait to listen to it!