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Beyond the Wall, Season 4 Episode 1

Click here for the podcast.

It's a weird one, but a great one, and, at least for a while, our last one. We start off going over some of the news highlights since our last episode, and bring on Patrick Day once again to shed light on some very important developments in ANA's distribution that is very likely to affect how your local store (in the US) views LCGs. Then, thanks to the miracle of science, we travel forward in time to listen in on our own future interview of Lead Designer Danny Schaefer give a look BACK on the cycle announcement article. Confused? Well, it's all very complicated, but it boils down to epic spoilers. Finally, we test time travel the other way, listening in briefly to our first recording session way back when. We definitely avoid all potential pitfalls of paradoxes.

0:45-23:00 Intro
23:07-39:57 Patrick Day, new ANA Distribution Model
40:05-1:05:50 Danny Schaeffer, Looking back at Cycle 4's announcement.
1:06-End A look back through time.

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If you're wondering what the episode's ending means for the cast, see this thread.


On the plus side, we win the game of longest running podcast? ;)

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On the plus side, we win the game of longest running podcast? ;)


I will 100% back you that "The White Book" doesn't get to count 2C1C episodes.

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Cheers bae.

Episode 238 shows a different Istaril, willing to count those episodes....
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