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FAQ for The Archmaester's Key


Archmaester’s Key
  • “If you do, place it on the bottom of its owner’s deck instead of placing it in that player’s discard pile” is a replacement effect that changes the act of playing the event. As such, the event will be at the bottom of the owner’s deck before the forced reaction of The Annals of Castle Black can trigger.
* * * * *

Septa Nysterica
  • You can use Septa Nysterica to remove a standing character from a challenge.
* * * * *

Queen’s Men
  • You cannot kneel your opponent’s character to discard a card from their hand, as costs must be paid with cards you control.
* * * * *

Maester at the Rock
  • Forced Reactions occur before non-forced Reactions, so The Annals at Castle Black will remove the event from the game before Maester at the Rock can trigger.
* * * * *

Acolyte of the Waves
  • If the Acolyte is saved, you cannot trigger its interrupt and gain 1 power.
* * * * *

Nagga’s Ribs
  • The reaction of Nagga’s Ribs does not trigger any “when X is killed” effects.
  • In the case of other cards with reactions to being placed in the discard pile, once a card is moved from the discard pile it cannot be affected by cards that reference the discard pile. For example, if the first player places a Lordsport Shipwright in their discard pile, then triggers the reaction from Nagga’s Ribs, the second player can no longer trigger Now My Watch Begins as the card is no longer in the discard pile.
* * * * *

Daario Naharis
  • Daario can be used to stand another Ally, Companion, or Mercenary character you control, take control of an opponent’s standing Ally, Companion, or Mercenary character, or stand and take control of an opponent’s kneeling Ally, Companion, or Mercenary character.
* * * * *

Bloody Arakh
  • (Max 1 per phase) refers to the reaction from all cards named Bloody Arakh; no matter how many you have in play, you may only trigger one Bloody Arakh per phase.
  • (Max 1 per phase) does not affect how many additional mil challenges you can make through other effects (e.g. Khal Drogo).
* * * * *

Mag the Mighty
  • If you save your character chosen for Mag the Mighty’s reaction, the pre-then aspect does not fully resolve and your opponent will not have to choose and kill a character.
  • If Mag the Mighty is chosen to be killed for his reaction, the rest of the reaction will still resolve and the opponent must choose and kill a character.
* * * * *

The Iron Bank
  • Spend refers to any ability that allows a player to choose to pay gold (e.g. marshalling a card or playing an event) or move gold (e.g. bestow) from their gold pool. (Source)

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Dec 06 2017 01:04 AM

The Iron Bank has been updated with an official ruling.