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Natural born killer: Tyrell Kawaii

Seems that Green is the new Black and everybody is trying to figure out something good out of one of the - allegedly - weakest faction in this game. So here's my personal attempt to try to make Tyrell competetive.

First of all let's make it clear: the biggest problem is that Tyrell cards are not skilled enough, they do not have good things to try to achieve a good attack deck (like Targayren or Lannister) or a good defence deck (Stark, Nightwatch) or a control deck (Baratheon, Martell). So what's left? Rush? Heck no! I'll never play rush. The silly designers of this game gave Tyrell all cards that push towards a good rush but who am I to follow people intentions? I don't trust strangers.

Let's adapt Tyrell cards to my playstyle :3

What are the cornerstone of Tyrell? Good economy and draw/tutor effect (also power grabbing but I'm going to ignore it). That's just what I need to make a deck that push to a long game.

There are a lot of Tyrell cards that interact well with Summer, but that is nonsense, since they have a good economy Tyrell should push toward Winter. In this game Winter plots have low income so we'll go in that direction.

The main idea

The cornerstone of the deck is the FSOW. Many decks are crushed by this plot, because it's really huge. It's the best plot reset so far (in early game).
Posted Image

And what is the FSOW's best friend? It's Famine :3
Posted Image

Both plots are so cute. Imagine to have Arbor in play and you flip first FSOW and then Famine. We are trying to make a huge economy unbalance.
But playing with FSOW is not that simple, since you cannot count on ambush (well, we have Olenna's informant but it's not cheap and a little bit clunky).

My first add to the deck were Izquierdo and Derecho.
Posted ImagePosted Image

We need 3x of each. So there are chances they can stay in the field while you've flippled the FSOW. Also you have to pack a couple of Lady in waiting to have more duplicates for Margaery. Also having both Izquierdo and Derecho in play will add a lot cuteness at the character you place in the middle of them :3
Posted Image


Tyrell's location are huge so we need at least 1 of both Mander and Highgarden, then 3 Arbor of course. Since I play Support of the People, I've also added 1 Iron Throne. I don't play Kingsroad because they are one-use-only. For the same reason I do not play Pleasure Barge, I'm pointing toward a long game, I need stable stuff. Also I don't like to discard cards due to low reserve value and drawing 3 cards in a single turn can lead to waste of cards, also having -1 gold per turn do not pay a lot in a long run. Plasure barge is some good in late game and only if you managed to play Arbor, but I don't want the risk to have it in early game. I'm considering to add 1 to the deck though.

Posted ImagePosted Image


Well... we need some sort of kill. 3 Put to the sword and 1 Tears of Lys should make the game. Also 3 tutor effect will be cool: 2 Olenna's Cunning and 1 Support of the People. Nightmares will be fine too.
If your opponent allow you to fecth events with OIenna's Cunning you have to make sure to make him regrets his poor decision :3

Posted ImagePosted Image


Ok, I have to tell that I have an attachments problem. I decided to don't give a **** about attachments in general. So if my opponent will play Milk and/or Craven I will accept them passively. I also do not play Milk because I found it very unreliable, Nightmare is single use but at least has a surprise effect and works on Ghaston Gay aswell. If you really want a character to be un-milked or un-cravened you just need to kill it, use Close call and than play it again. No joke.


Fealty. You just need the economy it provides in early turns. Playing Arbor is expensive.
So we are good. Let's see the list :3
Posted Image
Setups are kinda cool. Izquierdo and Derecho can have duplicates. If you see Arbor you are happy even if you setup only two cards.


I don't have a good opener, usually I open with Riddle or Famine. I try to flip FSOW as second plot because I've found that T1 FSOW will lead to unsuccess most of the times... I need the first turn to build the board a little.
Also I try to go second 99% of the times, this thing allow you to play The Queen of Thorns and trigger her without being milked. If you manage to trigger her just 1 time during the game it's enough (7 gold to have her and Randyll is fine), also she's a good lightning rod, people are really scared of her, she'll eventually get milked or killed, but that won't be a problem.

Do you like? Feel free to give me some feedbacks.
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But, how does the deck perform? Can you reliably beat the crap out of anyone? What are its strong and weak sides / matchups? And is Renly's Crown actually better than Heartsbane?

Oct 18 2016 07:31 AM

This deck perform well but it's not top tier U_U but I'm currently with more win than loss against my meta mates.
The very worst nightmare of this deck are baratheon, there's very few hope to win against them if they see Stannis and/or Bob in early game. Also a lannister that start the game with a very huge board presence it's hard to contain. A good matchup are surprisingly Martell and Targaryen.

Renly's crown is better because it doesnt need to have the character be partecipating, that means:

- Randyll stands in the challange phase regardless

- you can first boost than attack/defend and it helps you if you are not FP against targ

and finally if you attach it to Renly he can become a 12str.

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great article

I've played tyrell this way since the biggining and my advice is to change the character base to include the 4 costers to leverage better fsow (both armies and the new knights...you will be surprised with how many times the roseroad patrols have stealth)

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