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Bootagot's Tournament Round Review 2

Game of Thrones Tournament Report

Round 2 – Jesus (Spain) – Stark– Siege of Winterfell

Hey guys, I thought each week before the match report I am going to give my 2 cents on aspects of the game I feel are hot topics or relevant at the time of writing the article. This week: attachment control. I think FFG needs more 1 for 1 attachment removal. Like those events that had two action/response options. Have one option do something non-situational and basic (Bara: gives renown; Lannister: add gold; Stark: strength boost etc), and the other option remove attachment in a house specific situation (Lannister: pay gold; GJ: win unopposed; Bara: win power). That way the card isn’t dead if your opponent does not run any attachments, but isn’t over powered either. I just find with the restriction of the tin link (which is a positive) attachments are making a comeback (which is awesome), but there are few good options to deal with them (bad). Let me know what you guys think. Now to the match:

Plot 1: He plays two epics pre-plot, with a card in shadows… oh no Syrio (It wasn’t). I knew he was going to Fear of winter, I either forgotten plans and spew forth my hand, or Fury. Fury was only an option because I was playing Stark, and I had 2 TBaK in hand that I wanted to get active so I could stop Syrio jumping back and forth. I thought well I could Fury go first play carrion bird, clearing his board, because he had carrion bird + another non-military chum in setup. So I if I swing with carrion I can stealth any mil guy he plays, he has to block with his carrion or ill just discard it, and then will discard any mil guy he plays with fury. Plan worked out exactly, he Fears and plays mil guy. Only thing I could have done differently is use my gold more efficiently and play Euron instead, I could have achieved the same thing, but my fear of Syrio in shadows + epic phases stopped me (NO saves), which sucked because I didn’t get a chance to play him the rest of the game and he is awesome. Still wasn’t sure what the best play was: forgotten plans and get a board presence or play Euron over carrion. What are your thoughts?

Plot 2-3: He amasses a board presence I play locations (not economy) and nothing. I just try to buy time to draw into economy/saves so I can valar safely. He has ton of not duped unique characters and 1 gold producing location so valar looks tempting. 6-12.

Plot 4: I Valar killing a ton of guys, saving Asha with Wendymar, . He plays negotiation draws 5 and plays Northern Cavalry Flank and Hungry Mob, I draw Morroqo and have to play him to save Asha (could not play two characters to soak claim, all 3 costs in hand). I nightmares his Northern Cavalry Flank pre-combat. Round ends at 9-12 after unopposed intrigue by Asha (still kneeling).

Plot 5: Rise of the Kraken v Kings law, I win with captured cog. My board is Asha and Iron Fleet captain, Scouting vessel, Victory, red jester and other stuff. He plays Old Nan and The Hound to complement his Northern Cavalry Flank, Hungry mob. I had already used valar and this was my last 2 claim plot, I felt it was now or never before his beefy armies start culling the local population of squid. My thought process:
Plan A: My original plan was, military stealth with Iron Fleet Captain and Scouting Vessel for unopposed, claim 3, victory something to cancel it with TBaK, stand Captain and stealth something else for unopposed power, then Asha intrigue for the win. But my scouting vessel gets frozen solid and is unable to scout.

Ok… time for Plan B (Enter Shikari anyone???): Attack with Asha and IFC military stealth Hound, meaning he would have to defend with Northern and Mob to win, which I had victory to steal back the win. Which would put me on 10 power (Asha renown), but I would cancel my victory with red jester, but cancel that with to be a kraken standing iron fleet meaning I still win and have a standing guy. I knew he would kill Mob and either hound or Nan meaning I would stealth whichever one he left, and cancel IFC claim ability with TbaK to stand Asha. Putting me at 14 power with Asha coming in against an empty board or Old Nan, for the win. What actually happened was I stealth Hound but he only blocked with Mob meaning I did not need Victory

Ok…. Plan C: I victory cancel with red jester, stand IFC (with TbaK) to cancel jester, stand Asha (with TbaK) to cancel the first TBaK. It is now Old Nan and Northern v Asha and Iron Fleet Captain, power 10-12. I need the unopposed, so I intrigue with Asha, blocked by old Nan, renown = 11-12. Then I power stealth northern cavalry, claiming 2 for unopposed, 2 for claim and 1 for fleet captain, 16-10. My opponent couldn’t do anything different if he kept Old Nan back for power, I would have claimed 2 for unopposed with Asha and still hit 15 with IFC stealth NCF.
Well another great close game and awesome opponent, it really does make the tournament experience a whole lot better. Next week I have some screen shots to accompany the written article.

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Round 1


Nice report! I very much like some more indepth discussion on games than the ones we normally see in tournament reports.

No comments on the actual gameplay, but I think the article would benefit from a short introduction, stating for example which house you play and linking directly to the first report.

It would also be nice with images of the actual game board. Would it be possible to post some screen shots?
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Thank you for the feedback. Yea I have that in my round one report, which is linked at the bottom of the page, but I will include it from now on in each article just so first time readers know what's going on: Greyjoy TLV.
Aug 12 2013 06:58 PM
Plot one - It seems like there was a chance he could get to 4 charachters (bird, non-mil chump, shadows charachter, and his turn one FoW play) and be able to attack back with the non-mil chump and either the shadows charachter or the round 1 play? Did he just not have enough economy to play a charachter and take something out of shadows?
I know he didn't have many resources, but I assumed it was Syrio who is free anyway. However I didn't think he would bring Syrio out and risk me winning a Mil and discarding Syrio considering he had the two Epics. If it wasn't Syrio he did not have the gold to play a guy and bring someone out unless it was hungry mob or something. The fact it wasn't Syrio probably means my opponent misplayed as there was no way he had the characters for normal Challenges + 2 epic Challenges, which was why I thought it had to be Syrio or why play the 2 epics with only 1 Mil guy and Fear of winter. Thanks for commenting, hope that answers you in someway