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We Have a Dream - Athens, Greece Last Winter Joust (Teams)

There is a small country at eastern Europe that faces many problems, economic and many more. But it's citizens never forgot where the word "games" started to have a meaning.

Gio Karab reporting from Greece for the AGoT LCG madness that takes place here since summer.

"We have a Dream" is the headline for this article because everybody here in Greece feels like this. We feel that the coming of AGoT in our card game community was truly what we needed for old players to start playing again and we want to contribute as much as we can to take the organised play of AGoT to the next level.

We will go deeper to the "We have a Dream" concept in later articles. For now let me take you for a journey to Athens, where our community had a special rated event before Christmas, to celebrate the closure of our point system for the year 2011. To be honest there was another Joust event after this one but the celebration was for the Team Event. Let's start...

16 People... 8 Teams... 1 Prize... AGoT LCG Joust Doubles 1st Place!

The Rules
-Teams of 2 competing in Joust with a common power race to 30.
-Team A faces Team B.
-The highest ranking player in our ladder chooses his opponent first. If you don't have a point system running you can do it random who faces who.
-The pairs play Joust 1v1. There is no interaction between the pairs. The pairs just share rounds. If one pair has finished its round they w8 the other pair to finish too.
-The only thing that the pairs share except rounds is power. When the combined power of one pair is 30 game ends. Example: I have 2 power only but my teamate has managed to gain 28 power from his opponent. We win :D

Posted Image
Left-"Team We Lose" (Petrovic-Paraskevopoulos) / Right-"Team Not" (Mamoutzis-Xenakis)

The event was held together with the opening night of a chain of stores that supports AGoT here in Greece, Fantasy Shops, so some players got the chance to win prizes outside of play!
Posted Image
Argiropoulos Dimitris from "Team I Whistle and you are over" (We can all see John Xenakis from "Team Not" behind thinking to steal the core set !)

At the final we had 2 teams made of players that never had the chance until now to play for first place and not our usual Big Names!
Posted Image
"Team Higgs Exist" (Ntargaras-Patellis) Vs "Team We have money in Greece" (Deligiannis-Marinopoulos) Final Table

New players emerged winning over old and good players!

Posted Image
"Team Dragonlords" Player (Papadopoulos)

And ex-World Class Magic the Gathering Players now see the light in AGoT LCG!

Posted Image
"Team We Lose" Player (Petrovic)

Although defeated from "Team Love is in the Air", "Team I Whistle and you are Over" Walks down with their heads up!

Posted Image
"Team I Whistle and you are Over" (Up-Argiropoulos, Down-Vranas)

Posted Image Posted Image

"Team Love is in the Air" (Karabinis - Potiriadi)

And Our Winners with victory after victory after victory and a prophetic name!

Posted Image
"Team We have Money in Greece" (Right - Deligiannis, Center - Marinopoulos) + Left Guest Star Vranas

1. Team We have Money in Greece (Martell / Martell) 15 points
2. Team Higgs Exist (Targaryen / Lannister) 10 points
3. Team Dragonlords (Targaryen / Stark) 10 points
4. Team Blue Alliance (Greyjoy / Targaryen) 10 points
5. Team Love is in the Air (Targaryen / Stark) 5 points
6. Team I whistle and you are Over (Stark / Martell) 5 points
7. Team Not (Lannister / Lannister) 5 points
8. Team We Lose (Greyjoy / Lannister) 0 points

Final Table Decklists

Team : We have Money in Greece
Player : Deligiannis, Sokratis
House :
House Martell (Core)
Agenda :
Kings of Summer (ASoS)

A Song of Summer (ASoS)
A Time for Ravens (ACoS)
At the Gates (GotC)
Valar Morghulis (Core)
Building Season (Core)
Loyalty Money Can Buy (QoD)
To the Spears! (PotS)
Characters 29
3x Tower Captain (GotC)
3x House Messenger (PotS)
3x Arianne Martell (PotS)
1x Maester of the Sun (ASoS)
2x Darkstar (PotS)
1x Edric Dayne (IG)
2x Ellaria Sand (PotS)
2x Areo Hotah (PotS)
2x The Red Viper (PotS)
2x Silent Assassin (ASoSilence)
3x Orphan of the Greenblood (PotS)
2x Carrion Bird (ASoS)
3x Paramour (PotS)
Locations 13
3x Dornish Fiefdoms (PotS)
2x Palace Fountains (PotS)
1x Lord Doran's Chambers (PotS)
3x Summer Sea (Core)
2x Ghaston Grey (FtC)
2x Crossroads (Core)
Attachments 8
3x Taste for Blood (PotS)
2x Locked Away (PotS)
1x Black Raven (ASoS)
2x Oberyn's Guile (MotA)
Events 12
3x He Calls It Thinking (PotS)
3x The Prince's Wrath (PotS)
3x Burning on the Sand (RotO)
1x Parting Blow (PotS)
2x Red Vengeance (PotS)

Team : We have Money in Greece
Player : Marinopoulos, Asimakis
House :
House Martell (Core)
Agenda :
Kings of Summer (ASoS)

A Song of Summer (ASoS)
A Time for Ravens (ACoS)
At the Gates (GotC)
Wildfire Assault (Core)
Building Season (Core)
Loyalty Money Can Buy (QoD)
Regroup (KotStorm)

Characters 27
3x House Messenger (PotS)
3x Arianne Martell (PotS)
1x Maester of the Sun (ASoS)
3x Darkstar (PotS)
2x Edric Dayne (IG)
3x Ellaria Sand (PotS)
3x The Red Viper (PotS)
3x Orphan of the Greenblood (PotS)
1x Ser Arys Oakheart (PotS)
1x Herald of the Sun (SB)
1x Maester of Lemonwood (BtW)
3x Refugee of the Citadel (RoW)
Locations 19
3x Dornish Fiefdoms (PotS)
3x Palace Fountains (PotS)
1x Lord Doran's Chambers (PotS)
3x Summer Sea (Core)
2x Ghaston Grey (FtC)
3x Lost Oasis (AToT)
3x Water Garden (PotS)
1x Open Market (ASoS)
Attachments 8
2x Black Raven (ASoS)
3x Bronze Shield (BtW)
3x Rusted Sword (PotS)
Events 6
3x Burning on the Sand (RotO)
3x Parting Blow (PotS)

Team : Higgs Exist
Player : Ntargaras, Antreas
House :
House Targaryen (Core)
Agenda :
The Maester's Path (GotC)

At the Gates (GotC)
Building Season (Core)
Loyalty Money Can Buy (QoD)
Regroup (KotStorm)
Retaliation! (ASoSilence)
Threat from the North (PotS)
Valar Morghulis (Core)
Characters 31
3x Shadow Parasite (HtS)
3x Shadow Seer (FtC)
3x Refugee of the Plains (RoW)
3x Carrion Bird (ASoS)
2x Jhogo (OSaS)
3x Dragon Thief (AE)
2x Advisor to the Crown (QoD)
1x Horseback Archers (QoD)
1x Viserys Targaryen (Core)
1x Ser Barristan Selmy (TftH)
1x Black Hatchling (DB)
1x Maester Aemon (Core)
1x Pyat Pree (QoD)
1x Green Hatchling (QoD)
1x Craster (WotN)
1x White Hatchling (QoD)
1x Varys (SaS)
1x Khal Drogo (Core)
1x Ser Jorah Mormont (PotS)
Locations 12
3x Eastern Fiefdoms (Core)
3x Summer Sea (Core)
1x Lady Daenerys's Chambers (Core)
2x Meereenese Brothel (BtW)
1x The Red Keep (TftRK)
1x Khal Drogo's Tent (Core)
1x Rhaenys's Hill (TBoBB)
Attachments 10
1x Apprentice Collar (GotC)
1x Bronze Link (FtC)
1x Tin Link (CbtC)
1x Copper Link (GotC)
1x Lead Link (CbtC)
1x Valyrian Steel Link (HtS)2x Flame-Kissed (Core)
2x Dragon Skull (CoS)
Events 7
3x Narrow Escape (KotStorm)
2x Dragon Attack (ACoS)
2x Forever Burning (Core)

Team : Higgs Exist
Player : Patellis, Grigoris
House :

House Lannister (Core)
Agenda :

City of Shadows (CoS)
Let My Porridge Fly (PotS)
The Breaking of Oaths (KotS)
City of Spiders (TftRK)
City of Lies (CoS)
Summoning Season (Core)
Take Them by Surprise (LoW)
Loyalty Money Can Buy (QoD)
Characters 27
3x Cersei Lannister (AToT)
3x Mountain Refugee (RoW)
2x Ser Jaime Lannister (TTotH)
2x Jhalabar Xho (TWot5K)
2x Tywin Lannister (TTotH)
2x Tyrion Lannister (CoS)
2x Enemy Informer (Core)
2x Syrio Forel (TftRK)
1x Qyburn (SaS)
2x Varys (SaS)
2x The Queen of Thorns (TftRK)
2x Ser Mandon Moore (TBoBB)
2x Arya Stark (CoS)
Locations 16
3x Kingdom of Shadows (KotS)
1x Queen Cersei's Chambers (Core)
2x Lannisport Brothel (Core)
2x Alchemist's Guild Hall (TBoBB)
3x The Goldroad (Core)
3x The Roseroad (KotStorm)
2x Sunset Sea (Core)
Attachments 17
3x Flogged and Chained (TftRK)
3x Head of a Dwarf (RoW)
3x Slander and Lies (HtS)
3x Gutter Rat's Cunning (Core)
3x Pyromancer's Cache (TWot5K)
2x Bodyguard (Core)
Events 2
2x Distinct Mastery (Core)

That's all from us, for now... :) Hope you enjoyed the report.


Nobody loves the stags anymore :D
We love them in Melee!
Great write-up. Thanks for sharing!
Thanks a lot Zordren :)
hey guys i will be in athens for a month anywhere u guys gather to play frequently?