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Undefeated in Varberg Morgulis a report

Varberg Morgulis Maesters Stark Winner

Hi! My name is Pontus “Chochem” Strimling and I recently won Varberg Morgulis. You may not know me put I am part of the Swedish meta (team captain last and I have played the only game that matters for 2,5 years now. I am a creative deckbuilder and crappy tournament player. My decks are usually at their best when a Jamie player rains them in from chaotic entity to lean mean fighting machines. For instance the overall champion in last year’s Stahleck, Andreas Rybeck, played decks I thought up both in joust and melee. The decks had after my creation been improved on in joint work with him and Jacob Hultman which is no doubt what made them excellent. Last Saturday however I managed to take a deck that had not been trimmed down and pilot it myself into a string of undefeated games leaving me as the new Swedish champion. This is the story about how it all went down.

A short round by round walk through.

Round 1 Even Targ AAA (FoW)
He managed to get three dragons out in the first two rounds. However I got chains round one and played threat from the north in the second round which allowed me to get rid of all three. After this there really was no coming back.

Round 2 Martin Greyjoy KoS (S&D)
A quick start that gave him 5power and a well-placed forgotten plans against Threat put Martin in a good spot. But I had some chains and after I put in the white raven in the challenge phase and used the kings road to empty his hand he now was in the delicate position of top decking one card. I won the game shortly after.

Round 3 Mikael stark DWDW (Meera)
I don’t remember much about this game except that I set up Northern Patriarch and it kept him from getting started. Mikael is a great guy and I probably enjoyed the company to much to focus in on the important parts of the game. However I did win so onwards and upwards.

Roun4 Greayjoy NA (Search and detain)
A strong start for Grejoy killing of all my claim soaks with Theon and Vicatarion which left me in a scary situation. I was left with only Luwin and a northen pathriarch and that Theon was looking mighty hungry. So I Searched for Nymaria against his Search and detain. I put her on the northen patriarch so that neither of my Characters could be sent to hand which ensured that my master would survive Theon. After that I could just mass marshal and control the game.

Round 5 Tamás Targ DWDW (Danny)
Lead link took care of his big guys (Mad king and Danny) and I gained control over the game. Being the fantastic player he is, he managed to hang in there and with a lot of exciting tricks kept me from getting to 15. My first modified win of the day.

Round 6 Andreas Martell NA (venomous blade)
This was A great game with one of my favorite players. The high point was when he played Game of Cyrvass and we started to duel with our Harrenhals until the table was almost empty. I had enough to gain my points but not enough to get rid of my chains and the game ended when I had one chain left and lots of power. This according to the messy rules of Agot means I cannot win but since I had the most points I do not loose and it’s a draw.

I had gone through the Swiss undefeated! And I felt like the deck was singing the right way every game. Top 8 here we go!

Quarter finals Per. Lannister DWDW (Castellan)
Sadly Per’s deck did not want to cooperate. He had to mulligan after getting 6 events in his hand and got a set up with no locations. He had Tommen, a moneylender and Margery. I searched for Grey Wind and killed Tommen. I then used dissension on the moneylender in my marshaling leaving him with Margery when his marshaling started. He got a few runts out and one economy location. He had some tricks but I had a Harrenhall that canceled them. The game never really got rolling.

Semifinals against Jonas REMATCH!
I felt semi confident after beating Jonas deck earlier the same day but I should not have been. He marshaled Euron and proceeded to equip him with a Red rain. This fantastic attachment managed to get rid of my Luwin (even if it cost him the two characters that he had to offer up to the sad deity that is Harrenhall.) Thankfully a frozen soldid ended the rein of the red rain the next round. I had some ground to cover after losing the two chains that where on Luwin. I started building up a conclave which has the drawback that they cannot stand from the followers of the many faced god so I mainly used him to draw two cards a turn. However after discarding Euron and Asha during the threat round I had room to claw myself back into the driving seat. I won in the end of a long struggle.

Final against Johannes Lannister NA (Castellan)
This was appropriately the toughest game of the day. Johannes got a semi decent set up with among others Tommen so I searched for Grey wind killed his draw and then stole Alleras with Ygritte. I was feeling good and thought I would be able to repeat the game I had against Per. Boy was I wrong. Johannes exploded into an absurd marshaling spitting out character after character and kneeling my stuff in the process. At the end of the first round I only had Luwin left and I had lost half my hand. The first two rounds I send out everything I got and was rebuffed and controlled. The third round had a crucial plot choice. Either Johannes would Valar or play Cersei’s scheme. After an intense guessing game I decided it was the latter and played forgotten plans. I was correct and under the guise of his blanked plot I was able to finally stand up and get my chains. With chains and my anti valar plots still remaining in my deck I could control the table and take home my last victory of the day.

I ended up the winner and it was mostly because of the deck. Especially the latter half of my matches was filled with small albeit not fatal mistakes. As with all maester decks there is an easy recipe. Get chains, keep the maester alive and the rest will follow.

Thank you for reading my tourney report I will end with some shout outs. Thanks to all fantastic players both from near and far it was a pleasure to spend a weekend in your company. Thanks to the organizers (Jakob, Samuel and Andreas) for unbelievably well-arranged tournament. Everything, the prize support, the stream and the sleeping arrangement, was excellent. I recommend everyone to go next year, I certainly will. And then lastly Martin Carlsson for all the moral support he gave me keeping me focused and making sure that my fumble fingers did not trip up my lovely deck.

The dek is posted on agotcards http://www.agotcards...eck/build/73051
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Sep 24 2015 08:51 PM