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The White Book S6E12- 222

The White Book Podcast Kennon Pulseglazer Fauxintel

This week Will, Aaron, and Roy bring you a new preview card and the first of our new player directed episode- this time on 2ED deckbuilding!

Music: Townfish by Spinozar

Attached Image: renly.jpg
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Yeah I figured as much about the plot choice. I think the deck creates its far amount of CA with good draw, challenge and manipulation. I will put the deck together and try it out, seems like a cool concept. I have been amazed by Loras the last week, at first Tarly is the lynchpin but Loras is so good in winning challenges and is cheaper to boot.
Oct 21 2015 05:03 PM
Here's what I made last night before you posted your list:

I have a hard time leaving Confiscation out of this deck. I've played similar decks without Confiscation and I always end up in some 7+ turn game where my staples are milked for 5-7 turns. I guess you can Varys and then dig him out of the bin with Reinforcements although that's gonna sting a little if he already had a dupe.

I also felt like I could use a Sneak Attack as another opportunity to get out Varys. If you haven't seen a second Roseroad it's going to be hard to get him out sometimes unless you hang onto that CtB.

I went for a toolboxy approach with a little of everything and the idea being to olenna (sometimes for free) or bear into either voltron parts or hoser events but I haven't actually tried it yet. Probably being too greedy with the sword and tears.

Anyways, thanks for the list! I'll give this a whirl. Tbh, I'm interested in this because like that poster above I want to get my money's worth out of my plots and this plays 3 that I don't use that often, heh

Re: Wamma. Thanks for the kind words about my guest hostness. It is much, much appreciated. As is your comment.


What I've found so far with the core set card pool is that it is extremely difficult to really build decks that clearly fall into the standard card game archetypes - control, rush, etc. The main issue is that there is (understandably) not enough redundancy or efficiency in the core set to reliably rush your opponent down in 1 to 2 plots or get the full-lock down of a control deck. The closest is the Bara fealty deck that everyone hates. Bara has such an amazingly efficient AND redundant kneel package (recycled Lightbringer!) to really be called a control deck (or aggro-control).* But even here the level of variance is much higher than one would like.


What's this means to me is that most 2.0 decks at the moment are tempo decks (in the sense that both Will and I use it on the 'cast). The best decks maintain that necessary tempo in one of two ways to me - either through the plot deck or by pushing the cost-curve low and using powerful events. This is why I think Aaron's schema - particularly the "gold" v. "micro curve" - really works. I believe that as card pool grows it won't really hold up and we will be able to fall back into more comfortable designations.


In particular to Wamma's excellent Tyrell list (for real, I like the deck a lot). I believe it falls pretty comfortably under our "micro curve" category. It runs powerful plots and some solid tricks (Growing Strong is pain the ass) while keeping the cost curve low. I like the trick of using B&MF as way to smooth out economic variance. But I am not sure if we can fully designate it a control deck. But that could easily just be ignorance. Have you found it consistently able to completely lock down the board and control the flow of the game?


All and all I believe that our positions are not far apart.


*Bara/Martell makes this even worse.

This was a great cast and I learned a lot. It did, however, reignite a fear. I stopped playing 1.0 because I felt that the more cards they printed the fewer were played. Now, to hear y'all say something like, "Here are the 5 plots that have to go in every deck" freaks me out because it was that type of thinking that got me bored of 1.0.


Maybe this is just a natural and unavoidable byproduct of the game. But that's, like, 18 plots (at least) that no one will ever play from the core. Why print them to begin with?


Thanks again, gents. 




I think this is just the nature of the game at the highest competitive level. There are only a set number of plots that are efficient or impactful enough to be played at an event like GenCon or Worlds.


That is not say non-top plots are a "waste," however. They may be great in a jankey combo or a theme deck (not that we have many of those in a pure core environment).


THAT SAID - it is in the nature of card game design to print "bad" cards. How else are players to tell which ones are good?

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Oct 21 2015 10:23 PM

I'm late in commenting, but I wanted to leave some very positive feedback for this episode.  Great discussion and very solid analysis.  Your best episode as the White Book.

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Thanks so much!

Late joiner, but thanks a lot for the podcast and discussion that followed. Plenty to get me started