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Tyrell Second Cycle Review (By Luke Wortley)

Got time for a big ass article about Tyrell?

Who am I kidding, of course you do!

Luke Wortley takes a break from the White Book to give us his thoughts on Tyrell and, as always, he does it with style (and the appropriate amount of hipsterism).

I hope you all enjoy it. Please leave your comment below :D.

Join us for the fourth review of this cycle on February 21st, when Brandon Zimmer (mnBroncos on the forums) visits to provide his thoughts on the faction known as Martell!


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Good article, I only think that Renly's Pavilion is currently underrated. 

I agree. Its up there with Renly for the best Tyrell in the cycle.

Criminally underrated Renly's Pavillion and Brienne. No way either of those cards should have been behind Caswell's Keep (which isn't a terrible card mind you, but not game-altering), and I'd rate both of them ahead of Knight of Summer as well (though also not a bad card).

Nice article!

I agree with the most part, although I am usually not that great fan of Renly as you do.

Yeah I think Renly's pavilon is a bit underrated if I would make a list I'd put it in the top five instead of the crown. The latter was sometimes a dead card in my hand in Stahleck if Lords didn't show up in time. Of course it's great with Randyll and Renly, but the opponent can predict it easily. Maybe I give it a go again with Rains agenda that I haven't tried yet as Tyrell.


Thanks for pointing out Rose of Gold, I will try it maybe instead of Arbor red. I am also experimenting with the Host, I hope it gets better later with some Army boost :)