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The Battle of Hoth Light Side Review

Star Wars Review

Today we are going to take a look at the Light Side cards in the (sort of) recent Force Pack The Battle of Hoth. Let us know in the comments what you think of the cards.

Attack Pattern Delta (59-1) - 3/5
This is nice. I enjoy the suspense of whether the ability will bear fruit or not, and I love seeing something like the Escort (i.e., something with protect) hit the board for free. It is important to get your timing down right with this card, in order to take maximum advantage of its ability. Given the deck that it obviously fits into, and the prevalence of Sith archetypes as DS competitive favorites, the drawback seems minimal. But, that could certainly change.

Rogue Leader (59-2) - 2/5
This is a decent supporting card. It is a speeder, the icon is not edge-dependent, and blast damage is always welcome.

Rogue Two (59-3) - 2/5
This unit is not ideal, but not awful. The main draw with this objective set seems to be the ability on the objective itself, and that it simply provides more speeders. The cost is low, so it can't be too amazing I suppose. But, I would have liked to have seen this be 3-cost, and perhaps add a black blast icon.

Snowspeeder (59-4) - 2/5
Nothing to see here. Another of these wonderfully mediocre supporting units.

Battle of Hoth (59-6) - 3/5
It goes off before DS Target of Opportunity in an edge stack, which is unfortunate. But, the three force icons always make this card a serious edge stack threat.

Overall - 2.5/5

Undercover Dealings (60-1) - 3/5
I like this ability, and can see it fitting in to a competitive deck archetype in the future sometime. I wonder if there are some multiplayer shenanigans that will be possible here...

Shadow Operative (60-2) - 2/5
Minor support card, to be sure. Attack with it and then just return it to hand if you lose the edge battle? That's fine, as long as you have another edge battle coming up, or don't want to discard any of the other cards that will also be in your hand when your turn rolls around. It is weak, as a support card should be, and I give it a 2 simply because it provides options.

Hold-out Blaster (60-4) - 3/5
A part of me wants to believe that this will be amazing on someone and in some deck. All I want is a Han with an Old Ben's Spirit, a Trust Your Feelings, and a Hold-out Blaster on him; is that too much to ask for? It is a weapon, so there are ways to hunt for it. But, playing into this type of a theme can quickly take you down a non-competitive road. Building a super unit is fun, as many of us experienced in the early days by getting a bunch of attachments on Yoda and wrecking someone. I view this as a sort of novelty for the moment. When it works, it could be awesome, but it won't work the way you want it to very often.

Narrow Escape (60-5) - 2/5
Like RedSquadronK mentions, I always feel too resources starved when playing a lot of S&S. The effect can certainly be strong. But, holding back two resources could mean trouble. It does have two force icons, which is nice; if you are able to hold back and pay for it in the early game, great -- if not, it is a significant edge stack contributor.

Tactical Retreat (60-6) - 2/5
I still don't know exactly how to feel about this card. In the games that I have played with this set, I don't think that I have used it much; I feel like I am usually cycling it through edge stacks or discarding it to try to draw into my heavy-hitting units. It could have its applications though. You attack with Han, knowing that they are holding a Force Lightning. After you strike, you get the first action, so you bounce him back to your hand.

Overall - 2/5

Hold the Line! (61-1) - 2/5
The resources can be nice, but the 4 damage capacity is a big downside, obviously. When I look at the features of this objective, I think, "Hmmm. This set must have something amazingly good in it. Something so good that giving it a damage capacity of 5 with those 2 resources would have made it just too great." But, then you look inside and don't see that amazing epic goodness.

Hoth Rearguard (61-2) - 2/5
Expensive. No blast damage. Protect Hoth can be nice, and the non-edge dependent unit damage is nice. But, I always hesitate to add too much of a defense component into LS decks, since LS must be aggressive to win. Adding some solid defense on DS makes more sense, since that can be a win condition. Also, the fact that there are three of them makes this set less appealing, in my opinion. Sure, you can run it as a 1x, but LS has enough strong and solid objective sets that it would be hard to make room for this, even then. Maybe someone will prove me wrong.

Coordinated Strike (61-5) - 2/5
I think that this could have been zero-cost, especially given the composition of the rest of this set. First, you have to hold back a resource to play it. Second, you have to have two units in an engagement. This could be good sometimes, but the card is not great. It might be different if it were already a part of some amazing objective set, but it isn't.

Battle of Hoth (61-6) - 2/5
You again. Nothing new to see here.

Overall - 2/5

Attack Pattern Delta (59-1) - 4/5
In the right deck this objective can be HUGE. With the amount of 2 cost vehicle units a typical Rebel deck can field this should be a useful effect a rather large portion of the time. Additionally since it is able to be used on your opponents turn it gives Rebel decks access to a decent defensive mechanism as well if needed. While you will never be able to guarantee this working every time, just the fear of it working should be enough to strike fear into your opponent.

Rogue Leader (59-2) - 1/5
For being the leader of the Rogue speeder force on Hoth this guy is pretty sub-par. True he only costs one so at least he isn't a huge cost investment, but at only one health and one objective damage he isn't winning any offensive awards either. With how restrictive his ability is I also don't foresee him being a reliable enough way to gain a tactics icon for a Speeder deck. Overall his utility is just as a cheap speeder to help fuel Hoth Operations or Attack Pattern Delta.

Rogue Two (59-3) - 4/5
Now this is what I was hoping for in a Speeder unit! A cheap two health unit that has some impressive offensive capabilities. Rogue Two really epitomizes the "swarm" tactic of Speeder decks, as he has amazing synergy in combination with other Speeders and also with Hoth Operations. There really isn't much more you could ask for in such a solid addition to the Speeder suite.

Snowspeeder (59-4) - 3/5
Yay more speeders!!

Snowspeeder Launch Bay (59-5) - 3/5
Having extra resources is never a bad thing, especially in a swarm deck. The added bonus of the Reaction ability is nice, but at times could be completely useless against certain decks.

Battle of Hoth (59-6) - 3/5
High edge icons, damage dealing/removal.... need I say more?

Overall: 3/5

Undercover Dealings (60-1) - 3/5
Talk about a two edge sword, getting to draw extra cards is always a fantastic advantage but having that tied into having fewer units on the board isn't always a good position to be in. Most Light Side strategies focus around overwhelming numbers to roll over your opponent, this is especially true with most Smuggler builds currently. In theory this objective provides a decent advantage, but actually building and playing to it specifically doesn't seem like the best plan at the current time.

2x Shadow Operative (60-2) - 1/5
If this unit's ability had been an Interrupt I would have really liked this card because of the random things you could have pulled off. As it stands it is a sub-par one cost unit that will likely die and have next to no effect on a game.

Hold-out Blaster (60-4) - 2/5
This whole "fewer units" theme that the objective set is stressing seems counter intuitive to how most players are going to play the game. The ability on the card that doubles combat icons has the potential to swing games in a single strike. Han Solo with four unit damage and targeted strike? Yes please. But the major downfall of the Hold-out Blaster is that it is in a sub-par objective set, that relies much too heavily on your opponent having board advantage to gain anything in your favor.

Narrow Escape (60-5) - 5/5
Narrow Escape is the craziest Event card to date for two main reasons. First is the pure insanity of being able to redirect an ability back at your opponent, no one is going to say no to redirecting a Force Lightning back at Palpatine or Vader. The second reason I like this card so much is the pure swing advantage it can give you in a game. This card is the true embodiment of a two for one swing in your favor. Not only are you saving your units from whatever the current effect is, but you are also potentially punishing your opponent as well. Sadly Narrow Escape comes in an objective set I would more than likely never run, otherwise Dark Side better watch out for this game changer.

Tactical Retreat (60-6) - 1/5
Yet another "meh" card that has uses but the downside of losing board advantage is too great. True there are some neat tricks you can do with this card in combination with enter/leave play effects, but is it really worth it is the question you have to ask yourself anytime you would want to play this card.

Overall - 2/5

Hold the Line! (61-1) - 3/5
A four health objective that provides two resources seems pretty solid, and the fact that it has the Hoth trait just raises its value.

3x Hoth Rearguard (61-2) - 2/5
I really like the Hoth Rearguards until I see their price, then all interest I had in them slowly fades away. At three cost I would want either three health or shielding, instead I get the Protect Hoth keyword. In theory this should be rather strong as it will let me keep objective damage from being applied, but is that truly worth the cost? If these guys had been one health more or one cost less I would have a much higher opinion of them.

Coordinated Strike (61-5) - 4/5
By far the best card in the objective set because it plays perfectly into the theme we have seen across most of the Hoth sets to date. If you look back you will see that pretty much all units from Light Side Hoth sets have decent icons, low health, prefer to attack in large swarms, and few tactics icons. This means they are vulnerable to the back and forth striking aspect of most engagements. By being able to strike back to back you open up quite a few doors that can lead to victory. I wouldn't say this card is worth running the objective set for, but it is definitely a neat combat trick.

Battle of Hoth (61-6) - 3/5
High edge icons, damage dealing/removal.... need I say more?

Overall - 2/5

Attack Pattern Delta (59-1) - 3/5
Regular stats, but it's a very interesting ability. The "have more Hoth" objectives have always felt like a bit of a gamble in the past, and this ability is a further roll of the dice. Sure, you can build your deck around 2-cost Vehicles so this can accelerate your board swarm big time. I haven't had luck with it thus far, but the potential is certainly there.

Rogue Leader (59-2) - 2/5
Pretty blah, in my opinion. Nice to have a different resource option, but he's very vulnerable and has mediocre icons even when buffed.

Rogue Two (59-3) - 4/5
The star of the set, he can do huge amounts of damage if you get your speeders swarming. Since the objective damage is edge dependent it becomes a little trickier, but for 2-cost this guy is golden.

Snowspeeder (59-4) - 2/5
They are fine, really only worthwhile because of the Speeder trait.

Snowspeeder Launch Bay (59-5) - 4/5
Any resource is a good resource. And this ability can just shutdown Walkers completely. Blizzard Force AT-STs are just killed for free with this. Bigger targets at least take some damage or hopefully double focus. I'm not a big fan of cards that counter a specific niche, but this certainly does that well.

Battle of Hoth (59-6) - 3/5
Fine, as always.

Overall - 3/5
It's good support for the Speeders but feels stuck to that deck. Speeders really benefit from the Hoth objectives, so it'll be interesting to see in the future if they get played more when people are (assumedly) playing less DS Hoth or if they'll be played less as more non-Hoth options surface for the LS.

Undercover Dealings (60-1) - 3/5
I really like this objective, but there are some issues. For one thing, it's not one that stacks, so it can be a little annoying to have two out. An even bigger issue is that I would love to use my new full hand to defend, but the kinds of decks this goes in will often not have anyone (or anyone good) left back to defend, especially if you have less units than the opponent. Still enjoy it for the card draw, but not broken by any means.

Shadow Operative (60-2) - 4/5
At first I was a little lukewarm on these guys, but after using them I like 'em a lot. S&S are often feeling like they could use a few more blast damage and these guys can fill in that gap. They also have some very nice tricks if you know your action windows and use the many tricks available to S&S.

Hold-out Blaster (60-4) - 5/5
This is such a cool card. Han or Chewie wreck everything if they have it and it's turned on. Even Cloud City Operatives become potent controllers of the board when they get that second tactics icon. But what I also love, is that once you use Han to wreck their board and clear everything out, it turns off so that it doesn't just let you completely stomp. Really well designed and potentially powerful card, love it.

Narrow Escape (60-5) - 3/5
This is such a strong effect and feels like an incredible counter to so many big, swingy cards like Force Lightning, Superlaser Blast, and The Desolation of Hoth. But despite playing this objective set a lot since its release, I have yet to actually play this card. S&S are usually just too resource starved (or at least my decks are) to be able to afford 2 on the opponent's turn. Maybe I'm just greedy playing all my units down, but the cost really hinders the card for me.

Tactical Retreat (60-6) - 3/5
Bet you'll never guess my complaint with this. That's right, I wish it cost less. I understand that it has to cost 1 because it says any number, but I would've preferred them to just reprint Fall Back!.

Overall - 4/5
This is my favorite set of the pack because it has so many cool tricks. It seems pretty unassuming at first, but it's great fun bouncing things back and forth from your hand, powering up the Holdout Blaster. It also has a lot of potential to grow in synergy as we get more cards that could benefit from some sneakiness.

Hold the Line! (61-1) - 3/5
Usually the 4 health would be a pretty big liability, but considering what's in the rest of the set it seems acceptable from the 2 resources you get.

Hoth Rearguard (61-2) - 3/5
A little expensive, but Protect Hoth opens up some very interesting options. As others pointed out on the boards, this means you can Protect the damage Echo Base Shield Generator would put on itself. The amount you can Protect also gets ridiculous with the Hoth Survival Gear, making them soak almost another objective's worth of damage. They can also be decent defenders in a pinch, or at the very least try to sit on the Force.

Coordinated Strike (61-5) - 2/5
When it's useful, it can swing the game so you win. But most of the time it feels like this is just a dead card. Definitely a great idea, but pretty limited use.

Battle of Hoth (61-6) - 3/5
Same old same cold.

Overall - 2/5
As I said above, Protect Hoth is an interesting trait, but not necessarily a powerful one (especially for the cost). And with 3 Hoth Rearguard per set, I don't think I would ever run 2 copies of this objective. But then at that point, I think there are more effective options for defending your Hoth objectives (Echo Base Defense and Sensors Are Placed).

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