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The Mos Eisley Mafia: SWCLG "Promise of Power" Force Pack Review - Light Side

Star Wars LCG Community Review doctormungmung yodaman pantsyg Rio Majestaat Yodas Hut

-doctormungmung, Massachussets' evil genius;
-yodaman, he who you seek when numbers are involved;
-pantsyg, jankmaster general;
-Rio, prophet of falling and rising skies;
-Majestaat, the one to blame for typos and delayed articles.

It's to be noted that due to the SW:LCG's unique way of deckbuilding, it's impossible to just pick the stronger cards. You're likely to stick with some undesirable cards no matter what. Hence, the different scores could be seen (more or less) as:
1 – Poor – Edge fodder. Drops the total value of its objective set.
2 – Bad – Most likely edge fodder. Either too situational or clearly not strong enough for its cost.
3 – Average – Not stellar but does its job decently.
4 – Good – Solid card with guaranteed impact.
5 – Great – Gamechangers you will always be glad to see and play, if able.
* = indicates unique card.

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Top 5 LS Cards (so many ties at 23.5 points):
1 – Twilight of the Apprentice, with 23.5 out of 25 possible points.
2 – *Cikatro Vizago (The Broken Horn), with 23.5 out of 25 possible points.
3 – Payback (The Broken Horn), with 23.5 out of 25 possible points.
4 – Allies of Necessity (The Broken Horn), with 23.5 out of 25 possible points.
5 – *"Old Master" (Twilight of the Apprentice), with 23 out of 25 possible points.

Top 5 DS Cards:
1 – Chain Reaction (Double-Crossing Droid), with 24 out of 25 possible points.
2 – *The Seventh Sister (Order of Inquisitors), with 23 out of 25 possible points.
3&4 – Allies of Necessity (Support of the Fleet & Double-Crossing Droid), with 22.5 out of 25 possible points.
5 – *The Fifth Brother (Order of Inquisitors), with 21.5 out of 25 possible points.

Overall best rated Objective Set:
Twilight of the Apprentice, with 22.5 out of 25 possible points.


Twilight of the Apprentice (285-1): 23.5 out of 25 possible points.
Posted Image

doctormungmung (4/5) – During a game, the balance of the force will change sides on average about half a dozen times. That’s six cards you get to draw, or about a tenth of your deck. That can be pretty substantial over the long haul. While the impact might not seem like much on the small scale, in the grand scheme of things, it will help smooth out your deck’s operations. Most frequently you’ll get to draw a card turn one, which gives you a slight advantage in that you can pitch the card just drawn instead of risking a discard from your hand for the unknown quantity that you would have drawn had you not gotten the draw on the force change. Confusing?

yodaman (4.5/5) – Card draw is always good and the balance of the Force typically changes multiple times throughout the game. Whether it’s just giving you an extra card for defense or giving you another option to help figure out what to keep or discard if it happens going into your own turn, this is a useful objective ability.

pantsyg (5/5) – Drawing cards is always a good effect. These days the Force tends to bounce back and forth between players most turns, especially in the early game, so this is a very reliable draw engine—and one that will often draw you a card going into the opponent’s turn, a very strong timing.

Rio (5/5) – Draw effects are always good. This nets you a card before turn 1, then a card on your turn 1. Its good, really good, I think I’ve gotten a reaction from this objective on every turn. This is consistent reliable draw. It’s a lot like Asteroid Sanctuary except you don’t have to discard in edge to get the effect. I actually think it’s too powerful at 5 health…

Majestaat (5/5) – Free draw for letting the game takes its natural course, in which the Balance of the Force goes back and forth at least once per turn. Much more with, say, The Forgotten Masters in play.
But getting a single card per turn is good enough already.
And if the DS decides to ignore the Force for any reason, then you get free damage on their objectives instead. Can't see anything to dislike here.

*Ezra Bridger (285-2): 21 out of 25 possible points.
Posted Image

doctormungmung (4/5) – I maintain that I hate Ezra as a character in the story, with the exception of the plot arc that is depicted in this set. So already he’s the best Ezra we could ever get just due to that. He’s still super efficient as a two drop, with two black icons and three health. It’s a little challenging to get the most out of his text, but typically, he’ll have nothing on offense, or have edge one for defense, and usually he’ll be elite when you go to refresh him. That last bit along is very nice. And of course, he’s a force user and Specter, two of the best keywords to have in the game. Stupid Ezra, why couldn’t you have continued down your dark path…

yodaman (4/5) – The newest version of Ezra is definitely cost effective. For 2 cost you get a Unique Force User who’s also part of the Specter team. He’s got two force icons and two black combat icons (a blast and a gun) and 2 health. His ability is useful no matter what happens since you get Edge 1 if you have balance and he’s elite if DS has balance. Coupled with Forgotten Masters or other effects that let you switch balance mid-turn, he’s going to be effective no matter who has the Force.

pantsyg (4/5) – He doesn’t look like much, but black blast on 2-drops is very welcome. Both of his keywords are solid, though he’ll probably spend more time elite than edge (1) on your turn unless you’ve got a solid lock on the Force. Still, he makes a cheap attacker or Force hound. Worth mentioning the art, which is a million times better than on his previous version.

Rio (5/5) – The “main” of the pod. A 2 cost 3 health 2 black icons unit is strong. His abilities are also fun, while the LS has the force he has edge 1 and when the DS has the force he has elite. So he will mostly have edge on defense and elite on the LS turn. That’s solid for him, because if he is committed to the force at the start of the LS turn and double focused the elite kicks in. Another cool thing is that he is a Specter unit, which means he gets to play in all the cool Specter games. Hera, Bo Rifles, and Ghost. Very solid unit, and way better than the other Ezra.

Majestaat (4/5) – Even with blank text, this new Ezra would be good value for his cost, having two pips, two black icons, three health and relevant traits. But he can also gain edge or elite depending on who has the Force. In practice, this means Ezra is usually elite when it matters (your refresh phase), and seldom gets the edge bonus. Not that he needs it, thanks to his good base stats, but if you can gain it during offense, it can be a big help for your other units.

*"Old Master" (285-3): 23 out of 25 possible points.
Posted Image

doctormungmung (4/5) – Maul!!! I love that we get this guy in the final pack of the game. He’s always been steeped in “super cool” ever since he first showed up on the scene. I love the fact that he got a second life in the animated world, and while some of the earlier things were pretty hokey (Majestaat's note: "Spider-Maul, Spider-Maul!"), after they figured out who he was, he got some great story to go through. His card I think captures that. He’s neutral, so he’s not benefiting from any affiliation effects, and he can’t help the LS hold the force, which is super thematic. But he’s got great icons when winning an edge battle, and for four cost, he’s decent to fantastic, depending on where the force is. Black tactics is always great, particularly with the health to stick around a while. But if the DS is dominant, hoo-boy. Black tactics, two guns, targeted strike and elite means that he’s clearing the way for whatever offense you want to put together.

yodaman (4/5) – This is a very interesting unit. He’s got 3 Force icons but he can’t be committed to the Force which is a drawback. He really shines when DS has balance since he gets elite, targeted strike and a black gun. Even so, a Black Tactics is always great and, if you can win the edge battle, you can make use of his gun and blast.

pantsyg (5/5) – I love the design of this card! Since DS will likely have the Force during your turn, he’s generally going to be swinging with his full complement of buffs. Targeted Strike in particular is very valuable for LS. Aesthetically his neutral-ness sucks as it makes his card a little visually boring, but mechanical this means he’s always making Allies of Necessity operate any time he’s attacking with another unit.

Rio (5/5) – This guy is interesting, he gets way better when the DS has the force, waaaay better. On the surface a 4 cost 3 health unit with a black tactic, white gun, and white bomb would be trash. However his first line of text is better than most would realize (especially in the current meta) HE CANNOT BE COMMITED TO THE FORCE, that means he is Bane proof, Echoes proof, and Force Manipulation proof. That’s pretty powerful, you know going into an edge battle against Force Hunters this dude won’t die after. Also if the DS has the force (which they do most of the time on the LS’s turn) he becomes elite, gains targeted strike, and a black gun. That means he can take care of 2 units on the board one with his tactic and the other with the targeted strike, also this guy is neutral so he will gain a gun from Hera and he can interact with Allies. “Old Master” is a powerhouse of a unit. He has a fun thematic ability that is quite strong, and has lots of interactions with other cards that are currently popular in the meta.

Majestaat (5/5) – Okay, here's someone who might actually make the DS reconsider when wanting to take the Force. The Old Master is kinda weak if you're getting a hold of the Force. But should the DS snatch it -like it's normally the case by the end of their turn-, he becomes really scary, gaining elite, targeted strike and an extra gun to make that last keyword all the more relevant. More often than not, he's a superb attacker, who's great at clearing the rest of your army.

*Ezra's Lightsaber (285-4): 21.5 out of 25 possible points.
Posted Image

doctormungmung (4/5) – Sticking with the theme of different effects depending on the balance of the force, we get a lightsaber that is well worth it’s cost. The LS effect is nice, protecting a key unit from a DS event, but typically the balance will be with the DS more often than not, so it’s harder to rely on that effect. I think the DS effect is really where this thing shines, though. Adding in a gun and a tactics makes Ezra super super efficient for his cost, and turns Maul into a Vader/Emperor stand in on the LS with three guns, targeted strike and two tactics. That’s just so much fun when it happens.

yodaman (4/5) – Ezra’s Saber fits with the theme of this whole set in that you get different benefits depending on who has balance. When Balance is with the LS, the unit it’s on can’t be targeted by enemy events, which is good. But really, the bigger benefit is when the balance is with the DS, since it gives the unit an extra black gun and white tactics. Two force icons is pretty typical for the 1 cost lightsaber.

pantsyg (5/5) – Sabers have been really hit or miss in this game, but this one is a big hit. Gun and tactics is a super solid deal for 1, and the DS definitely isn’t going to sandbag the Force struggle just to turn this off on your turn. Immune to events is nothing to sniff at, either. Great enhancement.

Rio (4/5) – This card continues the theme of the pod, it has 2 abilities one when the LS controls the force and another when the DS controls the force. The LS ability is a defensive one, so if the LS controls the force on the DS turn (again the usually do) the unit can’t be targeted by events which kills cards like “Captured” and anything else that targets and can only be played during the DS turn. The aggressive side while the DS controls the force is an extra gun and a white tactic. This card is ideal on any targeted striker, like core Luke or “Old Master” but it is solid on any Force User as well. But like any enhancement you really don’t want to hang on to it too long in hand, so it has 2 pips for an edge battle.

Majestaat (4.5/5) – It's cheap, has two pips and enough utility packed into it that -unlike other lightsabers- doesn't require you to equip this to its "legitimate owner". Plus you get two force users in this set to make it all the more playable.
Under normal circumstances, it grants some protection against events while you're on attack; and bonus combat icons when you're defending. With an extra black gun and a white tactics, almost anybody can become a super scary defender.

Use your Power (285-5): 18 out of 25 possible points.
Posted Image

doctormungmung (2/5) – On the surface, this card is great for being able to turn on the balance effect you want, or to flip the force back first turn after the DS takes it (or any turn, really) to get the damage ping. But the restriction on a non-Jedi resource can be kind of hard to pull off, considering that you can’t use an influence resource as well any other Jedi resource you have out there. Therefore you really can’t use this card in any Jedi heavy deck, which is great for theme, but bad for functionality. It’s also got crappy edge.

yodaman (4/5) – This is a neat 1-cost event that fits the theme of the deck. Only one force icon means it’s not much in edge if you don’t have a use for it, but situationally it can be really good to turn on different abilities based on which side you want the balance to be on. There is a drawback in that you can’t use Jedi resources to pay for this, but that’s what Dagobah Training grounds are for.

pantsyg (5/5) – This rating probably seems nuts, but I think this card is bonkers. It’s basically pay 1 for a free damage on a DS objective if they take the Force from you. Yes, please.

Rio (3.5/5) – Pay one resource to flip the force. That seems good, the ideal time to play this is after the DS takes the force on their turn so you can get the free damage and hopefully 2 cards out of your objective. It’s a decent card and not too much to talk about with it. Just be mindful that you can’t use Jedi resources to pay for it, which I believe means influence as well….

Majestaat (3.5/5) – I like this card a lot in the context of this set, as it's easy extra draw with the objective, allows you to get the correct bonuses in the cards here, or generally, just screw the DS to steal the Force right after they took it, netting yourself some easy objective damage.
But it also has clear downsides, having a single pip, costing one and not being able to be paid with Jedi resources, all this in a set that doensn't have extra resources, so it's even harder to have a spare for this.

Echoes of the Force (285-6): 17 out of 25 possible points.
Posted Image

doctormungmung (3/5) – I’ve never been a huge fan of Echoes, but it certainly does have its uses. Just not on Maul. Getting Mara off the Force, putting a chud or non-elite main onto the Force on your opponent’s side, taking Palpatine off to win the force, etc. Or, the ever popular and effective multiple uses out of MTFBWY.

yodaman (4/5) – Echoes is always a useful fate card so it’s a nice addition here.

pantsyg (2/5) – One of the weaker Fate cards in my opinion unless combo’d with Seeds, though you can always use it to temporarily lock down a non-elite unit that gets into a fight. Thematically it makes sense here, but I want more Allies!

Rio (4/5) – I think this card is better on the DS, however it always is welcomed in Jedi, it combos nice with May the Force be with You. Saves a main from seeds, and could come in handy against a force hunter’s deck.

Majestaat (4/5) – Yeah, it's not the best fate card, but what can I say, I'm a sucker for it. If anything, a very interesting one to play with, allowing some cool plays that unfortunately may not have the greatest impact at the end of the day. Still, this seems like a nice fit in a set that puts so much emphasis on who controls the Force. I wonder if Allies of Necessity proved to be too strong here.

Overall: 22.5 out of 25 possible points.

doctormungmung (4/5) – The set itself is a little too inconsistent to get the highest marks, but it’s still super strong and a significant threat. Although on theme I’d rate this set as a 10 / 10. I really like how it captures the pull of the DS, and the benefits you can get from it, but also gives the LS some power of it’s own to make it more of a balancing act. If you can manipulate the balance the way you want, this set will be super powerful.

yodaman (4/5) – A decent way to finish off the Jedi sets for the game. It’s going to be useful, but the lack of a resource knocks it down a bit in my eyes. It definitely has a lot of internal synergy and has 10 Force icons. On the other hand, having 2 unique characters can be a bit of a drawback.

pantsyg (5/5) – This is a phenomenal aggressive set. You’re mainly taking it for Old Master, but all the parts of a classic set are there. I considered knocking it down a point for not having a resource, but in most decks you can easily make up for that.

Rio (5/5) – I love this set, I like it so much it made it into my LS deck at worlds this year. It was also in all the decks I tested, the free draw is extremely nice. Ezra is a cheap agro unit and “Old Master” is a beat stick. When this set was spoiled with the pack announcement I was a little underwhelmed, but this set works well when you play it. I’m excited to try it out in other more traditional Jedi decks as well. It comes with 2 Force Users to trigger Core Obi-Wans objective and could have crazy synergy with Tra Saa’s pod as well. Lots of options.

Majestaat (4.5/5) – Old Master is actually a very solid main most of the time, while Ezra is a glorified chud. Nothing wrong with that. So... good units, consistent draw, high edge and some nice utility cards. Only the lack of resource is an issue, but hey, it's all in all a fairly cheap set, so it's not the worst pod to lack an economic boost.

The Broken Horn (286-1): 22.5 out of 25 possible points.
Posted Image

doctormungmung (4/5) – Elite resources are super super good. This one will usually be at least two resources, perhaps up to five, if your opponent plays a mission. You’ll be rolling in credits. Although it is a bit squishy (as it should be), and while he’s not particularly popular at the moment, Tarkin is still a thing, and can shut down the resources during the deploy phase pretty easily, leaving you in the lurch. If it wasn’t for that vulnerability, this would be rated a 5 all the way.

yodaman (4.5/5) – Really the only drawback with this objective is its low health of 4.
But having an elite objective with the potential of it generating 4 resources thanks to the new “Broken Horn” affiliation is definitely strong.

pantsyg (5/5) – LS Spice Trade! In-faction with Falcon? I’ll take it. Realistically X is 2, and that’s more than enough. On rare occasions you’ll get more out of to pump out a big deploy turn.

Rio (4/5) – An elite objective, with a resource value of X where X is the amount of affiliations you control. So it’s always going to be 2. Ramp is always nice, this objective will allow you to consistently play the Falcon every turn. Which is a scary thing for the DS. However it does only have 4 health, and in a world where Energy Spiders are attacking every turn it could actually be a liability. There is also the Tarkin problem, he can blank the card during refresh to negate the elite or during deployment to make it worth 0 money. Maybe it’s worth the risk? Clearly It was to some, the pod made it into many top 16 lists at worlds. However I found to me it just didn’t perform, so it went from a 2x to a 1x to a 0x in my Falcon Jedi deck. Not saying it’s bad at all, I just thought the risk was greater than the reward.

Majestaat (5/5) – This is no Spice Trade, but it's still pretty good. Should never be producing less than two resources, so long as you're not running a Smuggler affiliation. We all know how disgusting Falcon is T1. This makes it an easy play without even having to weaken your T2.

*Cikatro Vizago (286-2): 23.5 out of 25 possible points.
Posted Image

doctormungmung (5/5) – Four cost, three pip, black tactics, shielding and edge 1 with three heath. All that’s missing is elite, and you’d have the perfect package. This guy is worth every one of his four cost. And getting him on the board enables his objective and turns on Allies of Necessity. So not only can he hold his own but he enables several great cards. Just try saying his name five times fast (or even spelling it).

yodaman (5/5) – Vizago is a very strong main. He’s got a black gun and black tactics along with a white gun and white blast for his 4 cost and 3 health, along with 3 pips. Edge [1] and Shielding are great additions and he also has the Broken Horn Affiliation which helps turn on the objective’s ability. Really the only drawback is he isn’t elite.

pantsyg (5/5) – Great stats, Edge and a black tactics with Shielding make him a very reliable hitter, if not huge on the damage side. I find his affiliation add hilarious. Probably best used to juice up Rex further, but a card I’m happy to draw any time.

Rio (3.5/5) – This is a beefy unit, he counts as “The Broken Horn” affiliation, so he can trigger all the fun affiliation shenanigans this cycle has given us. He has edge 1, shielding AND a black tactic (all his other icons are irrelevant). He is a strong presence on the board, however he is sorely missing elite, and this is a problem. Rex (who he will be paired with in most decks) also lacks elite and in smashing those 2 affiliations together you no longer have access to the refresh affiliation. He is a unit with 3 pips so he WANTS to be on the force in most decks that don’t include Yoda and yet he can’t be without losing the versatility of his shielding and tactic. I would’ve rather him not have Edge and have elite. He is a unit that doesn’t really know what it wants to do, he can do a lot of things but none of them extremely well and efficacy is the name of the game.

Majestaat (5/5) – Yikes, I certainly wouldn't have expected someone like Vizago to have such good stats in this game. Not like I'm complaining. A great icons spread that includes black tactics. Edge 1 for an easier time activating his white icons and even shielding. Pretty rare to see a unit with two keywords. All this makes him very threatening and incredibly hard to stop.
He also provides an extra resource to the objective. You probably won't need it, but hey, just having the option is nice.

IG-RM Bodyguard Droid (286-3&4): 17 out of 25 possible points.
Posted ImagePosted Image

doctormungmung (3/5) – These guys are basic chuds that will get you a card. As with the tech from the latest LS Hoth set, being able to get a card of your choice from a subset on the top of your deck is a powerful effect, so getting something like that for playing a chud ups their value. Unfortunately, unlike the tech, you can’t then stack your future draws. And in actuality, you’re not going to see the cards you didn’t choose again (unless you are playing with the Lady Luck’s set). If I did fractions, I think I’d rate these guys as 2.5, but I don’t want to go down that rabbit hole.

yodaman (3.5/5) – You get two of these droid chuds in the set. They come with okay combat icons; a black gun and white blast. Their reaction is a bit of a double edged sword though. While you’ll be able to add a card to your hand when you enter play and basically replace themselves, when you get to search more than 1 card, if there are more than one you’d like to pull to your hand, you’re out of luck since the other cards you don’t draw end up in the bottom of your deck.

pantsyg (5/5) – In the first draft of this review, this sentence was just me cursing in astonishment. A standard chud becomes super good when he replaces himself in hand with one of the top 2 cards of your deck. Someone mentioned the combo with Central Computer, which I’m very keen to try: ensuring you draw a specific card is always very powerful.

Rio (2/5) – This is another unit that looks extremely good on paper but once you get down into the actual utility of the guy, he falls apart. He is a 2 drop that replaces himself, awesome not only does he replace himself but it’s a “targeted” draw so you can pick your best card! However in most decks economy that “best” card won’t be played that same turn and the other cards get buried under the deck. That’s a problem. It could however work with Central Computer as a way to stack the bottom of your deck for the optimal draw, but no one is playing Lady Luck. So you’re left with a 2 drop with no real advantage to play it over other 2 drops the deck is most likely going to play. This dude is competing with CCop, Rebel Saboteur, Speeder Bike, Freelance Slicer, and tons of other better 2 drops. Now you’re stuck with a 1 pip card in hand… So he isn’t even good for edge.

Majestaat (3.5/5) – A chud that allows you to keep a somewhat healthy hand while developing your board. That's pretty decent. You may only see good cards with its ability, in which case you're dooming yourself to never see some of them again. But you may also see a useful card and other underwhelming cards, so it all comes down to luck, honestly. I wouldn't let it bother you.
On a side note, it's a shame the droid trait isn't really meaningful for the LS. These guys could have filled a niche otherwise.

Payback (286-5): 23.5 out of 25 possible points.
Posted Image

doctormungmung (4/5) – Getting an unopposed attack through completion isn’t too hard, but it’s also not trivial, either. Having Lak on your side helps a lot, or board removal, etc. So the triggering condition on Payback isn’t all that hard to find, but it won’t be there every time you want to play it. That said, two to five damage to any unit for one cost is a great deal. I think that frequently you’ll be doing three damage, which kills most mains out there.

yodaman (5/5) – This card is a bit situational because it costs 1 and you have to make sure to get an unopposed attack in. It’s potential impact is off the charts though. Most likely it’s always going to be good for doing at least 2 damage (or even more) so it’s very cost effective.

pantsyg (5/5) – 2 or 3 targeted damage for 1 on LS is totally nuts. Seriously: LS has very few kill spells, and this is the strongest. Setting up for unopposed chud strikes is something you’re often looking to do anyway, so why not blow up one of your opponent’s dudes in the process?

Rio (5/5) – This card is good. It pretty much kills a main it deals X damage to a target unit after you survive an unopposed engagement with X being the affiliations you control. This is the best card in pod. The DS has to be aware that it maybe a trick up the LS’s sleeve and block accordingly to avoid it. If one resource is open they almost have to over block to avoid the unopposed.

Majestaat (4.5/5) – Cheap way to deal 2+ damage to ANY enemy unit. It's one good removal tool, but a single pip and its play conditions stop me from giving it the perfect score. Still really good, it's just that it'll be a completely dead card every now and then.

Allies of Necessity (286-6): 23.5 out of 25 possible points.
Posted Image

doctormungmung (4/5) – Allies is good. It was since the first time I reviewed it, and it’s only gotten better since, as multi-affiliation is definitely a viable deck type now (if not the dominant one).

yodaman (4.5/5) – The staple fate card of the cycle shows up again. It’s good that it can be triggered with the units in the set.

pantsyg (5/5) – This remains one of the best Fate cards, even giving Seeds a run for its money.

Rio (5/5) – It’s still great here.

Majestaat (5/5) – With Vizago being a sticky main, and the droids being cheap neutrals, Allies becomes very easy to trigger here, and it's effect is as good as ever. Vizago could actually get a third gun to instantly deal with a main and then lock somebody else, if you happen to win edge.

Overall: 21 out of 25 possible points.

doctormungmung (4/5) – This set is generally worth playing for the objective alone, although Vizago helps pump the value way up. Card search with your chuds, and targeted unit removal for the LS. What else could you want? Well, maybe some more blast, but getting three edge enabled blast in the set is pretty good, especially with edge 1, Allies and enough pips to be competitive in edge battles. All that said, though, this set doesn’t really excite me, although I expect to see it a lot across from me at the (real or virtual) table. I guess I’m weird.

yodaman (4.5/5) – A very strong Smuggler set closes out the game. It definitely fits well with the theme of the cycle. While the droids are a bit of a drawback and the set has no resource cards other than the objective, this set is definitely one to be built around. But 8 force icons is just about average for this point in the game.

pantsyg (5/5) – This set packs plenty of blast, a great Fate card, and a solid removal card on top of card draw that filters your deck. It’s missing a resource, which could hurt since Smugglers lack really good resource sets, but the objective makes up for it. Looks like a winner to me, if you’re looking for a Smuggler main set. It seems like a natural partner for Rex: Vizago buffs Rex further, and the objective helps get the double 2-1 resources out without tempo loss. Definitely a decktype I’m looking forward to testing.

Rio (3/5) – This pod is an interesting one to me. It looks amazing on paper. Who wouldn’t want to play the Falcon every turn! But the more I used it the more it fell apart the stand out cards are the objective, Payback and the Allies. You can get Allies in better pods and unlike the DS elite objective set the Death Star it doesn’t come with much that you want to see as a 2x and that is even questionable if you want that pod as a 2x. So why are you playing this? The objective as a 1x is kind of silly because you think that you want to see that on every flop, but given the option of MTFBWY, 2x Asteroid Sanctuary and Broken Horn your burying Broken Horn every time. Even if it’s paired with Rebel in 7 reserve you’re seeing the objective less, and Pushing Back, Planning the Attack and Asteroid Sanctuary are far better flops than this objective. So you’re left with a mediocre 4 cost unit, and 2x 2 drops you’ll hardly play an extremely situational event and a utility fate card… I personally think that this is the very definition of a trap set.

Majestaat (4.5/5) – No awful cards here, and good support for your multi-affiliation deck. Great objective, main, event and an easy to trigger Allies.
Only the base edge value leaves something to be desired, but since Vizago has the edge keyword and the droids allow you to draw, you can cheat that a bit if you're willing to play them.