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The Living Card Guy: W40kC Deck Review -The Demolished Throne

Deck review fun deck build chaos orks

Hi my name is Kyle and i am author on a site called Aeither.net. I have been platting LCGs for a few years now and recently decided to start writing article on it. I have a board game column on the same site so i figured I would expand into LCGs since i love them. I tend to play them for fun and build interesting fun decks to see how they work in all games today i have build a Warhammer 40k Conquest deck. Check out this new deck build discussion for a Smash Gun Battery deck here!


Very innovative deck. Any attempt to use Smasha outside of Nazdreg is brave. Any deck that runs three Throne of Vainglory is really brave. In note you're running at 52% hit chance for Throne of Vainglory - one of the dilemmas of this card is that to push the hit chance up, you need lots of 3 costs, but to run a functioning deck, you can't go much further than you did. I think all in all, you've made the right choices for that balance. I also love how you've maximised the HP per resource, to minimise the pain of Smasha Guns.


More of a concern here is that basic command is somewhat lacking, that you're somewhat combo dependent, and that you take time to set up the deck's power. This could run into problems with a fast array and an aggressive opponent. Warp Rift helps, but basically you're looking at a deck that needs the right cards at the right time. If everything falls into place  it could be very pretty.


However, this deck is complex and different enough that it can't be judged easily without taking it to the field. Gimmee a shout, let's play some games!

May 28 2016 03:28 AM
Yes I am also thinking that moving some stuff around to throw promos in there may be a good idea. Where should I shout you at? Lol