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Beyond the Wall, Season 3 Episode 17

Beyond the Wall Podcast Istaril Darknoj Thesaurusrex Peter W. 1.0 Player perspective Stale Meta?

Click here for the podcast.

With Istaril stuck beyond 54 degrees N for a week longer than expected, he 'delegated' the episode to Darknoj and Thesaurusrex. One of whom sent him the segments calling it the "worst episode ever". Istaril also watched a tree fall on the power lines while attempting to upload it... so it may or may not be cursed. Darknoj & Sean try and guide you through the intro, then bring on guest Peter W., a 1st edition player who never came over to 2nd edition, for his perspective on the current state of the game. I'd say they wrap up with closing comments, but those are a mess, so they don't count.

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- The NEW Annals of Castle Black (Data Collection)
- Thrones Chat on Discord
- Q1 2017 Kit orders
- Worlds Schedule (Wed Joust, 2nd ed Draft)

None (yet)

As the cast is an "enhanced" podcast in m4a format, you may have to download it rather than use the default in-browser player. Subscribe using our RSS feed, or by looking us up on Itunes.

For questions or comments, contact us by email, or on facebook.
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(To add futher fun to the day, my laptop is now at 2% battery and won't charge. So... yeah, listen to this episode at your own peril. Probably cursed. This may be my final communication!)

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I keep having issues with BtW since Sean joined. When ever I pause the episode it then jumps to the end, or if I try to skip back it then jumps forwards again.... I don't think its my podcast app, as everything else works fine....


Any idea?

Can you let me know what device and app you are using, and how you are accessing it (download, stream, subscription through Rss?)