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Beyond the Wall, Season 3 Episode 9

Beyond the Wall Istaril Darknoj Podcast Paul S Keb Tom D Tomer No Middle Ground

Click here for the podcast.

It's Easter - which means more than our usual number of easter eggs. Scattered at random. We start off with an unusual intro, which includes Darknoj's wonderful singing voice, followed up by a Black Iron Link segment with Paul S. (steinerp) analyzing The King's Peace meta, as well as a Town Crier. Darknoj rejoins us for a Tip of the Week, and then abandons us as we move on, bringing on Tomer (Ned), Keb (Stannis) and Tom (Jaime) to discuss their top picks from the new Chapter Pack "No Middle Ground". We sign off with our usual closing comments.

Relevant links:
- The NEW Annals of Castle Black (Data Collection)
- Thrones Chat on Discord
- The Iron Link (Data Collection)
- Michigan Regional Promo cards, on the Holt Regional Facebook Page

None (yet).

As the cast is an "enhanced" podcast in m4a format, you may have to download it rather than use the default in-browser player. Subscribe using our RSS feed, or by looking us up on Itunes.

For questions or comments, contact us by email, or on facebook.
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Agreed with Hynesy about Condemned - severely underrated card! 

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I demand BTW spoilers!

Best Easter egg ever :)

Firstly, thanks for having me on the cast!

Secondly, apologies for my horrible sound quality! I was on some really bad internet as I was in the middle of a weekend away with the wife for the long weekend (which I am actually quite lucky in the fact I was able to even go on the podcast, but she is a good egg). Hopefully my fellow cast members were surprised to hear what I was actually saying now they can hear the local recording!

Finally, I need to correct myself as I was not the Overall winner at last years Nationals... I was 2014 Overall winner and I attended 2014 Worlds. I forgot that I had not actually attended last years nationals, and our distributor did not offer flights to Worlds in 2015 either, so it slipped my mind... that and First Edition was dying a remarkably horrible death at that point in time in Australia as well, so I am probably repressing that entire phase of the games existence.

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We need more Darknoj singing. Just putting it out there.

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Mar 30 2016 10:07 AM

Thank you for having me on the show! It was really fun. - Keb

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Mar 30 2016 12:59 PM

Statistically, Lannister is the strongest faction in the game, not Targaryen.

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Statistically, Lannister is the strongest faction in the game, not Targaryen.


I'm not sure what my exact wording is, but yes, I agree. What I mean is that Targ is overrepresenting (which means it's not being played as much as it should be, given it's performance) - and given that it is fairly common, this isn't just anomaly where it's disproportionately making the cut because the sample size is too small. 

That's to say that, all things being equal, you're more likely to make the cut playing a targ deck than a lanni deck (although more lanni decks will make the cut than targ decks).

Apr 01 2016 01:40 PM

I for one particularly enjoyed being serenaded on my morning commute this week.

I also enjoyed being on the cast! Thanks for having me!

For what it's worth, I'm never for any rule that can't be enforced. I'd only have a problem with IDs if it became strategically viable to ID more than once in a tournament, and even then I'd want to take a look at the tournament points system first to see if changing that could fix the issue.


Also, while I like the thought experiment of saying "a person with a superbye can ID every other round and make the cut,", I feel it's incredibly unlikely that anyone would agree to that during the second and third rounds - it's almost never going to be a good idea for them. Even so it's worth bringing up as an example of how silly the system can be.


Love the show, guys, great analysis all round - keep it up!