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FAQ for All Men Are Fools and Guarding the Realm


Margaery Tyrell

- If multiple characters are killed simultaneously (e.g. Valar Morghulis), Margaery needs to survive, in order for her to trigger.

- If a character is killed while having a King or Lord trait granted by an attachment (e.g. Crown of Gold), Margaery can trigger.

- Margaery can find a copy of a unique character that you already have in play. In this case the character will enter play as a duplicate.

* * * * *

Attack From the Mountains

- You check if you control an attacking Clansman character at the time you're attempting to trigger this ability -- not whether you controlled a Clansman when you won the challenge. So if you use Tyrion Lannister (LoCR) to return the only attacking Clansman to your hand, you cannot play Attack From the Mountains, because you do not control an attacking Clansman character anymore. (This is similar to how Mirri Maz Duur, Jaqen H'ghar and Lady Sansa's Rose interact with The Hound and Ser Jorah Mormont.)

* * * * *

Drowned Disciple

- Triggers off himself entering play from your dead pile.

- Triggers off characters entering play from your dead pile, regardless on which side they enter play. So, triggers when your opponent uses House of the Undying or The White Shadows, but not when you use them.

* * * * *


- Ygritte can be knelt to pay costs (e.g. Tithe, Chataya's Brothel, Catapult on the Wall). Costs are not effects.

- You cannot choose Ygritte as a target for Even-Handed Justice, because "a card is not an eligible target for an ability if the resolution of that ability's effect could not affect the target at all." (see RRG entry for "Target")

* * * * *

Barring the Gates

- Ambush is a card ability, so it cannot be used while Barring the Gates is the revealed plot.

- Card abilities also cannot cause characters to enter play as duplicates. (Source)

- Night Gathers... works as normal. (Source)

* * * * *

Marriage Pact

- Attached character cannot be declared as an attacker/defender, and cannot enter challenges using card effects (e.g. Wardens of the North, Winterfell Kennel Master, Summer).

- Note that the Forced Interrupt triggers before attached character actually leaves play. So if multiple characters leave play simultaneously (Valar Morghulis, Wildfire Assault, Marched to the Wall), you can sacrifice a character that would be killed or discarded anyway.

* * * * *

"Lord Renly's Ride"

- You can play this event even if there are no characters in your dead pile. In this case X would be 0, but the chosen character would still gain intimidate.

- The X is fixed during the resolution of the ability, and will not change if a different character becomes the top one in your dead pile.
* * * * *


- Melisandre's ability is not a kill effect. The card is discarded, then placed from the discard pile into the dead pile. Reactions to a card being discarded from hand can trigger (e.g. Cersei Lannister (LoCR)), reactions to a character being killed cannot.

- If a unique character is placed in your dead pile while you have another copy of that character in play, the copy in play is not affected in any way. However, you can no longer bring other copies of that character into play as duplicates (see FAQ (1.2)).

* * * * *


- If the losing opponent only has 1 gold, then they lose 1 gold. (see RRG entry for "Effects")

* * * * *

The Annals of Castle Black

- Event cards played from the discard pile will be removed from the game (they are still considered to be placed in your discard pile after resolving). (Source)
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